Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy birthday.

I wrote this on my calender in last month. I'M FINALLY OFFICIALLY 17!!!!!!!!
Gosh, I feel old wtf.

12:05am, received Regyne's sms. Thanks! lol

So, went to school, received wishes. Some friends know my birthday, but I think they knew it through facebook haha.
I brought fried rice to school. Not meant to celebrate birthday but just bring food to school and share with friends. But Eunice told Ying Ying, we brought food to celebrate my birthday wtf. haha
But my mood was extremely good that day.

After school, my mom said she want to bring us to have hotpot. The spicy one from China. But I have tuition class! I said I can skip class, my mom agreed and I'm so happy lol. Sorry sir Hock Ming for skipping your class 2 weeks continuously! lol
But the hotpot was so nice! The soup is so spicy yet yummy! The one in Sutera, all you can taste is oil, but this is really spicy and yummyyyyy!

After having dinner, went to Overtime in Sutera. Because my mom's friends were there, she want to meet them. So my dad ordered a beer for me and bro since it was buy 1 free 1 promotion.

500ml for this huge cup! I finished it my own. I took a long time to finish it because I'm too full from the hotpot.
There's people singing there, and the singer sang "rolling in the deep" by Adele. My bro requested a paper, and request the song "七十亿分之一“ by 黄鸿升. I wrote "jar of heart" by Christina Perri. But since she was singing Adele's song, I wrote "set fire to the rain" as well. But she didn't sing our songs at all. lol

We sat there until 11pm. Gosh I kept yawning. Finally arrived home at 11:++pm. Finally took out the cake.

It's a chocolate crepe cake from SDS!!!!!!!!! I miss crepe cake since I first had it in my mom's friend's house. This is nice but a lil too sweet. ><

I got my first present this year today! I think it is one and only from friends lol.

Thank you Dora and Li Ping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you guys!!!
I haven't had the chocolate because I think it melted a bit, I put it in fridge.
The card, I love the words in it. Thank you so much, I'll keep the card, I always keep the greeting and wishing cards. Sometimes I'll take out and read, and it will bring some memory back.

So,this is how I spent my birthday. Actually it's very simple.
But thanks for the people who wish me on the facebook timeline, thanks. Even though I didn't reply everyone.

By the way, I finally choose a pic as my timeline cover photo!

I like this a lot, I tried to find High School Musical's but can't find a cover photo.
So I search for the glee instead, and this pic caught my eye ball and I like this a lot.

Happy birthday to me and everyone whose birthday is in February as well.
Love life.

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