Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bye bye March.


I went to Singapore. My mum went to Ikea in Singapore with her friends, during waiting time for their golf game. I bugged her to bring me because I always wanted to go Ikea! But the one and only Ikea in Malaysia is in Kuala Lumpur, which is FAR from me. So instead, I'll go to Singapore's, which is only 1 hour time to go.

When I got there, I was like, OMG HUGE MALL! I never been to there though. I was so happy, this was my first time to Ikea, to a place which have A LOTS OF FURNITURE, and all those little cute things. The very first thing caught my eyeball was..candles.

It looks like ordinary candles. But, hell no, they smells like CAKE! I also saw berries, and green apples. The berries smells amazing too but the green apples, duh, they smell like those indian's spicies. Uhh. I wanted to buy one of them, but my mom said I'm clumsy, she's afraid that I'll burn the whole house wtf. '_______________'

We walked a lot, and I bought 2 things.

 A table lamp and a clock lol. The lamp is so cute! It's in pink, it's LED so the bulb is non-changable, but it lasts longer and it is environmental friendly. It's normal price was $49, which is approximately RM120, but it is offer, with discounted price it is $19, which is approximately RM50, what a bargain!
For the clock, it is $2.5, it is quite cheap even though it is just a simple basic clock.

The thing I love about Ikea is, after you buy the things, you have to assemble them on your own. I assemble the lamp myself, and I felt extremely good after I done it. =D

In fact, it is very simple haha.
Can you see how bright is the lamp?!
I bought the lamp because the area where my mirror located is very dark, even though I do have ceiling lamp. But when I got home, I finally realised that the bulb was yellow light, instead of white light. =( I'll prefer white light. =((  But this is will do.

Then , we went to Sentosa. There's a incident on the road, and it was around 5 something, everyone were rushing to home, we did stuck on road for a while. But we arrived at 6.
My mum and aunt went to casino, so I brought my cousin for a walk.
We went to the cute candy shop, and hershey chocolate shop. He bought a chocolate which cost $10. wtf expensive. I will not buy it, it is too expensive for me.
Then, we went to this place called [Malaysian Food Street] [马来西亚美食街]
Well, it was packed with people. -______________-
Everything I saw was common in Malaysia, and in Singapore in fact. But the price, OMG.
2 roti telur= $3.2   Which in Malaysia, 2 roti telur=RM2.4
WTF expensive. The claypot chicken rice, $6/person. In Malaysia, RM6/8 per person.
With those expensive prices, the only thing I had was ice kacang.
Can you guess how much is it?
RM5 for ice kacang?! In Malaysia, with RM5 I can have at least 2-3 bowl of them!
When we wanted to pay for the parking fee, my mum and aunt went to the information counter to ask for the pin of the member card, which took almost 15 minutes. And I hated my shoes!!! My feet hurt, so I took off the shoes while I was waiting for them.
 Haha, my feet are HUGE, so do my shoes. Spotted my BLING nail polish on my toes?!?

At the same day, I got my cable tie, which I purchased on
Aren't they cute?!?! RM15.9, while the normal price was RM60++. Crazy huh? 8 cable ties for RM60++. The extra hello kitty was a free gift, which supposed to be a random one, but I got the hello kitty's, yeah!

The woman's day, I did send out a letter to join the Glee contest hosted by Galaxie magazine.
I did draw things on the envelope. lol. CREATIVE AQUARIUS!

Tuiti Frutti finally landed in TAMAN UNIVERSITI! WOOHOO!
I was so excited! I never had them before. =((
1th-5th was 20% off, I went on 4th with Hui Woon.
I did had 2, lol.

OMG THEY ARE SO TASTY! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! I can't help but buy them almost everytime I go to Jusco now!

My brother birthday was yesterday, but my present for him was dominos! And I ordered them on 21th.

RM60.60 FLEW AWAY! T___T

I did a little makeup on a random day, because my lovely double eye-lid came out and say hi to me!

I did only eye makeup. Majolica Majorca eye palate, fake lash, that's all. No lens on, it is a huge difference between 2 eyes! Makeup is magic!

*phew* I finally found my usb and upload all these photos. It's 29th today, March ended in 2 days. Gosh. I'm going back to Terrengganu tomorrow, because of the Ching Ming. I will bring along my laptop, let's see can I update or not because I'm not sure whether the hotel have wifi or not.

Yeah for no school tomorrow!

Duh for wake up at 5am tomorrow!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Holidays had officially ended today. There's an amazing thing to me, everytime, during the holidays, I can totally forgot the homework, but at the end of the holiday, I will like, "fuck, I haven't done that homework!!!!!" But then, "lol, buat bodoh je. (Act stupid, pretend like nothing happens.)" The next day, which the first day of school after holidays, the first question between friends is not "Where you've been this holiday?" NOPEEE. It's always be "Have you done this and that homework? Have to hand in today! Haven't done? Oh yeah, same here! Let's borrow others' to copy." LOLL this is truth, at least for me.

How did I spend my holidays? Nothing. lol. I went to Singapore, I went to undang lesson. I got photos to upload, but my fucking usb disappear. DA FUQ?! My card reader disappear at the same time. DA FUQ?! Seriously, I have to get a card reader or all the photos in my phone will just stay there, and I can't bear to delete them even though my 2GB memory card has fulllllll.

I really want to upload the photos. =((((((   I don't want to waste them, some of them are meaningful (?!) ,maybe lol. So, I decided not to write my holidays first since I want to find out my DEAREST USB. or card reader.

And tomorrow is my bro's birthday. Haven't figure out get what for him. He wanted hello kitty wtf. I got some hello kitty cable tie, maybe will give to him as gift. As well as buy him a cup of tutti frutti, he can get as much as he want. *but i think he will get the largest cup, and get as full as he can wtf*

Classmate asked when will be the next holiday.. DA FUQ?! Today is the first day after holidays, and now you're asking the next holiday?! lol

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Stand a little taller
Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone
-Stonger-Kelly Clarkson

Monday, March 12, 2012


Watch out! An owl here! *3:31am*

I'm still wide awake wtf. Maybe because of the coffee I just had. I actually make a cup of coffee at 1am, crazy or not?
This is the first time that coffee actually keeps me awake. lol

Seriously, I'm in love with Adele. <3

I know today was a big day to all badminton fans, our beloved Dato Lee Chung Wei vs Lin Dan. Unfortunately, due to the hurt of shoulder, our Dato have to forfeit. Well, kinda shame since he can't finish the game, but, he needs to keep him in a safe condition for Olympics this year! Go for it Dato! No matter what, you're the Number One in Malaysia!

I just did my nails again while I'm listening to Adele Grammy's performance on YouTube.
I painted my nails with OPI Barefoot in Barcelona on Saturday. Literally half an hour before I head out to tuition class. Da fuq?
I just paint a coat of base coat, 2 coats of colour and 1 coat of top coat. Thanks God all of them dried pretty quickly, but I did smudge it . *sobs*
So, I just removed them, and paint my UNT [XM010] on. It's gold glitter with clear base coat. I painted like, 3-4 coats to get my desired glittery. I LOVE GLITTER! And I painted 2 coat of top coat, just to make sure that the top coat can protect the glitters from chipping.

Now, I'm 17. The question that I get the most was, [Have you gone to undang?] [When will you get your driving license?] GOSH
My dad will bring me to the centre tomorrow, to ask about the undang. The centre will be in Pelangi, kinda far but since my dad's friend works there. FYI, I heard that the uncle is 70+ years old! Da fuq?

It's been raining for hours now. Just kinda drizzling.

Holidays here, and this is why am I can still be awake at this time. lol
But just 1 week, way too short for me. =(((
I wish to get a 1 month holiday.
My cousin sister and I was bragging to my cousin brother who is attending college and sitting for exams now, we're having 1 week of holiday!
But then he said, [I'll sitting for exams this week, but after my exams, I get 1 month of holiday.] Da fuq?  Stop bragging that you get 1 month of holiday! I don't think I can stop myself of killing you just because you get more holiday than I do lol.


Love life.

Da fuq?


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Super duper sad.


I supposed to write something and upload some photos. But I feel sad all of sudden. My Eng exam came to my mind. 74%.

For some of the people in my class, 74% may be a quite high marks, since most of the Malays in class can't score a very high score.
But for me, it is a low low lowww mark. This is not the lowest mark that I've ever get, this is neither the lowest mark I get in Eng subject, but this time, it really makes me sad.
Eng is a important subject to me.
I've been tuition-ing for Eng for 10 years. Yup, you read that right. 10 years. I'm 17 this year. Yupp, I started my Eng tuition when I was 7.
I've been loving this subject, I always interested in this subject and I have no idea why is this happen.

When I got my paper back yesterday, I saw a huge 74% on the right corner of paper. My tears ran out.
I never knew that I'll get this mark.
Before yesterday, Ms Cheong did give the answer to us. I checked, I did some wrong. For the directed writing, I got 28 out of 35. I did feel, my marks will be low this time. But I thought I won't get lower than 75. But I get 74.
The summary, there are almost 20 points. But I only hit 7 points. I got only 10/15 in summary. I lost 3 content marks and 2 language marks.

For me, 75-79 is A-, 80-89 is A, 90-100 is A+. I know I won't get A+ at all, I knew that I don't have the ability. But at least, A- grade please. I told my cousin before, I don't want to get marks below 80. Because for me, the scale of grade is the same with primary school, 80-100 is A.
This time, I got only 74. Even though in school, 70-79 is A-. My scale above only applies in SPM. I still got an A. But, I don't want this mark.

I think this mark really embarrassed me. I really felt embarrassed, awkward, sad when I saw the mark.

Moreover, I got only 13 marks for the language in directed writing. 13 out of 20. Ms Cheong said it was only C band. I think she tried to console me, she said I have a lot of creative ideas, but only the grammar drag me down. She said our class's average should be better since there are some quite good in this class, maybe they are better in English.

Yes, I'm way better in English to the other subjects. So, I take it important.

*My chest is kinda hurting now because I've been crying from the 15 minutes ago.*

I knew I'm poor in grammar, but my grammar always the better when I do essays exercise than exams.

I really don't want 74.

I really don't like 74.

I hate 74 now.

I hate getting low marks for Eng.

Fuck, now I think I wasted 10 years of time for tuition classes.

Fuck, now I think I waste money for tuition classes.

Fuck 74.


I should have better grammar.

I should write slower and think carefully instead of just write whatever pops in my mind.

I should be careful.

I should be better.

I should be improve.

I need to get at least 80 in the next exam. This is always my goal for Eng.
I need to achieve this goal in the next exam.


Only the first exam. But this is the first exam in form five, in the last year. I can't even reach my goal in the first exam, this really hit me badly. BADLY.
I was hurt. I hurt so badly.
I suck.
I fuck.
Fuck me.

I'm not really trying to brag that I got 74, the highest among my friends in my class. I just trying to express how sad, how disappoint am I.
I feel depressed.