Monday, March 19, 2012


Holidays had officially ended today. There's an amazing thing to me, everytime, during the holidays, I can totally forgot the homework, but at the end of the holiday, I will like, "fuck, I haven't done that homework!!!!!" But then, "lol, buat bodoh je. (Act stupid, pretend like nothing happens.)" The next day, which the first day of school after holidays, the first question between friends is not "Where you've been this holiday?" NOPEEE. It's always be "Have you done this and that homework? Have to hand in today! Haven't done? Oh yeah, same here! Let's borrow others' to copy." LOLL this is truth, at least for me.

How did I spend my holidays? Nothing. lol. I went to Singapore, I went to undang lesson. I got photos to upload, but my fucking usb disappear. DA FUQ?! My card reader disappear at the same time. DA FUQ?! Seriously, I have to get a card reader or all the photos in my phone will just stay there, and I can't bear to delete them even though my 2GB memory card has fulllllll.

I really want to upload the photos. =((((((   I don't want to waste them, some of them are meaningful (?!) ,maybe lol. So, I decided not to write my holidays first since I want to find out my DEAREST USB. or card reader.

And tomorrow is my bro's birthday. Haven't figure out get what for him. He wanted hello kitty wtf. I got some hello kitty cable tie, maybe will give to him as gift. As well as buy him a cup of tutti frutti, he can get as much as he want. *but i think he will get the largest cup, and get as full as he can wtf*

Classmate asked when will be the next holiday.. DA FUQ?! Today is the first day after holidays, and now you're asking the next holiday?! lol

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Stand a little taller
Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone
-Stonger-Kelly Clarkson

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