Monday, March 12, 2012


Watch out! An owl here! *3:31am*

I'm still wide awake wtf. Maybe because of the coffee I just had. I actually make a cup of coffee at 1am, crazy or not?
This is the first time that coffee actually keeps me awake. lol

Seriously, I'm in love with Adele. <3

I know today was a big day to all badminton fans, our beloved Dato Lee Chung Wei vs Lin Dan. Unfortunately, due to the hurt of shoulder, our Dato have to forfeit. Well, kinda shame since he can't finish the game, but, he needs to keep him in a safe condition for Olympics this year! Go for it Dato! No matter what, you're the Number One in Malaysia!

I just did my nails again while I'm listening to Adele Grammy's performance on YouTube.
I painted my nails with OPI Barefoot in Barcelona on Saturday. Literally half an hour before I head out to tuition class. Da fuq?
I just paint a coat of base coat, 2 coats of colour and 1 coat of top coat. Thanks God all of them dried pretty quickly, but I did smudge it . *sobs*
So, I just removed them, and paint my UNT [XM010] on. It's gold glitter with clear base coat. I painted like, 3-4 coats to get my desired glittery. I LOVE GLITTER! And I painted 2 coat of top coat, just to make sure that the top coat can protect the glitters from chipping.

Now, I'm 17. The question that I get the most was, [Have you gone to undang?] [When will you get your driving license?] GOSH
My dad will bring me to the centre tomorrow, to ask about the undang. The centre will be in Pelangi, kinda far but since my dad's friend works there. FYI, I heard that the uncle is 70+ years old! Da fuq?

It's been raining for hours now. Just kinda drizzling.

Holidays here, and this is why am I can still be awake at this time. lol
But just 1 week, way too short for me. =(((
I wish to get a 1 month holiday.
My cousin sister and I was bragging to my cousin brother who is attending college and sitting for exams now, we're having 1 week of holiday!
But then he said, [I'll sitting for exams this week, but after my exams, I get 1 month of holiday.] Da fuq?  Stop bragging that you get 1 month of holiday! I don't think I can stop myself of killing you just because you get more holiday than I do lol.


Love life.

Da fuq?


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