Sunday, April 22, 2012

First thing first, I passed my undang-undang test which is road regulation test! This was my second time to sit for this. We have to get 42/50 to pass the test. I did 40/50 at the first exam. Gosh, I was so disappoint when I saw the result. Yesterday, I even double checked the answers, just to make sure that I will PASS the exam. Thanks God I got 43/50! I was so thrilled when I saw the result! I kept smiling after it, when I was waiting for the agent to pick me up, I'm still smiling!
The next Saturday, I will attend another theory class for 3 hours, then learn how to drive car for 3 hours.

I am so looking forward to get my license as soon as possible!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Back To Terengganu

So, I've been in Terengganu for 3 days, 30/3-1/4. April's fool right?!? I did nothing, all I did was log in 9gag, then watch a lot of memes. lol.

I'm awake at 4 am. Fuck. My alarm even haven't call me up. So, I continued to pack my stuff since I didn't finish packing yesterday, I actually packing while playing computer so until almost 1 am, I haven't finish. -.-

My bag, leopard print! I'm not a fans of animal prints, I didn't buy this either. My mom got this on the [Champion of Champions] golf contest last year. I think this was the lucky draw prize.
The store called "Only Golf", which can easily be found in every golf resorts, perhaps. At least Pulai Springs got one.
I think this is very expensive for this price. But it's cute though!

So, after almost 10 hours journey, with sleeping and awaking, with listening to my walkman, we finally reached there!!!
The first thing was of course, check in to the hotel. The hotel is called "Seri Hoover", this was a very famous and luxurious hotel in Kuala Terengganu, according to my dad. Because my grandma's work was washing hotels' bed sheet. My dad used to go to this hotel to collect the sheets or send them to the hotel when he was very young.

So I'm gonna show you how the hotel looks like.
 Our rooms were deluxe rooms, so there's a double bed and a single bed. My bro and I had the same room, so I got the double room. xDD
The beds are messy because those are our things, we just throw everything on the bed, lol.

A cupboard, and a table with miror.
There's a relax zone beside the balcony.

After setting down, we went to the china town to buy the prayer things.

I don't really dare to take picture at the road side, in public. -.- Even though I just take photos of scenery..

The china town is kinda a mix of modern and old times.

Then we bought "pulut panggang".
It's glutinous rice with fish inside. It taste heavenly amazing!

So after get back to hotel, my bro was doing his history project. /.\ I brought my laptop along with me.
I chilled in the balcony, listening to my walkman.

The hotel is basically surrounded by buildings, and most of them are banks and government buildings.

And of course, I did candid. I only candid when I'm alone. lol
-Maybelline mousse bb cream
-chacott finishing powder
-maybelline colour changing lip balm
-revlon lip butter (peach parfait)

I bought a headset the day before, because my headset for laptop is using usb, but the walkman can't use usb. -.-
It was yellow, the one that I wanted was pink, but pink was sold out. =((

My beloved walkman. ❤

So, we rested in hotel,  keep folding the papers, and had dinner in restaurant.
Then my aunts, uncle and a cousin arrived in the airport. O.O
They're from Singapore, but they went to Genting Highland few days ago, then they took plane to Terengganu, my dad went to pick them up.


Aprils' fool eve!!! lol
But I woke up at 5 something, then get prepared to the graveyard.
I didn't take any pics because my friends told me that we shouldn't supposed to take pics at the graveyard.
At night, after dinner, we went to a place, which I don't know what should I called it. -.- It's not a beach, but it had sea water. /.\
There's a lot of tree like light! They are so beautiful.

Oh and by the way, I had a new cousin brother-in-law. They got married on 30/3.
The left one was my brother-in-law, then my cousin, then my bro.

And then we went to a place called [海龟巷], [Turtle Road] ?!?

It had story about the turtle, and lots of turtle.
But of course, not the live one.

Happy Aprils' fool!!!!!!!!
I'm awake at 7:15 am. Started to pack everything up, then I'm ready to back to Johor.
I bought an incredible ice cream on our journey.

Banana? NO!! It's an ice cream.
The skin was jelly like. You need to hold it for a while, let the skin kinda melt, then you can peel it off with your teeth. The skin taste like grape, while the ice cream is vanilla flavoured.


So, I finally finish this post! lol

It's good to back to Terengganu.