Friday, May 11, 2012


I really hate exams.
But we have to sit for it.
We can't choose.
Damn it.

Tuesday was the BM paper. Kinda worry about it. I didn't do well on essays. I'm really out of words, I can't even write until 350 words. Damn.

Wednesday was English. I wore school uniform instead of my kadet polis uniform because I'm a sweaty person, I don't want all the sweat affect me on answering. So I wore school uniform, and thanks God the weather was windy.
I think I did a quite great job. The directed writing, a speech on how to improve our English standard. This part always the easiest because we need to write 12 points, but they are on paper. We just need to elaborate them. I think I wrote 2 pages and 1/3 on the third page.
For the continuous writing, I wrote [A memorable person]. But I did manage to write it as a story. lol. Story is the only thing I'm good at. I wrote 2 pages and half. I can't write longer. =((  My longest essay was only 3 pages. =(( I want them to be longer. Inspiration, please be with me when I'm writing essays please!

Thursday was Chinese, oh god. 1 hour and 45 mins for 2 essays. The first was formal letter, it's pretty short as the main point of the chinese formal letter was short. I finished it in 15 mins. lol
But 1 hour and 15 mins not enough for me to finish an essay! I was writing [a trip that you learnt a lot] or benefited trip. I don't have inspiration AT ALL. I have to write write write, then stop then think about the later story, how do I continue?
I literally wrote until the last min, then only 2 pages and half. I have too many things to write but out of time! When it's 15 mins left, I have no choice but ending it, awfully. I used 15 mins for ending, crazy? Because I haven't really get into the main story! I wrote too much at first and I overestimated my writing time and inspiration. Gosh =((
I think that essay won't get high marks. *sigh*
But because of keep writing non-stop at the last 15 mins, my hand was sore like never. lol

Today was mathematics. FREAKING HARD. No hopes on it anymore loll.

Next week will be a hard week, history, sains, and others subject that I don't even bother to study.
I just want to have my holidays 2 weeks later.

Please, inspiration, you have no idea how much important you are when we are writing essays. Please appear when we need you!

Glee is ending in 3 episodes. Oh god I can't bear.
Same 3 year, same 3 seasons, same graduation.
Why Glee is exactly the same with High School Musical?!?
I can't bear them. =((

#season 1, season 3

*I put them in original size so that you can see every actors clearly.*

It's a huge change on cast from this. New people, from a character only appear once every month to now appear every episodes, they been through so much. I can't imagine a new season of Glee without them..
They wrapped yesterday, and today, only Lea Michele(Rachel Berry), Cory Monteith(Finn Hudson) and Chris Colfer(Kurt Hummel) are shooting for last scene in the choir room. So today is a officially wrap day..

*UPDATED, 2 minutes after I finish this post, literally 2 minutes, I log on twitter, and I saw Lea tweeted: [And that's a wrap on glee season 3:)]
OMG My tear just drop reading this. OFFICIALLY WRAP ON GLEE SEASON 3.*

My favourite song from the latest episode, Prom.
[Big girls don't cry]

I cried when I saw this, because it's like Rachel is sad but she's singing alone, but then, Kurt and Blaine join her, and be with her. It's like when you're sad and thought that no one's gonna be with you, but your best friend appear and be with you. It's a touching scene.

I guess I'm not a big girl now..

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