Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April's gone, May comes.

It's 11:35pm, 30/4/2012. Last day, last 25 mins of April. Can you imagine how fast the time pasts?
4 months had past, and I didn't achieve anything yet. I still can't stick with my resolutions. New Year resolutions? What the crap is that, I didn't stick with anything on the list.

I organized a party last Tuesday, when my parents
were out to Sabah.

From left to right, the back:  Jin Xiang, Esther, Eunice, Mun Yee, Tang Tang and Soon Sheng.
From left to right, the front: Me, Wen Wen, Kang Zheng and Zervin
Even though our results are not the best, even though we were labelled as the lower classes, but we are the BEST! No matter in any aspect! lol
We're cool, we are good. Except we have the same enemy, in our class. lol. We all hate this person. That's secret. *lip sealed*
But there's 2 people left in this photo, they didn't manage to attend due to tuition class! Zi Yang and Xin Ying.

We are the girls from 5EA1!! I think our combination is very cool, there's different characters of us, which makes us harmony.

I didn't take any photo with my phones, I just steal every photos from Tang Tang's blog. =DD
So, please enjoy our photos! Even though there's not much. ><

 I hate taking photo with Esther, she's amazingly white and which makes me looks black! /.\

Photos courteousy goes to Tang Tang Lim 

Did a makeup few days ago. Still the same majolica majorca palatte. The eyeliner looks awful. I can't do eyeliner very well,  but there's no shortcut to learn it, practice makes perfect. So I'll keep practise to get the perfect result.

It's 2:13am now, I just stopped blogging and went down to watch DVD.

Happy Labour Day!


Hi, May.

April and May are name of months, also the name of people. lol

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