Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pre last day of exams.

Tomorrow will be the last day of exams for my class, also the last day of school before the holidays started.
Tomorrow I will be sitting for economics. Did I study? I can answer you that without a doubt, NOPE.

But since tomorrow will be the last day, we decided to bring some food to school. I will bring the "siew mai" and the "agar-agar".
I think there will be nuggets, noodles, biscuits, sushi or hot dogs. I love this kind of activity, I love how everyone gather together and chat and laugh.

Back to the topic, why didn't I study? In fact, I tried. But when I take out the book, the only thing in my mind is not the things about economics, but Glee and the novel that I read days ago.
The novel, named [1王9帅12宫]. It was actually like the second series of [Angel street 23rd]/[天使街23号].
I love the latter, it is the best novel I'd ever read. It's also my favourite novel ever. But when the former came out, I didn't buy because it was expensive. /.\ 
It was RM25 per book, and this series had 3 books. But I bought it on Saturday, when the Popular in CS had promotion, they are only RM12.9 per book. What a bargain! So I immediately took them, which almost 1kg, which I brought them along with me in CS and KSL, for almost 3 hours. 
Hell yeah, my arms were sores.
I finished reading them on Sunday. Then I realised the ending was in 4th. WTF? I didn't saw the 4th before! Now I have to find because I'm dieing for the ending 5 years ago! 5 years ago was the 5th book of [Angel street 23rd], but the love triangle didn't have a final ending! 5 years later, the 4th of the [1王9帅12宫] will be the ending of this book, also the ending of the love triangle in the previous series.
So, I've been guessing for the ending for 2 days!! I didn't want to know the results through internet, I want to buy the book and read it thoroughly. 

Then, Glee.
Gosh, tonight of US time will be the final episode of season 3, [Graduations]. Right now, #GleeMemories is trending on twitter. I just cried when I saw this trending, and read all those tweets , while I'm listening to We Are Young covered by Glee.

Everything have to come to the end, huh? But the end, the final always the heartbreaking thing ever. I cried so hard in the last episode, I think I'll cry right from the start of the episode tomorrow.
Imagine, this will be the last time watching them in the choir room, as the members of the New Direction. I know the seniors will be back in the next season, but they are not the members of New Directions anymore. It's not the same.

My #GleeMemories will be, they singing [Don't stop believing] in the first episode of first season.
But my very first memory will be Rachel singing [Poker Face] with Shelby. I saw it on Channel 5, I still treat Glee as a random show, I don't know about this whole thing, I don't know why were they singing this song but I cried. Back then one of my friends was  a gleek as well, she then highly recommended me to watch this. Then I did. Then I love this whole show.
Season 1 was more a funny show, and how coach Sue trying to set trap and do everything to ruin Glee club. Mr. Schuester tried to save the club. But his burden of family was heavy enough, he once listened to his wife, Terry to quit his job to be an accountant. But, Glee club sang the song [To sir with love] for him, like a bid goodbye song. This song, reminds him of the passion, then he didn't quit. Still managing glee club.
Season 2 was a normal show, nothing too special.But The Warblers was out! They are awesome! Blaine is so cute! They did a lot of wonderful covers. This season was more serious and heavy.
Season 3 was a totally heavy and serious season. The seniors were thinking about their future, coach Sue was pregnant and doesn't pick up on glee club anymore. Now, graduations.

Phew, how do I sitting for exam tomorrow? I hope, I can get them out of my mind.
Hopefully. For just 1 day.

We are young by Glee.
Nicee cover, I cried when I saw Santana was left alone, then Rachel came and took her over. OMG FRIENDSHIP ❤

Lots of food photos coming up soon.
A review of a eyeliner coming soon.

I want to watch Dark Shadow!

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