Friday, May 18, 2012

Tears. Of joy? Of sad? Of Glee.

Please ignore my shiny forehead. I didn't realize it until I upload this photo.
I'm crying? Yes I am.
I'm sad? No.. yes.. nah, I'm not sure.
Tears of joy? Hmm..maybe.
Is there anything huge happen to you? Well...I think it's a yes.

In fact, I'm crying because I just finished watching 2 newest episodes of Glee, [Props] and [Nationals].
Why is the 2 newest not 1? Because in US, FOX actually airing these 2 nationals episode back-to-back, so I watch them back-to-back as well.
I cried, like few times in these 2 episodes.
Puck being beaten, but he struggles, tries to fight back. He think he's a loser even though he's not! He sang a song with coach Beiste, the song named [Mean] by Taylor Swift. This song is amazing. I love the lyrics.
In episode [Nationals], New Directions sing [Edge of Glory], well in fact was sang by The Troubletones. But that song makes me tear. I have no idea why, the following 2 songs lead by Rachel and Finn didn't let me shed a single tear. Hmm... strange.
Then, when they want to announce the winners of Nationals, oh my god I'm so freaking nervous. I hold my hands together, my heart beats like jumping. Then they announce, the winner is New Direction. OH MY GOD I did scream silently WHILE I'm crying. lol
I don't know why am I so freaking nervous when I'm not one of the New Directions, but I did act like one lol.
They finally win, the champion of nationals. They start from sectional, then regional, then finally national. They finally got the champion.
When they back to school, finally, omg that's really finally everyone take them serious, and celebrating. I cry this whole scene. Woah.
Then is the teacher of the year award, Mr Will Schuester won that the first time. I cried. This scene reminds me of the scene of [To Sir With Love].
The last scene was Rachel staring at a banner, which wrote [GRADUATIONS].

Next episode will be graduation, I'm sure I'll cry throughout the episode. Now I'm crying just by imagine it.
I don't wish them to graduate, no, hell no.
But they will. Of course they will. They are seniors.
But after they graduate, what will happen in season 4?
Glee without those seniors, what will happen?
Without Rachel, Finn, Santana, Mike, Puck, Quinn, what will happen to New Direction?
I'm not that looking forward to season 4 anyway.

Maybe my love to Glee only lasts 3 years, only lasts 3 seasons.
But who know? I just hope Ryan Murphy and FOX won't ruin this show.
I hope.

I'm a Gleek and I know it.

Gleek forever.

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