Wednesday, June 13, 2012


During science class, we finally get to make soap!!
Even though it didn't turn out very nice, because ran out of time, the palm oil is not boiled enough, then the soap is just like oil. When you get some on you hands, they just greasy.
I thought they are real soap because I saw Wen Wen rub them on her palm, I did too, but turns out they are freaking greasy! Teacher just laughed at us, but thanks God she took the real soap out and let us to wash our hand.

Then PE class, we just chatting lol.

Finally, the moment I've been waiting arrived. English class.
Ms Cheong came in late, I was so nervous, my heart was like wanting to jump out from my body.
I did imagine, what if she announces that there is no one get an A in our class?
What am I going to do?

But when she came in, she didn't say anything. She just gave us the paper.
I'm the second to get the paper. When ms Cheong called my name, I felt cold.
Then, I saw my marks. A huge 68% at the right up corner.

I never get that low mark in English before.
71 was my lowest mark, but now, the record refreshed.

My hands didn't stop trembling until recess time.
I guess this is too huge blow to me. I did shed few drops of tears in class. I said I want to be better in this exam, but I failed to do that. I got even lower mark. Gosh.
I fail every subject except Chinese, I thought I can get an A in English.
But I didn't? Damn. Now I finally feel kinda sad.
Maybe too huge blow to me that I can't handle at all.

All I know, I'm stupid.
Now I can call myself noob in English.

Do you know that feel? You've been learning for years, that subject's been your strongest subject, you always get an A, but then one time, you didn't get an A.
You were so confident that you can score well, but you didn't.

That disappointment, that sadness.
But I think I'm not that sad this time.
Maybe I'm numb to my results?
Maybe I had already give up on every subjects?

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Should I have hope on next exam? Get A on English?
No, I don't think I'm gonna to. I think all I want next time is get B. 

Get A seems to be too far from me. 


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