Monday, June 18, 2012


Phewwwww~ I checked my results online.
My results is the best ever, 2B7G.
Sad? No, at all. I'm used to it.
Just, I still kinda can't get over the English result.

I'm crazily in love with the korean show, "Running Man" now.
I know this is an "old" show, it started in 2010. But when everyone said it was funny and good, I'm not interested at all.
But, when channel U aired this, after few episodes and I think they are freaking funny. Then I started to watch on PPS. I started from the newest HD episodes. Then I started to watch them from the beginning.
I watched until 5am on Thursday, 4am on Friday, 3am on Saturday and 11pm on Sunday. I just keep watching during midnight. They are so funny!!
Today, I already watch 3 episodes. I wanted to watch more but I can't because it used a lot of data, and my bro is using internet as well.

I'm actually kinda watch this show as a normal drama show. Because of Gary and Ji-Hyo. They are so funny!
Gary likes Ji-Hyo, he always confess his love to her during the show, but Ji-Hyo don't usually respond to him.

I like Gary a lot! He may looks like dumb, but this is what attracts me. Dumb, honest, yet funny some times. Plus, his poker face is so funny!

#Gary and Ji-Hyo, aka MONDAY COUPLE!#

 Aren't they cute and compatible?!? Gary looks shy and Ji-Hyo looks so cheerful! I hope they are real couple in real life.  =((

Weather is so hot nowadays. Especially today, the sun rose so early!

I want to sleep earlier, so I can wake up earlier, so I can watch another episode of Running Man!
I really wanted to watch every episode! I think there's still at least 70 episodes to the newest. /.\  OMG But I wanted to watch them!!

Gary is so attractive!

Lol. But I'm serious.

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