Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It's been 6 days that I didn't write a new post! But, I finished watching 3 months' running man! I'm watching the last episode of April 2011. 1 year to go I know, but I think I will watch the 100th episode before I watch the May 2011.

I'm really into running man! Running man is my daily topic lol.

We went to karaoke session on Monday! OMG That was fun! Our class's celebrity, ms Wen Wen aka ms懵 aka ms mong is the crazier girl! I never saw she act like this before! lol
After karaoke session, we went to have korea food as dinner! The jajang noodles was disappointed. That was different with what I saw on TV and my imagination. But the barbecue meat was so yummy!
Then, we went to black ball the dessert shop. That was yummy as well! This is my first visit! I will definitely go back and have another flavour of ice.

Gosh I think I'm having brain fart. *.*  I don't know what to write and I have no vocab in my mind.

Oh yeah, I purchased the [The Sims 3] complete version online, and they arrived on Monday! I played for 3 hours today, that was fun because there are so many new clothes and features that I never knew before! I don't have that much expansion pack before.
And the Katy Perry's sweet treat stuff pack, the things are so cute! eg, the banana sundae couch, the ice cream light, the cotton floss light etc etc etc. Cuteness overload!

Now I'm watching my [1王9宫12帅] series that lying in my drawer. A friend wanted to borrow them, and I agreed. I just hope they will be safe after lending to her lol. That's one of my favourite series and my all time favourite author. But I can't find 郭妮's newest book in either Popular or MPH. I want to read them!!!

#High School Musical---Troyella
#Monday Couple---Song Ji-Hyo and Kang Gary

My 3 favourites couples. Starting from my beloved High School Musical, then Glee, then Monday Couple. I just obsess with them. Even though only Finchel aka Monchel are real couple now, but I still love them and hope they all can be together.

So that's a wrap! In fact I don't know what to write anymore.

I love ending everything with a heart symbol. My blog's favicon is also a heart. 

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