Monday, June 11, 2012

Back to school!

Woke up at around 5:50am, as usual.
Not that energetic, still freaking tired. lol

In school, get science paper, Chinese paper and Sivik paper.
What the crap, 2 more marks to pass in Science. There's 2 questions that I wrote less 1 words, the tabulation of data is not full. OMG In fact I can pass, but just.. *sigh*

Chinese, 64.5%. In my expectation. Because of the essay, I really didn't do it well, this mark is above my expectation. If I did the essay well, my goal will be 70. I want to get an A in Chinese. I'm Chinese, I need to score well in Chinese.

Sivik, lol, 50%. I actually feel kinda ashamed of this mark because this mark is almost the lowest among the pass marks, of course there's some fail. Even the Indians get higher marks than me. xDD
But anyways, this is not an important subject, who cares?!!

Some were blaming me.
I said I want to hold a class gathering during the past 2 weeks gathering, but I didn't do. Then some were blaming me today.
I feel sad, and furious. I was kinda agitated when they asked me.
Before holiday, some said their schedule will be full, some said they had to attend birthday party and camp, left no money to go, some said don't want to sing blah blah blah. No one gave me a sure answer. NO ONE.
What can I do? We did asked around, check the tuition classes time, but the paper was not with me, I can't do anything.
Without any work, now blaming me?
What the fuck.
I really hate being an organizer.
I did say this in class, because I truly hate that.

Go to Taiwan during December?
Crap, I don't think it will work anymore. I didn't ask.
I don't want to, I don't dare to.
My heart is fragile too alright? I might look strong, but actually I'm not.

 Don't think that everyone should listen to you. Please.

During chatting, some one suggest to go to Bali during December. I said I want to go, I really want to. I asked my mum, she said okay.
But I know, as closer to December, there'll be lots of problems pops out.
Thus, I didn't have a high hope on it.

I like this photo. I'm satisfied with this makeup, and the lightning that day was so great. Natural, without flash.

Now, I have more visitors to my blog!
There's 20 visitors today until now!
Maybe this is just a pea to Vegene, or anyone else,
but to me, I'm good with this amount.  =DD

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