Thursday, June 21, 2012

Running man.

Running man is really addictive. I just keep link everything to running man in school.
Eunice and I were running yesterday, we were walking extremely fast, walking creepily, everything. I will link them to running man.

I just watch until the first episode of 2011. OMG 1year more to watch! Now it's having the 100th episode.
I want to watch them all. ALL.

Monday couple is really attractive. It's like I'm watching drama.
Gary will confess his love to Ji-Hyo, but she won't respond.
The episode that Ji-Hyo and Lizzy have to choose their partner, I was so surprise that Ji-Hyo chooses Gary instead of Joong Ki. I thought she will choose Joong Ki lol.
But when she choose Gary, I was very happy as well. I just love this couple a lot!

Well, I wanted to type more to make this post longer, but I can't because just by typing this, I want to watch running man now!
So, I'm gonna watch it now!

But I'm gonna share a song with you all!
This is the first song that played for monday couple I think.

Even though I can't get it what Gary rap, but yet, the female vocal sounds nice! XDDD
Leessang! Fighting!

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