Sunday, June 10, 2012

School day tomorrow.

Hey it is Sunday, tomorrow school day, but I don't really want to, be back to school~~

OMG Tomorrow is Monday, which means school day! I've been live like a couch potato in past 2 weeks. I know I promised the eyeliner review and food photos, but I met some issues between my phone and my laptop. There's some problems on the file transfer, I'll figure it out later.

Back to school day=results reveal day. My dearest English class is on Wednesday, so I have to wait for it. ><
But I will get my Chinese paper tomorrow! I'm curious on my essay marks since I did a very bad job.  =((

I'm gonna remove my nail polish now, as well as cut my nails. Students, don't forget to cut your nails too!

I can't think of anything to write anymore, so let's wrap here.

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