Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sorry for not writing posts for a while! 3 past posts are about the novel that I read, I love. The ending is so freaking sad and totally different with my imagine. That's sad.  =((  So I wrote 3 posts about it, rambling on how sad am I. I have to get over it. I haven't in fact, I tried, but at a certain moment, when I saw someone on TV, or saw someone on street, I'll still miss the characters in the novel. I haven't get over it but I have to. I can't do anything on the ending. That's the end.  =((

Anyway, I went to Singapore on Thursday! This is not my first time visit Singapore of course, I'm living in Johor, nearest state to Singapore, moreover I have relatives in Singapore.
But, this is the first time that I tour around Singapore without guidance of parents!
My mum, my aunt, my bro, one friend of my mum and I went to Singapore. My mum left my bro and I in the Vivo city, then we take MRT for the first time alone!
We went to Bugis junction. I heard others said that there's a place called Bugis street, which have a lot of cheap things that suitable to teenagers, but I don't know how to get there. We had lunch there, we wanted to have McDonald's because with more S$3.6, we can get a hello kitty! Expensive right?! But we still wanted to have it, but once we got there, we were surprised.
There's no empty seat, neither space to queue anymore! Totally stuffed. So we decided to go for Subway instead. Same result. The space of Subway had already small enough, moreover no empty seats.
Then we walk around, back to McDonald's, walk around, back to Subway. We just walked back and forth, repeated for 1 hour. Then finally gave up, opt for ramen instead. Thanks God there's empty space.
I had a pork ramen, with my favourite favourite favourite chuka idako aka baby octopus. My bro had toro ramen with california maki.
S$10.9 for my ramen+california maki, so the kind waitress changed my side dish from chuka idako to california maki, so that's S$3 cheaper. My bro's was S$15.9.
Kinda expensive, because I'm Malaysian, I WILL change the currency. lol. But once you're in a different country, you shouldn't worry about the currency or you won't spend any and you can't travel happily.

After lunch, we went to Orchard road. Wrong decision. That's nothing for us to shop because all the shops are branded shop!!! But I did went to ION Orchard, and I went to Sephora!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG You don't know how excited am I once I'm in Sephora. I always wanted to go Sephora but there's only in KL. =((
I finally saw the famous Urban Decay eye primer, Benefit benetint, makeup forever HD foundation etc etc!! They are the brands that I knew online/ YouTube and I haven't see them before!
I wanted to have the UD eye primer, but you know what, S$33. I can't bear to lay hand on it even though my mum did gave us sufficient money to buy a lot of things. I just think that it's pricey.
The benetint, another product that I'll die for, S$53. Gosh.
We did play around at the fragrance area. When we got there, there's no promoter so we tried every DKNY perfumes! The DKNY gold delicious smells amazing! But then a promoter came, she let us tried some other. One of them smells OMG freaking fruity!!! Another one smells exactly like kiwi!! I don't know what brand are them but they really smells amazing sweet!

Then we went back to Vivo City. At there, I finally bought something.
In Sasa, I bought 2 nail polishes, S$5, a black and a white. 2 for S$5! What a bargain! I also bought a pack of cotton pad, S$1.95. They are huge square and thick. Good quality. Worth the money.

Around 7:30pm, my mun came to pick us, we went to McDonald's drive thru.
OMG My mum was so funny with her broken English! "McChicken, one!" lololol
We did bought a hello kitty, and not me kept her, it was my BRO. HE wanted her. lol He's kinda crazy over hello kitty recently.

The first week of holiday almost gone.

I have to get over the novel.

天使街23号, 我会淡忘结局的.
即使某些时刻, 某些人, 还是会让我想起天使街, 尤其是金月夜,
可是我会get over的.

I want to go out. =(((
But I won't get any invites. =((
I'm not the popular kind of girl, who get invited everytime, everyday.

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