Sunday, July 15, 2012


Hey guys!!
The last post gained quite a lot of views for me, as I don't get more than 15 views for every post normally. I'm not famous or something, I'm just a lil student who own a no-one-reading blog. Yeah!

Last Friday, the Malays in school have a programme called "praktikal haji". So we Chinese and Indians have our own programme.
And for us the Chinese, only form 4 and 5 were watching a movie in hall!! Woohoo!
My bro told me on Thursday, so I knew it already.
We watched this funny movie which is 100% original and from Johor!

#Stage  《台上台下》

It's a story about dance. There are 2 students who met a mystery masked man, a girl and a boy.
The girl is good at singing, but she has stage fright so she don't dare to sing in public.
The boy is the most famous boy in school, his name is Handsome. XDD
The mystery masked man taught them dancing, then their friends joins them as well. They talked about the relationship between dance studios. They can't befriend with people from other dance studios, and they hope to change that situation.
At the end, they performed on stage. The girl has overcome the stage fright.

This story is basically about dancing, and it's really freaking funny.
I laughed very very loud when they dance [I am the best] by 2NE1 in classroom.

When I watch this, I wanna like, dance or just sway along with the music, but everyone was watching calmly so I don't dare to do anything. But when I watched it with my bro, I did dance lol!

My science pass!!!!!! 50%. =D Never though that I will pass because most of the questions are from form 4, the nuclear chapter that I don't understand at all.
I'm not that looking forward to my English result in fact. Yesterday there's extra class in school, and when Ms Cheong came in with a huge stack of paper, I didn't feel nervous at all.
Maybe because of the questions are too easy, though the summary did give me hard time.
Or because I really don't care any results now lol.

We are going to outside to study tomorrow! I don't remember where will we go, but we planned to study mathematics tomorrow! Ms Mong aka Wen Wen will teach us since she's good at mathematics.
I will teach them English, but I have no idea what to teach as I always answer with my feelings. Especially at grammar, why should use this word, this tense, I don't know but I can answer them correctly lol.

Michelle Phan aka my favourite makeup artist will be going to Singapore on 28th July!!!!
OMGGGG  My mum promised to bring me there!!!! But I hope she'll remember her promise *fingers crossed*
I don't want to lose this chance to meet her as she only do meet and greet in Sephora, and the Sephora in Malaysia is in KL, too far =((

I watched 5 episodes of Running Man today! In fact I can watch 6 episodes but I went to Jusco to buy things and lunch, and it took me 1 hour.
I bought the new BB stick from Maybelline!! I tried it but I didn't moisturise my face beforehand therefore it turned out very dry, so I'll try next time after I moisturise my face.
I bought a master liner from Maybelline as well. Maybelline day!

Gonna browse 9gag then go to sleep. Bye guys!!

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