Thursday, August 30, 2012


I saw a comment on my last post, clicked, read.

All right, a Malay was pissed off by my last post.

I was even thinking to apologize?!
OMG Why am I thinking that?
This is my personal blog, I don't owe anyone.
Why do I need to apologize?

Maybe I'm quite aggressive at the last post,
but, this is my blog.
This is my place, my turf.
I can write anything isn't?

I was fed up by my customers, I apologized on my page,
I need a place to express my feeling, I chose my blog,
the one and only place.
Yet I still get scolded?
OMG I don't want to live in this planet anymore lol.

Will I get arrested under the 114A law?
For posting racist comments?

So why the teachers in school don't get arrested?
How many teachers had made a speech, that Chinese should go back to China?

It's sad, that I can't express my feelings.

I saw a horoscope analysis, the most depressed,
aquarius. Me.

I felt down when I read that comment.

Is it really my wrong for not understand Japanese?
I have to hire a translator to translate the ingredients for me?
Malay do hire a translator?

What if those who runs small business?
Perniagaan peruncit? IKS?
lol Those are perdagangan terms.

I shall stop talking about that right? Otherwise I will be caught.
Then tomorrow you will see me on the newspaper,
"The first person who get caught under 114A law, Chua Pei Juan, 17, a student who posted racist comment on her blog..."

lol, that will be funny right?

可以随心所欲, 想写什么就写什么.
生意上受委屈, 来部落格写写骂骂.
我是认真的? 不, 其实我很多时候都是写写, 根本就不认真.

"Selina's Rambling Space~"
因为这是我的空间, 一个给我碎碎念, 乱写一通, 抒发难过, 开心, 生气的事情的地方.
可是貌似, 什么都不能写了.

I get depressed easily.

You, with your words like knives, 
and swords and weapons that you use against me
-Mean by Taylor Swift-

Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's very hard to be a seller!!!!

People will keep giving you a hard time, give you questions that you had already answered tons of time.

But, you can't be angry.
Or they will angry at you too (wtf?)

You have to be nice to those mean customers, especially those who don't want to buy at all, just like your page, leave some mean comments then disappear.

I'm just a student! I'm also a human! I'm not a robot who sell popin' cookin'!
I have feelings you know?
Do you know how sad am I when you comment those words?
Do you know how angry am I at the front of the laptop?

But I can't show them out.
All I can do, is apologize, apologize, apologize.
Then squeeze out the nicest words that I never said before.

Shit, so hard to being a seller.

I started out selling Popin' Cookin', because I finally saw someone selling this online after watching tons of videos.
I tried to get supplier price so cheaper, but I have to get an amount.
I posted on Jbtalks, 1k views in a day.
30 orders in 2 weeks. Awesome right?

Then everyone was so happy, coming back and comment that thanks to me, they get to try out the things they can only watch online before.
I felt honoured. I realized how happy will I be when customers are happy too.
So, I tried to find supplier again, try to get cheaper price.
Finally, I found one.

Then I imported them, I started a fan page on Facebook.
1 year and 1 month now, 600+ likes.

There are good customers among them, bought from me few times and they are so good to interact with.
But there are also black sheep.

I can't block them right?

I apologized again, just 10 seconds ago.


I really hate those customers, who can easily find their answers at the wall post, but still asking same question.

So hard to sell imported goods in Malaysia, when you're not sure whether they are halal or not.

Is it my wrong, for not understanding Japanese word at all, but yet I'm selling Japanese goods?
Is it my wrong?
Funny huh.

Malays, stop selling goods from China, I bet you don't understand as well lol.

It's hard, to being a seller.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Just finished watching High School Musical2.


"Promise is a big word, Troy."

"Plans change, people change."

"But you better step away from the mirror long enough to check the damage that will always be right behind you."

"But if along the way you act like someone you're not, pretty soon that's who you become."

Favourite quotes from the show. All of them from Gabriella.

Watched the High School Musical cast goodbye video again.
That video never failed to make me cry.

3:19am. Midnight. Always get emotional during midnight time.

I have too much thing stucked and I can't tell them.
That make me hard to breath.

4 months, graduation.
Gosh, I really don't like graduation.
While everybody have to act like happy because we finally can get out from school, from homework and teachers.
But in our deep heart, everyone are crying. No one want to graduate.

Makeup artist always been my dream. But I don't even dare to mention that to my mum. I guess I have to stick with IT.

I'm a kind of girl who will keep everything in heart. But not gossip for sure lol.

Every pressure, I tend to keep them myself. I don't share with others.
You think I forgot everything? No, hell no. I keep them in heart.

I might have bad memory sometimes, but I acted sometimes. I don't really have that bad memory sometimes.

I always take pictures after I had makeup on.
Because I feel more confident. I'll think I'm pretty even though I'm not at all.
I can say my makeup skills is way tooooo far from professional. But I think that's good enough for me.
I don't want to pile all the makeup on, to cover all the flaw.
Makeup, is to beautify you, not to cover the flaw.

When can I find my happiness?
Some day... Just the matter of time.
I'm sure I can find it in my whole life time.
I hope.

Do you have to make me feel like,  
there's nothing left of me..
-Skyscraper by Demi Lovato-

Tuesday, August 21, 2012



Get emotional all of sudden.

Watching secret garden, was crying, then I bathed.

But still, emotional.

I'm an emotional person.
I get sad, happy, angry easily.

When I'm angry, sometimes I'll get over very soon.
But sometimes, I really can't calm down. lol

When I'm sad, I won't stop crying.
Especially when I'm alone in room.
I'll listen to sad songs, try to absorb every words. Then my tears fall.
I'll look for the High School Musical say goodbye clip. 10 minutes clip, I'll cry in like 2 minutes.
I'll watch some sad Glee clips. Like the Rachel and Finn breakup clip. Cry when they started to talk about it.

I'll get happy easily as well. Watch some funny clips from show, then I won't stop laughing.

But now, I'm sad.

Most of the time, I don't even know why am I sad.
No, not pms this time.

Too much tears in eyes?
It's been a while since I cried.
Overloaded lol.

OMG cool down.
Stop crying.

Tuesday today.
I've done only 1 homework.
English essay.
I wrote a story, based on High School Musical again.
I don't know what to write at first, then I saw my HSM DVD.
It inspire me, then a story about HSM came out.
I didn't take the novel to copy, I swear. *fingers crossed*
But it's my favourite movie, how can I forget lines from it?
A lot of lines and conversation really appeared in HSM.
For characters, Gabriella, Sharpay, Troy, Ryan, Ms Darbus.
Like I said, my teachers can tell my essay among all the essays based on my characters lol.

I miss HSM now.
I think I'll watch HSM2.
I've watched HSM1 last week.
Next will be HSM3.

The internet was slow as snail anyways.

Damn, just when I want to end this post to watch HSM, my bro asked me to have supper.
You know, I can't resist food.
I need a coffee now.

I learned driving for 2 days already. Well, not that hard just I can't control the power of clutch. Manual cars are so hard to drive!
Now we learn manual cars, but after that we all drive auto cars. What's the point?!
I want to get driving license in this year!

Trials, driving lessons, homework, stress.
Aigu, stress!!

Stop emotional.

I'll try.

曾几何时, 天天都会开怀大笑.
渐渐, 难过的情绪压过了开心的情绪.
慢慢的, 笑容消失了.


小说里读到的心跳漏了一拍, 心里滴了一滴泪.
怎么, 成真了?
哒, 心湖里滴落了一滴咸咸的液体.
那, 是难过的泪水.
那, 是伤心的泪水.

笑, 不是真正的笑.
笑容背后, 是眼泪滴落.
哭, 不是真正的难过.
哭泣背后, 是带着笑容的.

Don't judge a book by its cover.
所看到的, 未必是事情的全部.

Random poem(?!?).

Ignore them. Because I have no idea why I wrote them.

Somehow, I think I can be a poet.
Seriously wtf.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Running Man

Freaking tired day.

6:10, call from Eunice, just to tell me that Jin Xiang will be absent today wtf. My alarm was set at 6:15. I can have 5 minutes more sleep alright!!
But I just wake up after call, brush my teeth and just went downstairs to make french toast.
Then 7:15 went out to pick up Ms Mong and Kang Zheng. Went to Jun Qiang's house, turned out he wasn't awake wtf. /.\ Decided to ignore him and head to Mutiara Rini Park!!

We started to play at around 9. I was in the chasing team. FUN!!! Because Eunice and Esther was afraid when I ran over there. Even though by that time they were caught, I just went there, and pull them for other to tear their name down.
Tang Tang was the first one who got teared. Ms Mong and I did. OMG I can't believe a small girl like her have such huge power! When Ms Mong trying to tear her, she still can protect her name with 1 hand, and the other hand came over and try to tear mine off! OMGGG
Thanks God she didn't succeed lol.

After 1 hour, we rested. Eating, chatting, refill energy haha.
Then next game, I'm in the mission team.
OMG I was the first one out.
Me and Kai Yun was searching for the mission, then the chasing team, I mean the WHOLE team, 6 people ran towards us. I was brave enough to stand there.
By the time everyone was like chasing Kai Yun, only Eunice came so I tried to tear hers as well. Then she called Esther, then the whole team, 5 girls came over to tear me. My ponytail was ruined as well wtf.

Then, Kai Yun and I was walking around, pretending want to try those facilities in park, but in fact we're looking for mission.
After that, Ms Mong was teared as well. By the time the game ended, we can't find a mission at all.

I think it's quite unfair. Because the first game, one of our team and one of the mission team went to set up mission. But the second game, there's only chasing team's people went to set up mission.
And by the second game, my energy was all drained. /.\
I can't run at all in fact. My ankle was twisted again at the first game wtf. Always twisted when I want to have fun!! I hate you ankle!!! lol

But I keep telling myself, don't get angry. You can't get angry. This is just a game.
Now I'm over it. I tell myself, if there's still next time, I want to be harder!! lol  I won't mercy anyone!! Beware of me!! lol

I'm good. I'm not angry.

I was sad when the chasing team don't know where's my name. OMG I really wanted to cry by that time. I keep tears in eyes, didn't fall down.
Because everyone's name still there, only mine was disappear. I was so sad.
When Hui Ying and Eunice went out to find my name, I was sitting at the swing, sad-ing lol.
MY NAME!!!!!

Then I called Eunice, wanted to tell her stop searching because seems like everyone want to go back already, I never mind though I really want that back.
But she said actually my name was in Hui Ying's pocket all the time, she forgot it wtf.

Result: 1-1.
No team won. Because we can't finish mission lol.

I hope there's still next time. Even though this really tired me out, and it's very hard to communicate with people from other class, but still I think it's fun. Especially when you're in chasing team, lol.

I had a nice time.  Yeah!

Didn't have time to catch a nap. After running man, I bathed and went out again. I even went to Singapore, then back. Been sitting in car omg.

I really like makeup even though I don't wear them out.
By the time I put on makeup, I'm enjoying it.
I enjoy putting foundation, eyeliner, mascara etc etc.
I really want to be a makeup artist but I don't think my mum will allow. =((
My dream: To be a makeup artist.
My hobby: Put on makeup.
lol kinda funny.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Esther's birthday surprise!!

Surprise was a huge success!!!

We went to Loud Speaker for karaoke session, this was what we told to Esther. But in fact, we planned to give her a birthday surprise!

But few weeks before, Eunice wrote celebration in her little winnie the pooh book, and Esther saw it! I though she will know that we are celebrating today, but in fact, she doesn't know at all. /.\
She overlooked the date as 18th August wtf.

So, my mum went to Season to get the cake before pick me and Eunice up from school. After shower, Ms Mong came and fetch us all. After we reached there, we just started to sing.

I was kinda worry and pretty nervous. I thought she will know everything then the surprise will be all failed. So when Esther and Eunice went to toilet, Tang Tang, Ms Mong and me had an emergency meeting. After meeting, we acted like nothing happened.
After few songs, we said we have to go to toilet, but in fact we went to get the cake and place it to the kitchen. We told them to bring in the cake at 4:30.

4:20, I started to get nervous. I kept looking at time. 4:30, the cake haven't come in. I become more nervous, but Ms Mong was calm enough to pretend to pick up call, but actually she went to kitchen to ask. Turned out they forgot omg /.\

When the staff supposed to switch our song to birthday song, she failed!!! OMG I saw everything in my seat.
She held the controller, trying to switch song at the outside of our door. But I guessed the door was too thick, she was forced to bang in and switch. At the moment, I was laughing because I saw everything. Esther was surprised!!!

Then they bring in the cake, we started to sing birthday song, while Esther was asking whose birthday it was! OMG YOURS!!

Ms Mong even tried to kiss her before make a wish.

She was laughing when she was making wish.

The moment when she blew the candles!

After song, she wanted to take pic with this chocolate. She didn't realize what was written on this chocolate until when she wanted to cut the cake omg.
It writes: [Da Bu Tong..生日快乐..爱你!]
You wouldn't know how awkward when I wrote these words wtf. Eunice made these words.
Da Bu Tong is because Eunice trying to give everyone a nickname, then Esther's Da Bu Tong. Because of the food, dobogi. Eunice's Euroro. Mine...secret! I don't really want to reveal that! ><

Eunice and Ms Mong tried to stain cream on Esther's face, so it turns out like this:
Not much right?! I didn't do it on you! lol

So, after singing we went to Sutera Mall, had our dinner at Kinsahi.
We asked the waiter to take a picture of us.

 Then Ms Mong sent us all back~

I think this surprise was a success. Even though kinda early from her birthday, but I think today was fine because she doesn't get suspicious at all.

Esther, we've been friends for like 4 years. We went through up and downs. We've been everything, fight, arguements, laughing at each other, unfriend, then friends again. We left only 3 months. We have to cherish these 3 months. No fights, just laughs.
I don't really know what else to say, I'm afraid I'll cry lol.

Early Happy Birthday.
I hope you did get touched.

Happy 17th.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Went for badminton yesterday and I had a greattt time!

Watched movie at U-mall, the greedy ghost.
Gosh, I'm freaked out by all those sound effects. I really hate when the sounds were like ghost's sound, whilst they keep repeating.
I used my bag as a cover, to prevent watching those scary shots. OMG  I really hate when old granny appears in horror movie, they always freak me out @@
But overall, this movie is nottt good. Don't watch it if you haven't. Disappointed. No point at all. I don't really understand what the story about, moreover one of the main actors is Malaysian, who once appeared on Astro almost everyday, in the "睇咗啦" advertisement. I had enough to watch him for that time.

After that, we went to buy cloth for the running man!! So excited and I really can't wait for that day!

3pm, finally get to play badminton! Once we got there, Eunice and Esther went to toilet, left me and Wen Li to play. Wen Li was too strong for me, I haven't even warm up yet. After few rounds, I twisted my ankle wtf. Not that serious, but hurt enough when I have to rush to save balls.
Reminder, warm up before you do any exercises! Warm up is extremely important to every exercises!

Well, I thought it will be a nice game day. But pms wtf, I have no energy. /.\  So didn't play much.

Eunice, Esther, Elena, me.  Kang Zheng and Jin Xiang.
It should be a nice group of people playing around. But, a person ruined my mood.
We were just playing around, we are not professional players. If we are, we will not be here anymore.
We can play whatever we want, what the hell are you talking?
Gotta be professional? Recess time between 2 games last only 1 minutes?
Worst, keep smacking, and only aim at girls. I was luckily enough didn't get hurt. If not, you wouldn't know what will happen to you next moment.
Except me, other 3 girls were hit by him. Didn't do it in purpose?
Fuck, then why you didn't aim the boys? Why girls?

Try to be a professional, I meant act like a professional. Keep talking no actions.
Teach people to smack?
Hell yeah, most of your smack didn't even pass the net.

Elena said our boys are gentleman. Yes, ours are. Sorry, yours not. I meant only that one.
Proud of 5EA1!!!

Pms, that boy, totally ruined my day a bit.
Except them, I'm good!

It's been a while that I got all work up. I didn't get that angry in a longg time, moreover people from school that I don't usually get angry with.
But you, made me angry successfully.
I had to try hard to prevent I do anything. I tried not to use foul language to you. You should be thankful. Once I got angry, once I started to use foul language, I wouldn't stop.
You should be thankful that I didn't throw my racket to you. I will do that.

I'm angry not because I played poorly or I can't take his smacks,
but he kept aiming at girls is what I angry with. And ACT like professional, while himself played like a noob.
Proud like a peacock. Shit.

如果自己没有本事, 不要教别人.
这样做, 反而让别人嫌弃.
恭喜你, 成功让我火了.
心中这把火,  灭了好久好久.
我真的很久, 没有那么火, 没有那么想杀人.
收敛很久的脾气, 彻底来了.

可是你, 短短3个小时, 短短一场双打,
让我整把火烧起来, 甚至迁怒到别人了.
只能说, 那么不绅士的男生, 已经很少见了.
你, 彻彻底底的让我想打人, 杀人.
我, 从来也不是一个好惹的人.

Back to class tomorrow. Shit, my arms hurt.

I tried to get him outta my head.. I tried.. Really..
Just, I failed.

If I'm rude to anyone else yesterday, I apologize.
I was too angry.


Friday, August 10, 2012


Have you ever try, that a person said a word to you, then you can't really get it outta your head? There's a word, that's been in my head for 1 week now. I don't know should I believe that or not.
Does he say that just to get rid of me for being too gossip? Or that's a truly felt word? 
Ermm... I tried to believe the former, but somehow I failed.. 

Anyways, it's Friday!! And there's no class tomorrow!!!! 

During the moral class today, I read Good Friday from the book, and Eunice, who sat beside me, sang Friday by Rebecca Black together with me. I don't know why we always sing this song during Friday's moral class, instead of the Katy Perry's last Friday night?! LOL! 

My laptop doesn't connect to internet. Literally, it took my life. You wouldn't know how suffering and boring life is without internet!!! It says iPv6 no internet access. I'm sure that's only my laptop's problem because my bro's desktop, my mum's laptop, iPad and even my phone can get connect to internet. Just my freaking AWESOME laptop!!

But I love my laptop now, because I bought a new laptop skin for it!! I customized it, so I put on a awesome Glee cast photo!! 
It's simple, whole white at the upper, while the cast at the bottom part. AWESOME! I put a picture of it on instagram before, but I took it with iPad, with that not-so-awesome camera, it turns out blurry. 

Gotta play badminton with class tomorrow!! Gotta catch a movie at 12:15, not sure which movie to watch. They are kind enough for didn't choose a horror movie, because I don't dare to watch.
Even though I'm big size, and looks tough outside, but actually I prefer movies like cartoon, and my beloved High School Musical! I don't usually watch horror movies. So, we have to choose between Hantu Gangster and Step Up Revolution! I prefer Step Up, because of the Mike Chang from Glee, aka Harry Shum Jr is playing in this movie!! He's definitely awesome, born in Hong Kong, immigrate to US, then starring in Glee, and Step Up! He got moves!

 Is my opening of this post too heavy? Can you guess what's happening? No, don't guess and please don't ask me.
 I don't know why, but every time when friends are talking about my blog in front of me, I will feel really awkward. I should be honored because someone actually read my blog right?
But I just feel awkward. Maybe because I wrote in English, I'm afraid of those awful grammar mistakes, or even totally don't understand what I'm trying to express.

 I lived for 17 years, with self-abased, never trust in those romantic novels will happen in life. But now, my mind kinda changed.
 A week, without anything else, I think I should just give up my mind?

 正当就快要习惯了平静, 有人突然又丢了一颗小石头.
 生活, 再次泛起了淡淡的, 小小的涟漪.
 这次的涟漪, 仍然会是稍纵即逝?
还是有人会一直不断地丢着小石头, 让生活增添一丝不一样的感受?

 Sometimes, I think I can write a novel lol. I tried, with the characters of Angel Street 23rd, but just wrote for like 1 or 2 chapters then stop. I can't continue anymore. I also wrote novel on K.O 3anguo, like 40 chapters, (though 1 chapter only takes 2 pages of the microsoft word pages, without spacing of course). But I stopped when the show stopped, 2 years ago. I tried to continue that but I can't because I don't really remember everything in the show now.

Somehow, I can't write anything now.
Once, I write blog, without afraid of anyone, I can scold anyone.
But now, I've grown up. I do care about others comments, so I have to think twice before I type out anything.
This is not me anymore..
Now I feel like there's no place for me to express my feeling..

Suddenly get emotional what the fuck.

Season 4 of Glee will be starting in September. I know the cast still remains there, but not as the McKinley High Glee club students anymore.

A person asked me, where do you get those ideas when you're writing essays?
He said he will have brain fart everytime during exams.
I said, watch TV.
He doesn't believe. But I'm telling truth. I watch TV everyday. Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese. I just watch them.
Because those drama always have really weird line, they work in exams.

I love High School Musical and Glee, the characters from these 2 shows appeared in my essays the most. Their plot, story line, I used them. That's why I love writing story, because I can made up anything, even they are from dramas.
I think my teachers can tell which is my essay from the characters. Gabriella, Troy, Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Kurt, sometimes Taylor, Chad, Sharpay, Ryan, Britanny etc etc. All of them from HSM and Glee lol.

Too much things stuck in my mind. I can feel the weight of the world is on my shoulder.

I need to get back to myself---talking to myself. and my High School Musical dolls.
I need to talk.  

Tonight, we are young.
So let's set the world on fire,   
we can burn brighter, than the sun.
  ---We are Young by Fun.---

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Meeting Michelle Phan @ 28-7-2012

Yeah yeah yeah yeah! This is the day that I've been looking forward to. Meeting the most famous and inspiring makeup guru on YouTube, MICHELLE PHAN!!

So, I put on makeup that day.
--Maybelline mouse BB cream
--Chacott finishing powder
--Maybelline cat eye mascara
--Etude house cheek stamp blush
--Maybelline colour changing lip balm

I put on clear contact lens so my eye still looks small. My colour lens are expired and I haven't buy new one. /.\

Went in to Singapore at 10ish, with my mum of course. We drove to there, then parked car in Sentosa car park. Then we took bus(free!) to Vivo city. We went to Harbourfront station, and took MRT to Bugis. We went to a temple that my mum wanted to go. OMG That day was extremely hot and I have to walk for like 10-15 minutes to reach the temple.
My makeup just melted. FML. But thanks God I put only bb cream, no eyeshadow and eyeliner or they will just smudge.

We only went into the temple like less than 10 minutes, then we're out. O.O
Walked around, there were quite a amount of those people selling strange things. O.O
My mum stopped and watch a man demonstrate how awesome is his thing. Which we stood there almost half an hour!!

1:35, we have to rush to the MRT station, and go to ION Orchard. WTF, I'm actually late.
I arrived at 2:10. But Michelle's haven't reach. /.\

Stood at the elevator there, waiting for Michelle to arrive. I overheard a girl said she just graduated from school, came to Singapore to meet Michelle and have a 3 weeks holiday as well. Wow, crazy fans!

Waiting time always slipped slower than usual. Finally when she arrived, I tried to capture the moment but all I did was this:
The people from Lancome. /.\

When Michelle arrived, she said, [Make some noise!!] OMG I had a chill. Because that voice, you only heard them on YouTube before, but now you actually listen them in real life!

Then Michelle walked into Sephora store, which I can't go in at all because it was already full of fans!

She started to talk, and do a little makeover for a girl. I tried to take pictures of her but I failed completely. And I'm holding a old model of Sony digital camera, but others are holding either DSLR or smart phones!!!

Iphones, Samsung phones, etc etc etc! I can't see Michelle at all, all I saw was SMART PHONESSSS.

These are the best I can do. First, I'm too far from stage. Even though I hold my camera really high, I zoomed to farest, I still can't capture Michelle. And, SMART PHONESSSS kept blocking me!!!

Then, it was time to queue up for the meet and greet section! The Sephora staff asked us to queue outside, but when I went out to join the queue, the queue has already reached the 3rd shop from Sephora.  O.O

I queued for half an hour, then my mum came and surprised that I'm at the 3/5 of the queue. Because in front of me, it seems like 100 people!! So I decided to leave, not waiting anymore. =(((
But my mum allowed me to buy the famous Urban Decay eye primer potion!!! I'm so overwhelmed! Because it cost SGD$33. More expensive than the one I found online, but at least this is really genuine one.

After I pay for it, Michelle's still taking pictures with everybody. For those who bought the Lancome Glamour Eye kit, which designed by Michelle Phan, which cost SGD$150, will get autograph from Michelle. For those who didn't purchase that, you can still take a pic with Michelle.
I went near to there and took pictures of Michelle!

Alright, these two are the best picture of the day. But still, she's stunning!!!
I never imagined that I can meet Michelle Phan in real life. Though didn't take a picture and talk to her kinda make me sad, but it's a wonderful experience.  ❤

After that, my mum took me to Clarke Quay, to have our dinner though it's just 5 pm. /.\
When we reached there, there's a eating contest in the mall.

Seriously, look at the food. So much rice!!

We had dinner at the Wuhan Steamboat!! The one that Auntie Lucy advertised.
2 people with 3 soup base, we chose only a spicy and a seafood soup. But turned out the third was something like seafood soup as well.
We get a plate of crab, though it's not fresh. And the kind of shells that I don't know their name.

Well, what makes this restaurant famous is they placed their food on conveyor belt instead of like buffet!

#the place where you get sauces and drinks.

Their prawns were soooo fresh! I love them!
They also placed desserts like green bean soup, watermelons, dragon eyes, cakes etc on the conveyor belt.
SGD$22.9++ per pax, and SGD$1 for drink. You can go and get a cup and refill as many times as you want. But SGD$1 for that.

After really full with dinner, we went out from mall for a walk. We also bought a Hokkaido ice cream.
#Green tea with red bean
Yumm but cost SGD$3.++

BUMBLE BEEE! But this is not the one from Transformer lol. River taxi along the Singapore river.

We then went to Giant in Vivocity, finally get back to Sentosa to get our car and managed to reach home at about 9pm.


It's a squeeze tube. The former design was with a wand, but that design tends to waste product lol so they change to squeeze tube design. I prefer the previous design though I never see it in real life. /.\
Everything I know was through online, YouTube, makeup gurus. FML.

Finally finish this post! Upload photos took a longg time. ><
Didn't take a picture with Michelle Phan did make me sad, but I've over it because at least I heard her in person! But she didn't say her most famous ending in every videos, "Good luck". Simple words but with her voice, it makes me feel warm. 

Good Luck.