Friday, August 10, 2012


Have you ever try, that a person said a word to you, then you can't really get it outta your head? There's a word, that's been in my head for 1 week now. I don't know should I believe that or not.
Does he say that just to get rid of me for being too gossip? Or that's a truly felt word? 
Ermm... I tried to believe the former, but somehow I failed.. 

Anyways, it's Friday!! And there's no class tomorrow!!!! 

During the moral class today, I read Good Friday from the book, and Eunice, who sat beside me, sang Friday by Rebecca Black together with me. I don't know why we always sing this song during Friday's moral class, instead of the Katy Perry's last Friday night?! LOL! 

My laptop doesn't connect to internet. Literally, it took my life. You wouldn't know how suffering and boring life is without internet!!! It says iPv6 no internet access. I'm sure that's only my laptop's problem because my bro's desktop, my mum's laptop, iPad and even my phone can get connect to internet. Just my freaking AWESOME laptop!!

But I love my laptop now, because I bought a new laptop skin for it!! I customized it, so I put on a awesome Glee cast photo!! 
It's simple, whole white at the upper, while the cast at the bottom part. AWESOME! I put a picture of it on instagram before, but I took it with iPad, with that not-so-awesome camera, it turns out blurry. 

Gotta play badminton with class tomorrow!! Gotta catch a movie at 12:15, not sure which movie to watch. They are kind enough for didn't choose a horror movie, because I don't dare to watch.
Even though I'm big size, and looks tough outside, but actually I prefer movies like cartoon, and my beloved High School Musical! I don't usually watch horror movies. So, we have to choose between Hantu Gangster and Step Up Revolution! I prefer Step Up, because of the Mike Chang from Glee, aka Harry Shum Jr is playing in this movie!! He's definitely awesome, born in Hong Kong, immigrate to US, then starring in Glee, and Step Up! He got moves!

 Is my opening of this post too heavy? Can you guess what's happening? No, don't guess and please don't ask me.
 I don't know why, but every time when friends are talking about my blog in front of me, I will feel really awkward. I should be honored because someone actually read my blog right?
But I just feel awkward. Maybe because I wrote in English, I'm afraid of those awful grammar mistakes, or even totally don't understand what I'm trying to express.

 I lived for 17 years, with self-abased, never trust in those romantic novels will happen in life. But now, my mind kinda changed.
 A week, without anything else, I think I should just give up my mind?

 正当就快要习惯了平静, 有人突然又丢了一颗小石头.
 生活, 再次泛起了淡淡的, 小小的涟漪.
 这次的涟漪, 仍然会是稍纵即逝?
还是有人会一直不断地丢着小石头, 让生活增添一丝不一样的感受?

 Sometimes, I think I can write a novel lol. I tried, with the characters of Angel Street 23rd, but just wrote for like 1 or 2 chapters then stop. I can't continue anymore. I also wrote novel on K.O 3anguo, like 40 chapters, (though 1 chapter only takes 2 pages of the microsoft word pages, without spacing of course). But I stopped when the show stopped, 2 years ago. I tried to continue that but I can't because I don't really remember everything in the show now.

Somehow, I can't write anything now.
Once, I write blog, without afraid of anyone, I can scold anyone.
But now, I've grown up. I do care about others comments, so I have to think twice before I type out anything.
This is not me anymore..
Now I feel like there's no place for me to express my feeling..

Suddenly get emotional what the fuck.

Season 4 of Glee will be starting in September. I know the cast still remains there, but not as the McKinley High Glee club students anymore.

A person asked me, where do you get those ideas when you're writing essays?
He said he will have brain fart everytime during exams.
I said, watch TV.
He doesn't believe. But I'm telling truth. I watch TV everyday. Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese. I just watch them.
Because those drama always have really weird line, they work in exams.

I love High School Musical and Glee, the characters from these 2 shows appeared in my essays the most. Their plot, story line, I used them. That's why I love writing story, because I can made up anything, even they are from dramas.
I think my teachers can tell which is my essay from the characters. Gabriella, Troy, Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Kurt, sometimes Taylor, Chad, Sharpay, Ryan, Britanny etc etc. All of them from HSM and Glee lol.

Too much things stuck in my mind. I can feel the weight of the world is on my shoulder.

I need to get back to myself---talking to myself. and my High School Musical dolls.
I need to talk.  

Tonight, we are young.
So let's set the world on fire,   
we can burn brighter, than the sun.
  ---We are Young by Fun.---

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