Sunday, August 12, 2012


Went for badminton yesterday and I had a greattt time!

Watched movie at U-mall, the greedy ghost.
Gosh, I'm freaked out by all those sound effects. I really hate when the sounds were like ghost's sound, whilst they keep repeating.
I used my bag as a cover, to prevent watching those scary shots. OMG  I really hate when old granny appears in horror movie, they always freak me out @@
But overall, this movie is nottt good. Don't watch it if you haven't. Disappointed. No point at all. I don't really understand what the story about, moreover one of the main actors is Malaysian, who once appeared on Astro almost everyday, in the "睇咗啦" advertisement. I had enough to watch him for that time.

After that, we went to buy cloth for the running man!! So excited and I really can't wait for that day!

3pm, finally get to play badminton! Once we got there, Eunice and Esther went to toilet, left me and Wen Li to play. Wen Li was too strong for me, I haven't even warm up yet. After few rounds, I twisted my ankle wtf. Not that serious, but hurt enough when I have to rush to save balls.
Reminder, warm up before you do any exercises! Warm up is extremely important to every exercises!

Well, I thought it will be a nice game day. But pms wtf, I have no energy. /.\  So didn't play much.

Eunice, Esther, Elena, me.  Kang Zheng and Jin Xiang.
It should be a nice group of people playing around. But, a person ruined my mood.
We were just playing around, we are not professional players. If we are, we will not be here anymore.
We can play whatever we want, what the hell are you talking?
Gotta be professional? Recess time between 2 games last only 1 minutes?
Worst, keep smacking, and only aim at girls. I was luckily enough didn't get hurt. If not, you wouldn't know what will happen to you next moment.
Except me, other 3 girls were hit by him. Didn't do it in purpose?
Fuck, then why you didn't aim the boys? Why girls?

Try to be a professional, I meant act like a professional. Keep talking no actions.
Teach people to smack?
Hell yeah, most of your smack didn't even pass the net.

Elena said our boys are gentleman. Yes, ours are. Sorry, yours not. I meant only that one.
Proud of 5EA1!!!

Pms, that boy, totally ruined my day a bit.
Except them, I'm good!

It's been a while that I got all work up. I didn't get that angry in a longg time, moreover people from school that I don't usually get angry with.
But you, made me angry successfully.
I had to try hard to prevent I do anything. I tried not to use foul language to you. You should be thankful. Once I got angry, once I started to use foul language, I wouldn't stop.
You should be thankful that I didn't throw my racket to you. I will do that.

I'm angry not because I played poorly or I can't take his smacks,
but he kept aiming at girls is what I angry with. And ACT like professional, while himself played like a noob.
Proud like a peacock. Shit.

如果自己没有本事, 不要教别人.
这样做, 反而让别人嫌弃.
恭喜你, 成功让我火了.
心中这把火,  灭了好久好久.
我真的很久, 没有那么火, 没有那么想杀人.
收敛很久的脾气, 彻底来了.

可是你, 短短3个小时, 短短一场双打,
让我整把火烧起来, 甚至迁怒到别人了.
只能说, 那么不绅士的男生, 已经很少见了.
你, 彻彻底底的让我想打人, 杀人.
我, 从来也不是一个好惹的人.

Back to class tomorrow. Shit, my arms hurt.

I tried to get him outta my head.. I tried.. Really..
Just, I failed.

If I'm rude to anyone else yesterday, I apologize.
I was too angry.


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