Thursday, August 2, 2012


August's here. July's gone.
Trial in 3 weeks. Seriously?
I'm so not ready.

I went to Singapore to meet Michelle Phan last Saturday!! Will blog that tomorrow, with picsss.
But I didn't get a chance to meet her in person, like face to face in front of her though. Kinda sad.

Now, I feel tired. It's only 9:24pm. It's like I didn't have a nice sleep for few days. But in fact, I sleep at 10ish pm everyday now. But still, tired.
Stress, pressure, homework, business, it seems like I'm carrying the weight of the world on my shoulder. I can't focus in class as well.

I have so much things to say. But everything stuck in my throat. I can't even know what to say anymore.

I'm in PLKN. Fuck. Didn't expect that. I'm afraid. As all know, I'm freaking lazy at exercising, that's why I look like this now lol.

Zi Yang asked me to mark his essay today. But seriously, are you overestimating me? I'm kinda afraid to take this job because I did mark or help to check grammar things of friend's essays. (although my grammar is not perfect AT ALL)
But Zi Yang considered as the top student in our class, among the Chinese students, so it's like a difficult thing to do. He knows lots of vocab. What if I can't understand what the vocab means? I will be embarrassed. ><

Michelle Phan post coming sooooon!

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