Tuesday, August 21, 2012



Get emotional all of sudden.

Watching secret garden, was crying, then I bathed.

But still, emotional.

I'm an emotional person.
I get sad, happy, angry easily.

When I'm angry, sometimes I'll get over very soon.
But sometimes, I really can't calm down. lol

When I'm sad, I won't stop crying.
Especially when I'm alone in room.
I'll listen to sad songs, try to absorb every words. Then my tears fall.
I'll look for the High School Musical say goodbye clip. 10 minutes clip, I'll cry in like 2 minutes.
I'll watch some sad Glee clips. Like the Rachel and Finn breakup clip. Cry when they started to talk about it.

I'll get happy easily as well. Watch some funny clips from show, then I won't stop laughing.

But now, I'm sad.

Most of the time, I don't even know why am I sad.
No, not pms this time.

Too much tears in eyes?
It's been a while since I cried.
Overloaded lol.

OMG cool down.
Stop crying.

Tuesday today.
I've done only 1 homework.
English essay.
I wrote a story, based on High School Musical again.
I don't know what to write at first, then I saw my HSM DVD.
It inspire me, then a story about HSM came out.
I didn't take the novel to copy, I swear. *fingers crossed*
But it's my favourite movie, how can I forget lines from it?
A lot of lines and conversation really appeared in HSM.
For characters, Gabriella, Sharpay, Troy, Ryan, Ms Darbus.
Like I said, my teachers can tell my essay among all the essays based on my characters lol.

I miss HSM now.
I think I'll watch HSM2.
I've watched HSM1 last week.
Next will be HSM3.

The internet was slow as snail anyways.

Damn, just when I want to end this post to watch HSM, my bro asked me to have supper.
You know, I can't resist food.
I need a coffee now.

I learned driving for 2 days already. Well, not that hard just I can't control the power of clutch. Manual cars are so hard to drive!
Now we learn manual cars, but after that we all drive auto cars. What's the point?!
I want to get driving license in this year!

Trials, driving lessons, homework, stress.
Aigu, stress!!

Stop emotional.

I'll try.

曾几何时, 天天都会开怀大笑.
渐渐, 难过的情绪压过了开心的情绪.
慢慢的, 笑容消失了.


小说里读到的心跳漏了一拍, 心里滴了一滴泪.
怎么, 成真了?
哒, 心湖里滴落了一滴咸咸的液体.
那, 是难过的泪水.
那, 是伤心的泪水.

笑, 不是真正的笑.
笑容背后, 是眼泪滴落.
哭, 不是真正的难过.
哭泣背后, 是带着笑容的.

Don't judge a book by its cover.
所看到的, 未必是事情的全部.

Random poem(?!?).

Ignore them. Because I have no idea why I wrote them.

Somehow, I think I can be a poet.
Seriously wtf.

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