Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Esther's birthday surprise!!

Surprise was a huge success!!!

We went to Loud Speaker for karaoke session, this was what we told to Esther. But in fact, we planned to give her a birthday surprise!

But few weeks before, Eunice wrote celebration in her little winnie the pooh book, and Esther saw it! I though she will know that we are celebrating today, but in fact, she doesn't know at all. /.\
She overlooked the date as 18th August wtf.

So, my mum went to Season to get the cake before pick me and Eunice up from school. After shower, Ms Mong came and fetch us all. After we reached there, we just started to sing.

I was kinda worry and pretty nervous. I thought she will know everything then the surprise will be all failed. So when Esther and Eunice went to toilet, Tang Tang, Ms Mong and me had an emergency meeting. After meeting, we acted like nothing happened.
After few songs, we said we have to go to toilet, but in fact we went to get the cake and place it to the kitchen. We told them to bring in the cake at 4:30.

4:20, I started to get nervous. I kept looking at time. 4:30, the cake haven't come in. I become more nervous, but Ms Mong was calm enough to pretend to pick up call, but actually she went to kitchen to ask. Turned out they forgot omg /.\

When the staff supposed to switch our song to birthday song, she failed!!! OMG I saw everything in my seat.
She held the controller, trying to switch song at the outside of our door. But I guessed the door was too thick, she was forced to bang in and switch. At the moment, I was laughing because I saw everything. Esther was surprised!!!

Then they bring in the cake, we started to sing birthday song, while Esther was asking whose birthday it was! OMG YOURS!!

Ms Mong even tried to kiss her before make a wish.

She was laughing when she was making wish.

The moment when she blew the candles!

After song, she wanted to take pic with this chocolate. She didn't realize what was written on this chocolate until when she wanted to cut the cake omg.
It writes: [Da Bu Tong..生日快乐..爱你!]
You wouldn't know how awkward when I wrote these words wtf. Eunice made these words.
Da Bu Tong is because Eunice trying to give everyone a nickname, then Esther's Da Bu Tong. Because of the food, dobogi. Eunice's Euroro. Mine...secret! I don't really want to reveal that! ><

Eunice and Ms Mong tried to stain cream on Esther's face, so it turns out like this:
Not much right?! I didn't do it on you! lol

So, after singing we went to Sutera Mall, had our dinner at Kinsahi.
We asked the waiter to take a picture of us.

 Then Ms Mong sent us all back~

I think this surprise was a success. Even though kinda early from her birthday, but I think today was fine because she doesn't get suspicious at all.

Esther, we've been friends for like 4 years. We went through up and downs. We've been everything, fight, arguements, laughing at each other, unfriend, then friends again. We left only 3 months. We have to cherish these 3 months. No fights, just laughs.
I don't really know what else to say, I'm afraid I'll cry lol.

Early Happy Birthday.
I hope you did get touched.

Happy 17th.

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