Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's very hard to be a seller!!!!

People will keep giving you a hard time, give you questions that you had already answered tons of time.

But, you can't be angry.
Or they will angry at you too (wtf?)

You have to be nice to those mean customers, especially those who don't want to buy at all, just like your page, leave some mean comments then disappear.

I'm just a student! I'm also a human! I'm not a robot who sell popin' cookin'!
I have feelings you know?
Do you know how sad am I when you comment those words?
Do you know how angry am I at the front of the laptop?

But I can't show them out.
All I can do, is apologize, apologize, apologize.
Then squeeze out the nicest words that I never said before.

Shit, so hard to being a seller.

I started out selling Popin' Cookin', because I finally saw someone selling this online after watching tons of videos.
I tried to get supplier price so cheaper, but I have to get an amount.
I posted on Jbtalks, 1k views in a day.
30 orders in 2 weeks. Awesome right?

Then everyone was so happy, coming back and comment that thanks to me, they get to try out the things they can only watch online before.
I felt honoured. I realized how happy will I be when customers are happy too.
So, I tried to find supplier again, try to get cheaper price.
Finally, I found one.

Then I imported them, I started a fan page on Facebook.
1 year and 1 month now, 600+ likes.

There are good customers among them, bought from me few times and they are so good to interact with.
But there are also black sheep.

I can't block them right?

I apologized again, just 10 seconds ago.


I really hate those customers, who can easily find their answers at the wall post, but still asking same question.

So hard to sell imported goods in Malaysia, when you're not sure whether they are halal or not.

Is it my wrong, for not understanding Japanese word at all, but yet I'm selling Japanese goods?
Is it my wrong?
Funny huh.

Malays, stop selling goods from China, I bet you don't understand as well lol.

It's hard, to being a seller.

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  1. I guess because you're still a kid, you think being a seller is all about having good customers? You're definitely NOT prepared to be a seller then.

    "Malays, stop selling goods from China, I bet you don't understand as well lol."? WTF.

    That's just fucking racist even in a joke form. If you want to be a seller, you need to UNDERSTAND your products. You don't understand it, you make a RESEARCH, hire a translator or something. ALL sellers will do that to know their products because one cannot simply sell things. Yes, MALAYS too. Malays will hire a Chinese speaking person to help them. Or you didn't know that? Have you ever been to a Japanese shop or Japanese section at Aeon/Jusco and look at the back of a product? Don't they have translated ingredients? Because they HAVE to translate it, duh.

    Then why not tell THE WHOLE WORLD who import their stuff from China not to import it because they don't speak chinese? No, I guess you didn't know that they speak English too & their products for export are written in broken Chinglish whereas Japanese products are written in JAPANESE? 99% Japanese population DON'T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH? Did you even know that there's a big muslim population in China so therefore they know about this Halal thing whereas Japanese don't even know what the hell it is?

    You cannot sell a product without knowing your own products! Customers WILL be asking and expect you to know them.

    I suggest you to google basic business, because you clearly don't know any. And stop being ignorant. You're just a kid, you have a lot to learn, act like it not whine and complain. If you can't take the heat of being a seller, then don't sell it. You offend us malay people.

    If you get pissed off at annoying customers, well, I'll get pissed at you as an annoying seller. Customers is always right.