Saturday, August 4, 2012

Meeting Michelle Phan @ 28-7-2012

Yeah yeah yeah yeah! This is the day that I've been looking forward to. Meeting the most famous and inspiring makeup guru on YouTube, MICHELLE PHAN!!

So, I put on makeup that day.
--Maybelline mouse BB cream
--Chacott finishing powder
--Maybelline cat eye mascara
--Etude house cheek stamp blush
--Maybelline colour changing lip balm

I put on clear contact lens so my eye still looks small. My colour lens are expired and I haven't buy new one. /.\

Went in to Singapore at 10ish, with my mum of course. We drove to there, then parked car in Sentosa car park. Then we took bus(free!) to Vivo city. We went to Harbourfront station, and took MRT to Bugis. We went to a temple that my mum wanted to go. OMG That day was extremely hot and I have to walk for like 10-15 minutes to reach the temple.
My makeup just melted. FML. But thanks God I put only bb cream, no eyeshadow and eyeliner or they will just smudge.

We only went into the temple like less than 10 minutes, then we're out. O.O
Walked around, there were quite a amount of those people selling strange things. O.O
My mum stopped and watch a man demonstrate how awesome is his thing. Which we stood there almost half an hour!!

1:35, we have to rush to the MRT station, and go to ION Orchard. WTF, I'm actually late.
I arrived at 2:10. But Michelle's haven't reach. /.\

Stood at the elevator there, waiting for Michelle to arrive. I overheard a girl said she just graduated from school, came to Singapore to meet Michelle and have a 3 weeks holiday as well. Wow, crazy fans!

Waiting time always slipped slower than usual. Finally when she arrived, I tried to capture the moment but all I did was this:
The people from Lancome. /.\

When Michelle arrived, she said, [Make some noise!!] OMG I had a chill. Because that voice, you only heard them on YouTube before, but now you actually listen them in real life!

Then Michelle walked into Sephora store, which I can't go in at all because it was already full of fans!

She started to talk, and do a little makeover for a girl. I tried to take pictures of her but I failed completely. And I'm holding a old model of Sony digital camera, but others are holding either DSLR or smart phones!!!

Iphones, Samsung phones, etc etc etc! I can't see Michelle at all, all I saw was SMART PHONESSSS.

These are the best I can do. First, I'm too far from stage. Even though I hold my camera really high, I zoomed to farest, I still can't capture Michelle. And, SMART PHONESSSS kept blocking me!!!

Then, it was time to queue up for the meet and greet section! The Sephora staff asked us to queue outside, but when I went out to join the queue, the queue has already reached the 3rd shop from Sephora.  O.O

I queued for half an hour, then my mum came and surprised that I'm at the 3/5 of the queue. Because in front of me, it seems like 100 people!! So I decided to leave, not waiting anymore. =(((
But my mum allowed me to buy the famous Urban Decay eye primer potion!!! I'm so overwhelmed! Because it cost SGD$33. More expensive than the one I found online, but at least this is really genuine one.

After I pay for it, Michelle's still taking pictures with everybody. For those who bought the Lancome Glamour Eye kit, which designed by Michelle Phan, which cost SGD$150, will get autograph from Michelle. For those who didn't purchase that, you can still take a pic with Michelle.
I went near to there and took pictures of Michelle!

Alright, these two are the best picture of the day. But still, she's stunning!!!
I never imagined that I can meet Michelle Phan in real life. Though didn't take a picture and talk to her kinda make me sad, but it's a wonderful experience.  ❤

After that, my mum took me to Clarke Quay, to have our dinner though it's just 5 pm. /.\
When we reached there, there's a eating contest in the mall.

Seriously, look at the food. So much rice!!

We had dinner at the Wuhan Steamboat!! The one that Auntie Lucy advertised.
2 people with 3 soup base, we chose only a spicy and a seafood soup. But turned out the third was something like seafood soup as well.
We get a plate of crab, though it's not fresh. And the kind of shells that I don't know their name.

Well, what makes this restaurant famous is they placed their food on conveyor belt instead of like buffet!

#the place where you get sauces and drinks.

Their prawns were soooo fresh! I love them!
They also placed desserts like green bean soup, watermelons, dragon eyes, cakes etc on the conveyor belt.
SGD$22.9++ per pax, and SGD$1 for drink. You can go and get a cup and refill as many times as you want. But SGD$1 for that.

After really full with dinner, we went out from mall for a walk. We also bought a Hokkaido ice cream.
#Green tea with red bean
Yumm but cost SGD$3.++

BUMBLE BEEE! But this is not the one from Transformer lol. River taxi along the Singapore river.

We then went to Giant in Vivocity, finally get back to Sentosa to get our car and managed to reach home at about 9pm.


It's a squeeze tube. The former design was with a wand, but that design tends to waste product lol so they change to squeeze tube design. I prefer the previous design though I never see it in real life. /.\
Everything I know was through online, YouTube, makeup gurus. FML.

Finally finish this post! Upload photos took a longg time. ><
Didn't take a picture with Michelle Phan did make me sad, but I've over it because at least I heard her in person! But she didn't say her most famous ending in every videos, "Good luck". Simple words but with her voice, it makes me feel warm. 

Good Luck.

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