Saturday, August 18, 2012

Running Man

Freaking tired day.

6:10, call from Eunice, just to tell me that Jin Xiang will be absent today wtf. My alarm was set at 6:15. I can have 5 minutes more sleep alright!!
But I just wake up after call, brush my teeth and just went downstairs to make french toast.
Then 7:15 went out to pick up Ms Mong and Kang Zheng. Went to Jun Qiang's house, turned out he wasn't awake wtf. /.\ Decided to ignore him and head to Mutiara Rini Park!!

We started to play at around 9. I was in the chasing team. FUN!!! Because Eunice and Esther was afraid when I ran over there. Even though by that time they were caught, I just went there, and pull them for other to tear their name down.
Tang Tang was the first one who got teared. Ms Mong and I did. OMG I can't believe a small girl like her have such huge power! When Ms Mong trying to tear her, she still can protect her name with 1 hand, and the other hand came over and try to tear mine off! OMGGG
Thanks God she didn't succeed lol.

After 1 hour, we rested. Eating, chatting, refill energy haha.
Then next game, I'm in the mission team.
OMG I was the first one out.
Me and Kai Yun was searching for the mission, then the chasing team, I mean the WHOLE team, 6 people ran towards us. I was brave enough to stand there.
By the time everyone was like chasing Kai Yun, only Eunice came so I tried to tear hers as well. Then she called Esther, then the whole team, 5 girls came over to tear me. My ponytail was ruined as well wtf.

Then, Kai Yun and I was walking around, pretending want to try those facilities in park, but in fact we're looking for mission.
After that, Ms Mong was teared as well. By the time the game ended, we can't find a mission at all.

I think it's quite unfair. Because the first game, one of our team and one of the mission team went to set up mission. But the second game, there's only chasing team's people went to set up mission.
And by the second game, my energy was all drained. /.\
I can't run at all in fact. My ankle was twisted again at the first game wtf. Always twisted when I want to have fun!! I hate you ankle!!! lol

But I keep telling myself, don't get angry. You can't get angry. This is just a game.
Now I'm over it. I tell myself, if there's still next time, I want to be harder!! lol  I won't mercy anyone!! Beware of me!! lol

I'm good. I'm not angry.

I was sad when the chasing team don't know where's my name. OMG I really wanted to cry by that time. I keep tears in eyes, didn't fall down.
Because everyone's name still there, only mine was disappear. I was so sad.
When Hui Ying and Eunice went out to find my name, I was sitting at the swing, sad-ing lol.
MY NAME!!!!!

Then I called Eunice, wanted to tell her stop searching because seems like everyone want to go back already, I never mind though I really want that back.
But she said actually my name was in Hui Ying's pocket all the time, she forgot it wtf.

Result: 1-1.
No team won. Because we can't finish mission lol.

I hope there's still next time. Even though this really tired me out, and it's very hard to communicate with people from other class, but still I think it's fun. Especially when you're in chasing team, lol.

I had a nice time.  Yeah!

Didn't have time to catch a nap. After running man, I bathed and went out again. I even went to Singapore, then back. Been sitting in car omg.

I really like makeup even though I don't wear them out.
By the time I put on makeup, I'm enjoying it.
I enjoy putting foundation, eyeliner, mascara etc etc.
I really want to be a makeup artist but I don't think my mum will allow. =((
My dream: To be a makeup artist.
My hobby: Put on makeup.
lol kinda funny.

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