Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy mid-autumn!

Happy mid-autumn!! Today's moon is so huge and round, despite of the weather today~

I finally had mooncake today, durian one, nice!

Had my last driving lesson before the test this morning, I was so nervous and I looks like this is my first time driving car. But I'm sitting for the test tomorrow! I'm so nervous! I don't think I can pass it in 1 time though. =((

I just bathed, and I'm waiting for my hair to dry naturally. But it's almost 11:40 now, I think I shall just blow dry and sleep. But I'm really to blow dry my hair!!

I watched a show on One TV on Astro (Channel 391), the korean channel, that was actually a singing contest, I didn't watch it before so I don't know how it works.
But the most important thing is, I heard the song, [When There Was Me And You] from High School Musical in it!
The contestants are in a shop, then there are some interview clips, then this song was played. OMG I was so surprise when I realized it! So happy because I actually heard HSM song in Korean show, even though that was from HSM1.

Nothing really special to mention, just a quick update though. I think I'll update tomorrow after I sit for the test! Wish me luck!

Friday, September 28, 2012


Almost get every paper. Moral is my first failed subject!! OMG lol
Unexpectedly, Economics and Perdagangan passed.
I passed every subject that I didn't passed before, OMG that is so surprise.
I passed my science as well!!

Haven't got English paper yet, only got paper 2. 58 out of 70. Only a so-so result. I'm afraid that I can't get an A anymore.

The travel plan is going on smoothly!!
I booked hotels and entrance ticket of Sunway Lagoon!!
The only thing is, I accidently click wrong the date, which makes us have to stay there for 3 nights instead of 2 nights. My mistakes, sorry everyone T.T

I'm really looking forward to it! The thing that I've been dreaming for years---travel with my friends finally get to realize now! It's coming true!
But I'm trying hard to to think about it or start to plan everything. Like what Mong said, if we starting to plan what to bring now, then we will lose the excitement when closer to that day.
So, don't too worry about it!!

Went to Esther's house to study science, Mong, Kang Zheng and I. OMG we were lying on everywhere. We're not like students who are going to sit for SPM in 1 month, we're more like students who are on holiday but force themselves to study lol.
Cooked dinner as well, lol. Really simple things, the main food is hotdogs!

COD at tebrau tomorrow. Maybe go with my cousin, maybe alone. I'm used to it already!! Alone doesn't mean lonely!

It's 10:31pm now. And I'm really sleepy, I guess I'm gonna sleep soon.

I'm just sleepy in the school, not emo lah hahaha.

The most simple person I've ever met, has changed.. Why do I feel guilty? Why do I think I'm wrong? OMG That should be none of my business.
But I feel bad about it =((

Happy Mid-Autumn =))

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Had a steamboat party at Mong's house yesterday night. Rushed to her house after tuition class.
7 of us attended, Esther, Eunice, Tang Tang, Jin Xiang, Kang Zheng, the host Mong and me.

Happened a lot of things, kinda lol.
But, I meant it when I said I want to cry.

Last year, last few months, maybe the year of the end of the world.
We can't go to travel as a class?
Please. I hope we all can go.
My wish for 2012, go to travel with my beloved 5EA1!!

It's really sad to think about. We are a class, but we aren't that united at all.
Maybe we are not as united as I think.

Went home at around 11:30, I was so angry to my mum lol.
Because went back earlier, seems like I missed a lot gossips lol.

Esther, believe in your heart.
I never been in relationship before but, I think believe in your heart is the best solution.
Mong's thinking a lot, future.
But, I think your heart says it all.
Don't miss it, don't regret in future.
Maybe this is the best? lol

Played badminton this morning.
OMG It was tiring. Maybe it's because we didn't play for a while, everyone was so tired lol. ><
We, are not couple lol. Stop that or the one who seduce him will be angry, or whatever lol.

SPM, I'm gonna finish you in 1 month.

Trial results, I'm worrying. ><
I don't think my Perdagangan and Economics will pass. =((
Didn't study + too hard lol. -______-

I don't have a high hope on English too, the higher hope you get, the more disappoint when the truth is different with what you thought.
So please, at least a B+ please? ><

Happy birthday Shi Ting!
No present this year lol, in fact I forgot><
Kinda want to get you a mooncake again this year, but seriously,
my memory sucks.
I don't remember a lot of people's birthday this year omg. My memory really sucks!!

Happy birthday to Ms Lee, aka my mathematics tuition teacher!
I know, you're only 27!! lol
I hope you won't beat me up because of the words I wrote for you.
I meant every words! lol

Live happily everyone!
Have a big smile on your face!!!!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I'm tired. ><

Chinese wasn't that hard to cope with, I managed to done in 1 hour. Then I tried to sleep, at first I got like 15 minutes of really sweet sleep, but then the Malays beside me was too loud, because they didn't sit for exam, then I was up. Then I can't sleep anymore. ><
The hardest thing you faced during exam is not don't know how to answer the questions, but is can't sleep!! lol At least this is real to me.
Essay, didn't write a longgggg one because I always get less marks when I write too much. Manage to keep them in 2 pages and half. No inspiration at all!!! Had to get the idea that I used last year in English. ><

But for English essay, I used last year's idea, get cancer and die hahaha. I'm good at writing those pathetic things!

My mathematics got 49 marks!!! Maybe this is very low to some of you, but this is a veryyy good result to me! I didn't pass my maths in last few exams! ><
Didn't let Ms Lee down! Even though 1 more mark then I can get 1 more grade. But still, a nice one for me already! I have to keep it up so I can get a nice result in SPM too!

Economics exam tomorrow. Didn't study hahaha. Have to cook Kimchi rice tomorrow, so have to get up earlier><

Cut my hair yesterday! Trimmed the fringe, and my hair is sooooo much thinner! Now the thickness left only 1/3 than the before one.

Went to karaoke with Esther and Eunice! Then went to Jun Qiang's house for steamboat and Wen Li's birthday celebration!
OMG That kid, I will kill her if I can!  If my brother act like her, I will kill him!!!
I tried very hard to not to speak foul language or show up my middle finger.
OMG OMG OMG.  I want to kill her next time lol.

Try hard to speak English everyday. Went to the Standard Language center today, but only 1 hour class because the teacher was feeling unwell. He really looks like Mr.Bean!
He said I was sad, because I didn't smile much than before. But sir, I just try to be serious there! Haha, actually that's because there's nothing to laugh at so I just keep silent. But he said I was sad lol!

[同学聚会应该换一种方式, 回到当初的教室, 穿上校服, 带着足够的食物, 嚎歌, 打牌, 喝酒, 各种叙旧, 各种醉, 体验一次染发, 烫发, 不穿校服裤子还很坦然的嚣张, 像填写高考志愿一样, 彼此留下最详细的联系方式, 最后由不喝酒和迟到的同学负责打扫卫生!!]

以前一直很希望以后可以办一场聚会, 那就是6M班大家一起回到辅莱,
一起回到我们4楼的课室, 然后做回自己的位置.
由老师们来给我们上课, 上着简单的小学课程,
放学前, 纪念册传着写, 再留下facebook, 电话, 地址等等.
然后放学, 一起打打闹闹的走出校门口,
有车的开车回家, 没车的搭别人的车,

一天聚会, 结束了.
课程中, 或许没人听课, 或许老师没在教课,
或许大家正忙着拍照留恋, 或许正跟着老师叙旧.
这样的一天, 是多么的好啊.

曾经以为, 这样的想法只会用在小学同学身上.
可是5EA1, 慢慢的让我有归属感. 慢慢的, 我们感情变得很好.
可是怎么办? 只剩下短短几个月了.
想要在SPM前办个火锅大家聚一下, 却怎么也没办法凑齐整班人.
毕业旅行, 即使办得成也不是整班人.

要毕业了, 可不可以在最后短短几个月大家聚在一起?
我喜欢办聚会, 因为我真的很喜欢很喜欢很多人聚在一起, 互相八卦, 打闹, 互揭伤疤.
但是沉重的课业压力, 真的很难. 补习时间很难配合.
但愿今年内, 可以顺利的有一天, 5EA1全华人, 12个一起聚在一起.
我管你讨厌谁恨谁, 都必须给我出席, 否则我暴力对待哈哈哈.

很多事情我不说, 不是我不要说, 而是不知道从何说起.
有些事情我不说, 只是为了不要让你们担心.
眼泪是个很奇妙的东西, 明明可以在眼眶里呆的好好的,
可是别人一句安慰的话, 就会溢出来了.

Will we ever have our happy ending?
Or will we forever only be pretending?
-Pretending by Rachel Berry(Lea Michelle) and Finn Hudson(Cory Monteith) in Glee-

Monday, September 17, 2012


Sunday today.
Monday tomorrow.
Holiday tomorrow!

In fact I'm already on holiday, but Tuesday gotta back to school for Chinese exam, then sit for Economics paper on Wednesday. Then trials are officially end.

I'm kinda worry about the Chinese exam, I'm scare of run out of inspiration. That will be the most awful thing when you're sitting for essays paper. I also kinda worry about the vocabulary, I didn't write in Chinese for a while, so, yeah.

Waited for this courier for a week, now it finally arrived!
It's an online brand, [梵曦诺] owned by 淘宝小馨 aka 莫七七 on Weibo.
This brand is famous by it's handmade soap at first, but now there are a lot of products! I've been eyeing on them for a while, but now finally got to buy them! The products you see on the picture above cost RMB300++.  The currency is almost 2 to RM.
It cost me around RM190 in total, including shipping fee.

There's a cherry soap which smells coconut milk amazingly like hell, a mask, a face primer, a pink foundation sponge, a pores minimizing essence, and the blackhead set. The blue sponge was a gift! The previous gift was a small bear soap though. They just change the gift once a while.

So, this is my second time to use this brand. Though last time I bought only a soap. But the effect was so good! There are like, only positive comments to this brand. I never read a negative comment on this brand before. So you'll know how good are them.

Check them out at !

Went to Agus Impian Emas yesterday! It was the open house buffet!
As usual, sat with my parent's golfer friends. Why golfer? Because Auntie Helen is a golfer. /.\ Surrounding by golfers when you're not good at golf was tough, because they kept saying the words you don't understand! I know those terms, but just I don't understand.  /.\
When I got there, I saw Wilson and Janice, as usual as well lol. Saw Jasmine but I don't think she saw me haha!
Saw Mei Ting and Li Shan, and Yi Wen, out of my expectations. I never thought will see them at Impian Emas haha.
Other than them, no one else I know except my parent's friends haha.

Every single time, my parents' friends will say, "Last time I saw her she is just a small girl! Now she's big already!"
Lol, Auntie, I saw you last year at the same place!
But we used to it already, when there's a occasion like this, my brother and I always get discussed lol.

My brother and I gonna have our haircut tomorrow. I want my hair thinner and the shorter fringe.
This is a photo I posted on instagram few days ago, with filter and edited with A+ signature app.
I looked weird isn't lol.
Taken by ipad, I just let it sit there and take photo. So no angle at all. 90° from the table haha!

Going out with Esther and Eunice tomorrow too. So I'll have haircut at morning, then going out at afternoon. I think I'm kinda brave to go out with freshly cut hair! But I'll just trim them a bit so I guess they won't look weird tomorrow?!

You know I'm a crazy bitch,
I do what I want when I feel like it.
All I want to do is lose control.
-Smile by Avril Lavigne-

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Trial exams really stressed us out. Everyone was so stress. Now, after today's perdagangan, we can finally take a little break, rest until Tuesday's Chinese and Wednesday's Economics.

My seat in fact is a very good seat, Eunice is in front of me, left of me is a Malay girl who have a quite good results, and right of me is Zi Yang, top Chinese student of our class.
Well, but I didn't cheat! lol
I really didn't! Even though when someone asked me whether I need answer or not lol!
Because, this is the last exam before SPM, if you cheated on this exam, and you get a quite good result, then what will you do on the SPM?
As I mentioned before, I don't cheat on exams, I only give out my answers lol.
Beyond my surprise, someone I thought will ask me for the English answer, turned out he didn't ask. But he asked me about BM? While he is a Malay? OMG haha. It's like I'm asking Malay about Chinese, doesn't make sense!

My mood was not stable in this week, although today is just Wednesday haha.
I can be in good mood now, but after recess time become down.
But I was extremely happy yesterday and I don't know why. I kept singing songs.
Maybe because tomorrow is the new season of Glee airing day! Glee season 4, "The New Rachel", not iPad lol.

I choose twitter over blog when I want to say something. Because I know most of my friends don't use Twitter, so they won't follow me, so they won't know what did I tweet! haha

I'm tired. After the perdagangan paper I felt so relieved. Like I had already finish trials but in fact 2 more subjects.
I have to do well on Chinese this time.Inspire be with me!!

Wen Wen, Esther, Tang Tang, Zi Wei and me, we went to the Standard Language Center. Because we signed up for English classes!
Two classes now, and it's okay.
I think the teacher speaks slow because some of us can't understand.
But I'm used to watch YouTube makeup tutorials, so I'm used to their speed!

Self introduction yesterday, when the teacher asked me my ambition, I did hesitate.
I wanted to say something about IT but I realize I don't know IT job at all.
Esther and Tang Tang asked me to say makeup artist, and I did.
He said that's great, creative.
lol, if being a makeup artist is being creative, then I finally found the most essential part of Aquarius on me, CREATIVE!

English is not his first language as well, so he didn't speak that fluently. But that's okay for us.
We did a little presentation today, he praised me, he said I can speak well!

Well, thank you! How nice are you! That's really a great compliment! I'm so happy!

My dream country?  United States will do.
My dream job?  Makeup artist.

But will dreams remain dreams after 20 years? No one knows.
I just hope, I can achieve them.

I went to watch [Katy Perry:Part of me] alone on Sunday! Yes alone! Alone doesn't mean lonely!
This was my look before I went out, nice and clean. The eyeliner still there lol.
But after like 6 hours, then it became like this:
 Like a smokey eyes right? Haha. The outer corner had smudged a little. The lower lash line smudge! I was like a panda. But I did touch up a little so I think still look okay lah haha.

I bought a hazelnut hot chocolate at Starbucks, it's been a while since I last had Starbucks!
The only thing I hate about Starbucks is, they always can't get my name right.
What the crap is this?! lol
I don't mean that Serena is a bad name, just, I'm Selina instead of Serena.
Moreover I did tell the barista how to spell my name /.\

Now I gotta sleep. 12:25am.
I'm really tired.  Stress was relieved, then the tiredness came out.

Every girl, love to have a romantic relationship.
Every girl will meet the right person in their life, just the matter of life.
等久了, 就会有的.

Nobody's perfect,
you live and you learn it.
'Cause everybody makes mistakes.
-Nobody's Perfect by Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus-

Saturday, September 8, 2012


lol, I said I wanted to quit blogging for 3 weeks.
But now I can't even live through 1 week lol.
I just miss my blog so much.
I wrote a diary, just one, but my hands was aching so I stop writing more haha.
But that diary, kinda reveal my heart. At least I wrote something that I don't speak out or mention in blog.
Just something.. deep in heart.

Well, I read a lot of analysis of Aquarius in past few days. I cried once when I read a really long one. Because everything mentioned was so accurate to me, and it's like, finally someone can understand the freaking weird Aquarius me. lol
But one thing never really happen to me, which is Aquarius is usually creative, while my art really fail. I can't draw a straight line, even with the ruler, I managed to make it crooked somehow haha. So I hate art. My penmanship is bad as well. OMG I just can't get hooked up with art.

Aquarius tend to think they are strong enough to hold everything. Even though they feel wronged, but they won't speak out. They just overestimating themselves. Well, this is kinda true to me.

Aquarius tend to keep everything in their heart. They don't talk to anyone. So no one can really know what Aquarius is thinking. Well, this is really me. As for the comments thing, I didn't tell to Eunice or Esther or anyone else. I just don't want them to worry or keep comfort me. I can take it. I really do, even though I did fall apart lah haha.

Aquarius are very mature. You won't know their emotions. Because when they are smiling, they may be sad. When they are sad, maybe they are happy. You just wouldn't know.
If you look carefully, you'll see a trace of sadness when they are smiling.

Aquarius have a lot of friends. But they don't have much intimate friends.

I'm really an Aquarius. My characteristics are just so Aquarius. Back when there's a saying, that will be a 13th horoscope, 蛇夫座. Then every horoscopes changed, I was not Aquarius. I don't remember what horoscope I was after the change, but I remember I am so not that horoscope. I'm still Aquarius no matter what lol. I take this serious!

Trial exam is still going on. I left only History, Science, Perdagangan, Economics and Chinese to sit for.
5 subjects left.
Zi Yang did teach us some Science in class today, but I just don't really understand omg. I was too sleepy ><
The results of attending to school on a wonderful Saturday.

I changed the background music again! It was Halo before, but now it's Fifteen and White Horse by Taylor Swift. I can't find a decent Demi Lovato's cover OMG.

Thanks Dora for commenting! And another anonymous who commented in Chinese as well! Thank you for speaking out for me! I'm fine now! I have to learn to accept everything, whether they are good or bad, positive or negative, sweet or hurtful. This is life. I have to accept it.
I'm 17 now, I've grown up right? I have to be a little adult, though I hope to be a little girl sometimes..

Free tomorrow! Thinking of watching the "Part of me 3D" in KSL. Still thinking. If I'm going, I think I'm gonna be alone. That's okay because I used to it haha.
What I'm worry is, if turns out only me want to buy the ticket, they won't show this in cinema if only 1 person watch. There have to be at least 2 tickets sold before they show it. So, that's my worry. ><
What if really only me? I took bus, taxi to get there but then I can't watch it? It will be a totally waste!

Maybe I misunderstood everything? What if he doesn't mean it? What if it was just me thinking too much? They looked cute together though.  =D

Aquarius, tends to smile in front of everyone. But cries when they are alone..

'Cause when you're fifteen, somebody tells you they love you,
you gotta believe them.
-Fifteen by Taylor Swift-

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bye, blog.

I'm crying.
Because I get scolded again.

Getting scold in your own blog?
WTF is that?

Why am I still writing post, letting him comment again?
I don't know.
But this is the only place for me.

Yes, my grammar is worse.
I never said my grammar is perfect.
I said that a lot of times already,
the reason why I write my blog in English,
because I want to practise.

Trial started today.
Tomorrow's English.
Now I'm still crying.
How on earth should I answer the questions tomorrow?

You know what,
I feel alone, deserted.
Getting scold or saying I'm a bitch in my blog,
is the most ridiculous thing ever on earth, or I ever met.
I do accept comments, I do, I really do.
But when I'm called a bitch, I can't.

If I'm doing anything really rude, and you call me a bitch.
I don't mind because I called someone bitch as well when I'm really angry lol.
But when I just screaming in my blog, yet still get called a bitch?
WTF is that?

To the anonymous,
Please, comment with your real name.
I don't think I did anything wrong.
I'm just screaming in my blog.
Is that illegal?
You know, comment those things, not dare to leave your real name is the best joke ever.
You're just like me, someone who only dare to scream on internet.

Yes, my English is very poor. That's why I'm practising.
You're born with perfect English, when you're not a native speaker?
I'm not born yesterday, don't treat me like a kid.

I should stop blogging right?

I shall stop.

Trial exams, I shall do my best.

Tomorrow, English. I shall do my best.
I shall get'cha outta my head.

Blogging, leave it till 3 weeks later.

Dearest blog, without you, I don't know where to express my feeling.
The reason why I chose blog over writing diary was because I was too lazy to write.
But I guess I shall write diary.

Humans, are all the same.
Without leaving real name, you can speak out whatever you want.
But when you're with your real name, you act like a little lamb.

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.  lol

Stop, talk, talk, talking that blah, blah, blah 
Think you'll be getting this? Nah, nah, nah
-Blah Blah Blah by Ke$ha-