Thursday, September 13, 2012


Trial exams really stressed us out. Everyone was so stress. Now, after today's perdagangan, we can finally take a little break, rest until Tuesday's Chinese and Wednesday's Economics.

My seat in fact is a very good seat, Eunice is in front of me, left of me is a Malay girl who have a quite good results, and right of me is Zi Yang, top Chinese student of our class.
Well, but I didn't cheat! lol
I really didn't! Even though when someone asked me whether I need answer or not lol!
Because, this is the last exam before SPM, if you cheated on this exam, and you get a quite good result, then what will you do on the SPM?
As I mentioned before, I don't cheat on exams, I only give out my answers lol.
Beyond my surprise, someone I thought will ask me for the English answer, turned out he didn't ask. But he asked me about BM? While he is a Malay? OMG haha. It's like I'm asking Malay about Chinese, doesn't make sense!

My mood was not stable in this week, although today is just Wednesday haha.
I can be in good mood now, but after recess time become down.
But I was extremely happy yesterday and I don't know why. I kept singing songs.
Maybe because tomorrow is the new season of Glee airing day! Glee season 4, "The New Rachel", not iPad lol.

I choose twitter over blog when I want to say something. Because I know most of my friends don't use Twitter, so they won't follow me, so they won't know what did I tweet! haha

I'm tired. After the perdagangan paper I felt so relieved. Like I had already finish trials but in fact 2 more subjects.
I have to do well on Chinese this time.Inspire be with me!!

Wen Wen, Esther, Tang Tang, Zi Wei and me, we went to the Standard Language Center. Because we signed up for English classes!
Two classes now, and it's okay.
I think the teacher speaks slow because some of us can't understand.
But I'm used to watch YouTube makeup tutorials, so I'm used to their speed!

Self introduction yesterday, when the teacher asked me my ambition, I did hesitate.
I wanted to say something about IT but I realize I don't know IT job at all.
Esther and Tang Tang asked me to say makeup artist, and I did.
He said that's great, creative.
lol, if being a makeup artist is being creative, then I finally found the most essential part of Aquarius on me, CREATIVE!

English is not his first language as well, so he didn't speak that fluently. But that's okay for us.
We did a little presentation today, he praised me, he said I can speak well!

Well, thank you! How nice are you! That's really a great compliment! I'm so happy!

My dream country?  United States will do.
My dream job?  Makeup artist.

But will dreams remain dreams after 20 years? No one knows.
I just hope, I can achieve them.

I went to watch [Katy Perry:Part of me] alone on Sunday! Yes alone! Alone doesn't mean lonely!
This was my look before I went out, nice and clean. The eyeliner still there lol.
But after like 6 hours, then it became like this:
 Like a smokey eyes right? Haha. The outer corner had smudged a little. The lower lash line smudge! I was like a panda. But I did touch up a little so I think still look okay lah haha.

I bought a hazelnut hot chocolate at Starbucks, it's been a while since I last had Starbucks!
The only thing I hate about Starbucks is, they always can't get my name right.
What the crap is this?! lol
I don't mean that Serena is a bad name, just, I'm Selina instead of Serena.
Moreover I did tell the barista how to spell my name /.\

Now I gotta sleep. 12:25am.
I'm really tired.  Stress was relieved, then the tiredness came out.

Every girl, love to have a romantic relationship.
Every girl will meet the right person in their life, just the matter of life.
等久了, 就会有的.

Nobody's perfect,
you live and you learn it.
'Cause everybody makes mistakes.
-Nobody's Perfect by Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus-

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