Monday, September 17, 2012


Sunday today.
Monday tomorrow.
Holiday tomorrow!

In fact I'm already on holiday, but Tuesday gotta back to school for Chinese exam, then sit for Economics paper on Wednesday. Then trials are officially end.

I'm kinda worry about the Chinese exam, I'm scare of run out of inspiration. That will be the most awful thing when you're sitting for essays paper. I also kinda worry about the vocabulary, I didn't write in Chinese for a while, so, yeah.

Waited for this courier for a week, now it finally arrived!
It's an online brand, [梵曦诺] owned by 淘宝小馨 aka 莫七七 on Weibo.
This brand is famous by it's handmade soap at first, but now there are a lot of products! I've been eyeing on them for a while, but now finally got to buy them! The products you see on the picture above cost RMB300++.  The currency is almost 2 to RM.
It cost me around RM190 in total, including shipping fee.

There's a cherry soap which smells coconut milk amazingly like hell, a mask, a face primer, a pink foundation sponge, a pores minimizing essence, and the blackhead set. The blue sponge was a gift! The previous gift was a small bear soap though. They just change the gift once a while.

So, this is my second time to use this brand. Though last time I bought only a soap. But the effect was so good! There are like, only positive comments to this brand. I never read a negative comment on this brand before. So you'll know how good are them.

Check them out at !

Went to Agus Impian Emas yesterday! It was the open house buffet!
As usual, sat with my parent's golfer friends. Why golfer? Because Auntie Helen is a golfer. /.\ Surrounding by golfers when you're not good at golf was tough, because they kept saying the words you don't understand! I know those terms, but just I don't understand.  /.\
When I got there, I saw Wilson and Janice, as usual as well lol. Saw Jasmine but I don't think she saw me haha!
Saw Mei Ting and Li Shan, and Yi Wen, out of my expectations. I never thought will see them at Impian Emas haha.
Other than them, no one else I know except my parent's friends haha.

Every single time, my parents' friends will say, "Last time I saw her she is just a small girl! Now she's big already!"
Lol, Auntie, I saw you last year at the same place!
But we used to it already, when there's a occasion like this, my brother and I always get discussed lol.

My brother and I gonna have our haircut tomorrow. I want my hair thinner and the shorter fringe.
This is a photo I posted on instagram few days ago, with filter and edited with A+ signature app.
I looked weird isn't lol.
Taken by ipad, I just let it sit there and take photo. So no angle at all. 90° from the table haha!

Going out with Esther and Eunice tomorrow too. So I'll have haircut at morning, then going out at afternoon. I think I'm kinda brave to go out with freshly cut hair! But I'll just trim them a bit so I guess they won't look weird tomorrow?!

You know I'm a crazy bitch,
I do what I want when I feel like it.
All I want to do is lose control.
-Smile by Avril Lavigne-

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