Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I'm tired. ><

Chinese wasn't that hard to cope with, I managed to done in 1 hour. Then I tried to sleep, at first I got like 15 minutes of really sweet sleep, but then the Malays beside me was too loud, because they didn't sit for exam, then I was up. Then I can't sleep anymore. ><
The hardest thing you faced during exam is not don't know how to answer the questions, but is can't sleep!! lol At least this is real to me.
Essay, didn't write a longgggg one because I always get less marks when I write too much. Manage to keep them in 2 pages and half. No inspiration at all!!! Had to get the idea that I used last year in English. ><

But for English essay, I used last year's idea, get cancer and die hahaha. I'm good at writing those pathetic things!

My mathematics got 49 marks!!! Maybe this is very low to some of you, but this is a veryyy good result to me! I didn't pass my maths in last few exams! ><
Didn't let Ms Lee down! Even though 1 more mark then I can get 1 more grade. But still, a nice one for me already! I have to keep it up so I can get a nice result in SPM too!

Economics exam tomorrow. Didn't study hahaha. Have to cook Kimchi rice tomorrow, so have to get up earlier><

Cut my hair yesterday! Trimmed the fringe, and my hair is sooooo much thinner! Now the thickness left only 1/3 than the before one.

Went to karaoke with Esther and Eunice! Then went to Jun Qiang's house for steamboat and Wen Li's birthday celebration!
OMG That kid, I will kill her if I can!  If my brother act like her, I will kill him!!!
I tried very hard to not to speak foul language or show up my middle finger.
OMG OMG OMG.  I want to kill her next time lol.

Try hard to speak English everyday. Went to the Standard Language center today, but only 1 hour class because the teacher was feeling unwell. He really looks like Mr.Bean!
He said I was sad, because I didn't smile much than before. But sir, I just try to be serious there! Haha, actually that's because there's nothing to laugh at so I just keep silent. But he said I was sad lol!

[同学聚会应该换一种方式, 回到当初的教室, 穿上校服, 带着足够的食物, 嚎歌, 打牌, 喝酒, 各种叙旧, 各种醉, 体验一次染发, 烫发, 不穿校服裤子还很坦然的嚣张, 像填写高考志愿一样, 彼此留下最详细的联系方式, 最后由不喝酒和迟到的同学负责打扫卫生!!]

以前一直很希望以后可以办一场聚会, 那就是6M班大家一起回到辅莱,
一起回到我们4楼的课室, 然后做回自己的位置.
由老师们来给我们上课, 上着简单的小学课程,
放学前, 纪念册传着写, 再留下facebook, 电话, 地址等等.
然后放学, 一起打打闹闹的走出校门口,
有车的开车回家, 没车的搭别人的车,

一天聚会, 结束了.
课程中, 或许没人听课, 或许老师没在教课,
或许大家正忙着拍照留恋, 或许正跟着老师叙旧.
这样的一天, 是多么的好啊.

曾经以为, 这样的想法只会用在小学同学身上.
可是5EA1, 慢慢的让我有归属感. 慢慢的, 我们感情变得很好.
可是怎么办? 只剩下短短几个月了.
想要在SPM前办个火锅大家聚一下, 却怎么也没办法凑齐整班人.
毕业旅行, 即使办得成也不是整班人.

要毕业了, 可不可以在最后短短几个月大家聚在一起?
我喜欢办聚会, 因为我真的很喜欢很喜欢很多人聚在一起, 互相八卦, 打闹, 互揭伤疤.
但是沉重的课业压力, 真的很难. 补习时间很难配合.
但愿今年内, 可以顺利的有一天, 5EA1全华人, 12个一起聚在一起.
我管你讨厌谁恨谁, 都必须给我出席, 否则我暴力对待哈哈哈.

很多事情我不说, 不是我不要说, 而是不知道从何说起.
有些事情我不说, 只是为了不要让你们担心.
眼泪是个很奇妙的东西, 明明可以在眼眶里呆的好好的,
可是别人一句安慰的话, 就会溢出来了.

Will we ever have our happy ending?
Or will we forever only be pretending?
-Pretending by Rachel Berry(Lea Michelle) and Finn Hudson(Cory Monteith) in Glee-

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