Sunday, September 23, 2012


Had a steamboat party at Mong's house yesterday night. Rushed to her house after tuition class.
7 of us attended, Esther, Eunice, Tang Tang, Jin Xiang, Kang Zheng, the host Mong and me.

Happened a lot of things, kinda lol.
But, I meant it when I said I want to cry.

Last year, last few months, maybe the year of the end of the world.
We can't go to travel as a class?
Please. I hope we all can go.
My wish for 2012, go to travel with my beloved 5EA1!!

It's really sad to think about. We are a class, but we aren't that united at all.
Maybe we are not as united as I think.

Went home at around 11:30, I was so angry to my mum lol.
Because went back earlier, seems like I missed a lot gossips lol.

Esther, believe in your heart.
I never been in relationship before but, I think believe in your heart is the best solution.
Mong's thinking a lot, future.
But, I think your heart says it all.
Don't miss it, don't regret in future.
Maybe this is the best? lol

Played badminton this morning.
OMG It was tiring. Maybe it's because we didn't play for a while, everyone was so tired lol. ><
We, are not couple lol. Stop that or the one who seduce him will be angry, or whatever lol.

SPM, I'm gonna finish you in 1 month.

Trial results, I'm worrying. ><
I don't think my Perdagangan and Economics will pass. =((
Didn't study + too hard lol. -______-

I don't have a high hope on English too, the higher hope you get, the more disappoint when the truth is different with what you thought.
So please, at least a B+ please? ><

Happy birthday Shi Ting!
No present this year lol, in fact I forgot><
Kinda want to get you a mooncake again this year, but seriously,
my memory sucks.
I don't remember a lot of people's birthday this year omg. My memory really sucks!!

Happy birthday to Ms Lee, aka my mathematics tuition teacher!
I know, you're only 27!! lol
I hope you won't beat me up because of the words I wrote for you.
I meant every words! lol

Live happily everyone!
Have a big smile on your face!!!!


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