Friday, September 28, 2012


Almost get every paper. Moral is my first failed subject!! OMG lol
Unexpectedly, Economics and Perdagangan passed.
I passed every subject that I didn't passed before, OMG that is so surprise.
I passed my science as well!!

Haven't got English paper yet, only got paper 2. 58 out of 70. Only a so-so result. I'm afraid that I can't get an A anymore.

The travel plan is going on smoothly!!
I booked hotels and entrance ticket of Sunway Lagoon!!
The only thing is, I accidently click wrong the date, which makes us have to stay there for 3 nights instead of 2 nights. My mistakes, sorry everyone T.T

I'm really looking forward to it! The thing that I've been dreaming for years---travel with my friends finally get to realize now! It's coming true!
But I'm trying hard to to think about it or start to plan everything. Like what Mong said, if we starting to plan what to bring now, then we will lose the excitement when closer to that day.
So, don't too worry about it!!

Went to Esther's house to study science, Mong, Kang Zheng and I. OMG we were lying on everywhere. We're not like students who are going to sit for SPM in 1 month, we're more like students who are on holiday but force themselves to study lol.
Cooked dinner as well, lol. Really simple things, the main food is hotdogs!

COD at tebrau tomorrow. Maybe go with my cousin, maybe alone. I'm used to it already!! Alone doesn't mean lonely!

It's 10:31pm now. And I'm really sleepy, I guess I'm gonna sleep soon.

I'm just sleepy in the school, not emo lah hahaha.

The most simple person I've ever met, has changed.. Why do I feel guilty? Why do I think I'm wrong? OMG That should be none of my business.
But I feel bad about it =((

Happy Mid-Autumn =))

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