Saturday, September 8, 2012


lol, I said I wanted to quit blogging for 3 weeks.
But now I can't even live through 1 week lol.
I just miss my blog so much.
I wrote a diary, just one, but my hands was aching so I stop writing more haha.
But that diary, kinda reveal my heart. At least I wrote something that I don't speak out or mention in blog.
Just something.. deep in heart.

Well, I read a lot of analysis of Aquarius in past few days. I cried once when I read a really long one. Because everything mentioned was so accurate to me, and it's like, finally someone can understand the freaking weird Aquarius me. lol
But one thing never really happen to me, which is Aquarius is usually creative, while my art really fail. I can't draw a straight line, even with the ruler, I managed to make it crooked somehow haha. So I hate art. My penmanship is bad as well. OMG I just can't get hooked up with art.

Aquarius tend to think they are strong enough to hold everything. Even though they feel wronged, but they won't speak out. They just overestimating themselves. Well, this is kinda true to me.

Aquarius tend to keep everything in their heart. They don't talk to anyone. So no one can really know what Aquarius is thinking. Well, this is really me. As for the comments thing, I didn't tell to Eunice or Esther or anyone else. I just don't want them to worry or keep comfort me. I can take it. I really do, even though I did fall apart lah haha.

Aquarius are very mature. You won't know their emotions. Because when they are smiling, they may be sad. When they are sad, maybe they are happy. You just wouldn't know.
If you look carefully, you'll see a trace of sadness when they are smiling.

Aquarius have a lot of friends. But they don't have much intimate friends.

I'm really an Aquarius. My characteristics are just so Aquarius. Back when there's a saying, that will be a 13th horoscope, 蛇夫座. Then every horoscopes changed, I was not Aquarius. I don't remember what horoscope I was after the change, but I remember I am so not that horoscope. I'm still Aquarius no matter what lol. I take this serious!

Trial exam is still going on. I left only History, Science, Perdagangan, Economics and Chinese to sit for.
5 subjects left.
Zi Yang did teach us some Science in class today, but I just don't really understand omg. I was too sleepy ><
The results of attending to school on a wonderful Saturday.

I changed the background music again! It was Halo before, but now it's Fifteen and White Horse by Taylor Swift. I can't find a decent Demi Lovato's cover OMG.

Thanks Dora for commenting! And another anonymous who commented in Chinese as well! Thank you for speaking out for me! I'm fine now! I have to learn to accept everything, whether they are good or bad, positive or negative, sweet or hurtful. This is life. I have to accept it.
I'm 17 now, I've grown up right? I have to be a little adult, though I hope to be a little girl sometimes..

Free tomorrow! Thinking of watching the "Part of me 3D" in KSL. Still thinking. If I'm going, I think I'm gonna be alone. That's okay because I used to it haha.
What I'm worry is, if turns out only me want to buy the ticket, they won't show this in cinema if only 1 person watch. There have to be at least 2 tickets sold before they show it. So, that's my worry. ><
What if really only me? I took bus, taxi to get there but then I can't watch it? It will be a totally waste!

Maybe I misunderstood everything? What if he doesn't mean it? What if it was just me thinking too much? They looked cute together though.  =D

Aquarius, tends to smile in front of everyone. But cries when they are alone..

'Cause when you're fifteen, somebody tells you they love you,
you gotta believe them.
-Fifteen by Taylor Swift-

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