Monday, September 3, 2012

Bye, blog.

I'm crying.
Because I get scolded again.

Getting scold in your own blog?
WTF is that?

Why am I still writing post, letting him comment again?
I don't know.
But this is the only place for me.

Yes, my grammar is worse.
I never said my grammar is perfect.
I said that a lot of times already,
the reason why I write my blog in English,
because I want to practise.

Trial started today.
Tomorrow's English.
Now I'm still crying.
How on earth should I answer the questions tomorrow?

You know what,
I feel alone, deserted.
Getting scold or saying I'm a bitch in my blog,
is the most ridiculous thing ever on earth, or I ever met.
I do accept comments, I do, I really do.
But when I'm called a bitch, I can't.

If I'm doing anything really rude, and you call me a bitch.
I don't mind because I called someone bitch as well when I'm really angry lol.
But when I just screaming in my blog, yet still get called a bitch?
WTF is that?

To the anonymous,
Please, comment with your real name.
I don't think I did anything wrong.
I'm just screaming in my blog.
Is that illegal?
You know, comment those things, not dare to leave your real name is the best joke ever.
You're just like me, someone who only dare to scream on internet.

Yes, my English is very poor. That's why I'm practising.
You're born with perfect English, when you're not a native speaker?
I'm not born yesterday, don't treat me like a kid.

I should stop blogging right?

I shall stop.

Trial exams, I shall do my best.

Tomorrow, English. I shall do my best.
I shall get'cha outta my head.

Blogging, leave it till 3 weeks later.

Dearest blog, without you, I don't know where to express my feeling.
The reason why I chose blog over writing diary was because I was too lazy to write.
But I guess I shall write diary.

Humans, are all the same.
Without leaving real name, you can speak out whatever you want.
But when you're with your real name, you act like a little lamb.

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.  lol

Stop, talk, talk, talking that blah, blah, blah 
Think you'll be getting this? Nah, nah, nah
-Blah Blah Blah by Ke$ha-


  1. I wouldn't bother leaving CONSTRUCTIVE comments if you didn't affect me. Is this your first time getting harsh comment from an anonymous commenter? Like I said, you haven't seen nothing yet. I was actually being super nice in my previous comments because you're still a kid. You haven't seen the worse side of me yet.

    Is it so hard to show a little respect to other people? This is your blog, you take full responsibility of your own words. I've mentioned that I've seen how you talk to people, when you're annoyed, you showed absolutely no respect. You'd give an attitude. Then you go and blog and offend other people. Maybe I'm the only one who bothers to speak my mind.

    I didn't call you a bitch. I just said stop acting like one. But it hurts doesn't it? Hurts when somebody else is being rude to you? Just like how YOU were being rude in your post in the first place? Mocking me? How do you think I would feel if I was your 'annoying customer' and then you were being rude to me?

    I had beef with you because you mentioned MALAY. Why specifically mentioned MALAY? why being RACIST & DISCRIMINATING? I have my right to get pissed off. Why didn't you say AMERICANS? They can't read chinese. Why not INDIANS? Why not FRENCH? ITALIAN? SWEDISH? AFRICAN? Can they all read chinese? Yet they import stuff from China? Even JAPAN import stuff from China?

    So if you have no respect for other people, why should I respect you? Did you even apologize? No. With pride & arrogance, you said you don't owe anyone any apology.

    If that's how it works, then why are some bloggers who posted offensive stuff on sensitive issues get arrested? It's their blog isn't it?? Yes your remark wouldn't get you arrested, but you'll get bitchy commenter like me. You would probably get a lot more angry comments if you or your blog is popular.

    There's nothing wrong with practicing English in your blog. Nobody is perfect. I wasn't born with any knowledge in English, so I learned. So if you and I could learn another language, why can't malays learn chinese if they want to import things? You know bahasa. If you didn't, do I have the right to say 'Don't live in Malaysia if you don't know Bahasa Malaysia, go back to China'?

    That's offensive isn't it?

  2. Anonymous - 你认识我们的佩娟咩?你怎么可以那么轻易判断一个人 ? 你已经在用不当言辞来指责她,难道你自己没有发觉?我才不管你40岁还是50岁,她只是在她自己的空间发泄不满,发泄不满也要想好好词句才来写咩?你现在也是在用比她更糟糕的言辞来"纠正"她。她没有种族歧视,她只是觉得有点厌烦而已,这样也有错咩?你认识她的为人?你不知道她平时是怎么帮助人的。你就只会"骂" .我都看不下去了 这里言论自由,她觉得没有伤害到任何一个人,而你却伤害了一个人的心,她是犯罪了吗?为什么要用这么刻薄的言辞来写评论呢?五十步笑百步,你不需要教她,她妈妈把她教到很好,你没有必要gaypo多多,你更要注意自己的语气才对吧?更何况你只是一个不明而来的陌生人,没有必要去让她心烦意乱。你没有孩子吗?如果别人用像你这样的语气去指责你孩子,你接受得到吗?这是一个很正确的纠正方法? 你吃饱得空就不该上跑来看人家的blog啦 !!!一直在自己的主页看自己最帅的脸孔是最安全的♥♥ 以后别看到黑影就开枪。。

  3. Dora Tsang:
    Did you not read what I've been commenting about?? She was being discriminating about malay people. I don't care who she is, or if she's even a nun. I have my right to comment based from what I see. If she's so nice, she'd apologize, not sarcastically mocking me back in previous post and sound so arrogant.

    I hurt her? Hello, she was the one who hurt and offended me in the first place. Get it right. Stop taking things out of context.

    And why are you talking in chinese to a malay anyway? Are you racist as well?