Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Mong will kill me if she see this post. I just back from her house, I said I want to sleep right away but ends up I'm surfing internet, and blogging now lol.

Graduation really sadden me. I mean, I know after SPM, we still have to go to KL. But, the mind of graduation really can't be get ridden.
I don't want to cry on the last day of SPM, I will think of the trip to KL right after finish the exam.
But I can't promise that I won't cry at the last day of trip.

Once we graduate, I won't hear some crazy laughing sound from the back which make me turn and stare at them.
Once we graduate, I won't get asked a lot of English questions anymore.
Once we graduate, we won't gather together and share gossips anymore.

Oh God, I just so don't want to leave this class.
A lot of memories too.

I want to keep them till the graduation day. Once we finish SPM, I will come out with a long post with a lot of things, maybe lol.
I hope that will be touching, because I know I will definitely cry while blogging.
But for now, focus on SPM.

Will bake a cake tomorrow!!!!!
OMG Finally I can bake a decent cake!!
The cake I made before was with rice cooker, there's recipe for rice cooker cake lol.
But tomorrow we will bake with oven, at Mong's house!!

Today in Mong's house, omg my name was called a lot of times.
Wtf, keep playing with my name. -.-

6 days till SPM.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Didn't update much recently. I spent most of my time in Mong's house. /.\
During no school day, I will wake up at around 10, then 11 will have to go Mong's house. Until 11pm, back home, browse Facebook, check emails, browse 9gag, jbtalks and blog, then sleep. Because I'm too tired, didn't have time to update my dearest blog.

Today is Saturday! I'm so happy because no need to study on weekends! But nightmare start next week.  -.-

Study study study. Mum, I'm really studying at Mong's house. We did browse internet, we did gossip. But our main aim is study. What can I do if I stay at home? Internet internet internet. I don't have the motivation to study at home.
Even though I didn't do much at Mong's house, but at least I did manage to finish 2 essays and some exercises.
We are studying, for SPM. I'm not playing. Unlike bro, who didn't care about his PMR at all.

Everyone are talking about future. My future? I have no idea at all. Where to study, what to study.

Next Friday will be our graduation day. OMG. I will cry my heart out.
I cry easily recently. Too stressful from SPM? Can't bear to leave friends?
I don't know what my heart is thinking, but my tears are wayyy toooooo much.
I will cry when I read some touching friendship thing.

People will lost contact once they graduate. I'm really afraid of this.
I love 5EA1 too much. It's like the best year of secondary school years, though 2KP3 was amazing too, lol.
I have to prepare tons of tissues on Friday for sure, or just bring a towel! lol!

Didn't get much sleep recently. Veryyyyy tired><

I realized I used the word "recently" pretty much in this post haha!

Graduation? Damn. Teary day.

24th October, 3 days ago was High School Musical day. I actually forgot it omg. I didn't realize until I saw Lucas Grabeel's instagram. He posted the picture of the wildcat class ring. But I saw it on 25th.
How careless am I, claimed myself the High School Musical lover, yet forgot the HSM day. How could I?!

I tend to write a lot of crap at the end of the post!!!!

SPM, fighting!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Skipped school today! Had breakfast at Bukit Indah lol. Was meant to have dim sum, but the shop was closed so went to a "mee hoon kueh" shop, but not nice at all. My bro even didn't full after finish a bowl of noodles. =((

Back to Taman U, went to the "big pasar" to buy fruits! Bought a half watermelon and a pineapple for Mong! Bought sugar cane water too!

Then went to Mong's house, eating, studying, gossiping, eating, studying, gossiping. This is our routine lol!

After dinner, Mong decided to do makeup on us. We did scissors paper stone to decide who go first. I was the first, but I said, "Everyone can draw the last one's face!" Eunice was shocked and she wanted to be the first because she was the last lol!

I'm the third, came after Esther. Tang Tang was the forth while Mong was the last because she had to do ours first lol.

This is my first time, that someone doing makeup for me. Even though I did the foundation and lipstick myself, but Mong did my eyeliner, brow and highlighting and contouring.
This is also my first time seeing someone using shimmering eyeshadow to contour!

#Because the foundation was SPF30++, so it made Eunice looks pale under flash light of camera.

#I looked scary though lol. Wtf with the tongue?! ><

Here comes our makeup artist, Wen Wen aka Ms Mong!

I did a little candid shot when everyone were doing too lol. This is what you will see when the room filled with only girls: CAMERA/PHONE EVERYWHERE! AND THE FLASH LIGHT WON'T STOP TOO! Everyone were just kept taking pictures.

#lol, didn't apply the lipstick in inner side of lips. ><

We did had some group photos. But some of them were in Mong's phone, some were in Tang Tang's iPad. I forgot to get from them. ><

I did edit every photos above. But only filter! Nothing else because I don't know how to do them even though I have photoshop in my laptop. /.\
I'm not even using it, I used Meitu Xiuxiu to edit.

Did happen a funny thing in Mong's house, but I don't think I should say it out right?!
So, I'll just keep mute! But, omg that's extremely funny!

My eyes were so puffy ><

Will going to school tomorrow!
Gotta take photo tomorrow morning before going to school wtf. Because the photos we sent for yearbook was rejected! We have to send photos that we're wearing school uniform. /.\
How ridiculous is this rule?! 

18 days left.

5EA1, let's make a promise.
Travel together in 2014. Even though just in Malaysia.
That will be our gathering.
What I'm afraid is, someone will forget us><
I hope everyone's memory will be better, at least don't forget us T.T

I will note that down. I will be the organizer. =D

We meet almost everyday except weekend after school now. Studying studying studying.
No matter how lazy you are, you have to study at least from right now.
SPM is unlike PMR, PMR was just an exam which will determine your form 4 class.
But SPM, says it all. It is the thing that decide your future. FUTURE.

Aquarius, even though you look strong outside, but deep-down-inside, you're gentle.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm a makeup artist!

Hey hey hey! I'm a makeup artist today!!!!

Dora had to attend a wedding today, she asked me to do her makeup! OMG I'm so honoured!
I thought it was at her house at first, but turned out in Bukit Indah. @@
She said I can take taxi, then they will pay for my taxi fares.
But my mum said she want to send, since she insisted, so she sent me!
We had a hard time to find the location@@
Turned out it was just nearby my mum's friend's house. /.\

Finally arrived there, did her grandma's makeup first. I know I did a bad job because I saw her auntie wipe off her face afterwards. =(
Sorry that the foundation was too pale, I don't have darker shade since my foundation only fits my shade.
Then I did Dora's. OMG I'm so freaking nervous when I was doing her makeup because she was a pro back then! But now she said she don't know how to do anymore, so she asked for my help.
Well, I did foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and lip.

When I first took this offer, I didn't thought I have to do eye makeup as well because I can't even do my own properly moreover others!
But yesterday when Eunice was here, I did her eyeliner and I think I did a nice job so I do Dora's as well.
I know I messed up when I'm applying eyeliner. I used solone liquid eyeliner.
My hand was trembling!! OMGGGG
I wanted to do thin line but ended up quite thick. /.\ And I think I didn't do the both eyes balanced.

Overall, I think I did just okay, with the eyeliner. But Dora kept saying she is satisfied.
She sent me a text just now, saying she received compliments and she was very satisfied.
I know even though if I did a bad job, you will still say the same thing because you don't want to hurt me. lol
But still, this is a very hugeeeee compliment to me!

Thank you Dora for letting me be a makeup artist!!
This, is my dream. Now I'm taking a huge step to it.
I won't give up this dream. In future, when I get a job, I've earned enough money, I will definitely go and take professional makeup course and be a part time makeup artist!

I forgot to take a picture of Dora. =(
That's my masterpiece! This is my honour!
Dora you're my first customer!! lol

After finished my job, I went back to Taman U, and when my parents were buying things, I stayed at car and did candid lol.
 #Fake smile. The lips are tight and my eyes are huger than normal lol.

#Real smile. Just think of something funny and smile and snap. Teeth are shown and eyes are smaller (or my normal size).lol

I drove my dad's car today. He brought me to the industrial area, then I drove a bit. He said I drive like my mum, step on the gas pedal more than the brake pedal lol.
Because my mum and my dearest Ms Mong drive the same way! 
Their persamaan: their gas pedal and brake pedal ratio is 7:3. lol
I have to step on the brake pedal harder!!
But auto car is so much easier than the manual ones, even though it is just a waja.  /.\

Obsessed with Glee version of [Chasing Pavements], acoustic version of [Teenage Dream], [3], [Mine]. They are so nice! Rachel and Broody's version of [Give your heart a break] is not bad as well.

I wrote something in my microsoft word. It's something like, my heart lol. Novel-like version of course lol. Just 2 pages. Maybe I'll post it in future?!
But right now, it's like a secret. Maybe when I graduate!
Alright, my graduate gift to my blog will be that piece of secret.

For those who may come to my house and use my laptop again, I will definitely lock that with password so you guys won't get to open it!!! lol

I think I'm naughty lol.  But never mind, no one care lol.

Aquarius is the most kind horoscope lol!! I'm kind!

Friday, October 12, 2012


Obsessed with horoscope analysis these few days. Kept reading a lot of them. Some of them are extremely accurate to me, some of them are funny to me. Here's one that I think quite accurate to me.

Aquarius: Only study the subjects that they like. For the subjects they don't like, they don't bother to look at them at all.

I AM. I only study English! ><

Ms Mong had already made a schedule for us, study study study. We will gather together to study almost everyday in November. OMGGG
Head pain when I saw the timetable. Just kill me, will you?!

I'm really a lazy girl. Aquarius is a lazy horoscope too, I only knew that today when I read an analysis.
I don't like study!
I like getting knowledge outside of school. I really don't like to study textbook. It's boring!

But SPM is just around the corner, I think I can't waste time more isn't? Have to really get up to study.

Our class is filled with pink aura now. Eunice and I try hard to not to be a pintu! lol
We are using 5SN2's classroom this week, which is the cabin D. Just nearby the canteen. Everyday, the period before recess time is definitely no teacher. I don't know why, but no teacher comes. So our class was like having party! They just went to canteen and buy food and drinks, come back then eat. Some even took out phone!

The laziness of me had been growing since I was 9. How can I get rid of it all of sudden?! =((

When you see me quiet in class, I'm only sleepy or nothing to say, not because I'm emo! OMG I am not emotional!! Moreover relationship problem? wtf. Not in relationship, where does the problem come? lol.

Congratulations! You two have to be happy! Cute couple you two!

Skipping school tomorrow. ><
Have been a good student this week, attending every day. But we decided to skip tomorrow lol.

Aquarius, is the number one horoscope who can live single happily. =D

Should I give up, 
or should I just keep chasing pavements?
--Chasing Pavements by Adele--

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Watched 3 episodes of Glee, 1 episode of Running Man today.

I finally get to watch 2nd, 3rd and 4th episode of Glee today. The [breakup] episode, omg I cried my heart out. After so many things and challenges, Finn and Rachel still break up.  Klaine as well, Blaine cheated on Kurt is really shocked and when he sang [teenage dream], omg so sad. It's a totally different version with the Warbler's version.
Brittana break up as well, Santana and Brittany can't survive a long-distance relationship.
Very sad episode. =(

I don't know how to watch the remain episodes while it's only 4 until now. I mean, everything had changed! Finchel, Klaine, Brittana, everyone had broke up. No couples anymore in Glee club now. I still haven't see Mike, Quinn, Mercedes even though their name appear on the script. Puckerman only returned for like less than 5 minutes, just to speak with Jake. wtf?!

Running Man, as funny as usual hahaha. I watched the 1-4-2012. Still a long way to catch up with the newest I know, but I'm not that obsess anymore. In fact I don't really watch any show or even YouTube online now. Because my headphone port broken! It can't sense the headphone.
When I watch English videos, I tend to use headphone because I want to listen to them. But now it's kinda broken so I don't watch that much anymore.

Yeah, watched the Shila Amzah's full performances on YouTube just now. This is my first time to watch her every performance. She is amazing! She indeed deserve it, and indeed the proud of Malaysia.

至少不会像身边的朋友那样, 为这个为那个烦.

但是某人 XDD
我知道你不想错过 也不想选错
表面看起来  其实很有可能他是为了我们乱说话而这样
但是他心里面 谁知道?
他虽然表面很幼稚  可能心里很成熟?
错过了  可能就没机会了

我表面很成熟  但其实我心里还挺幼稚的==
只是表现出来都是成熟的一面! 哈哈

SPM is really stress me out. But I still don't have the motivation to study. Why?!!

Sitting for second driving test on Monday. It was holiday on Monday, but I have to go Perling at 6am, learn driving again to prevent fail again==. Then start to wait to test at 8am. OMG Isn't it too early?!
Even earlier than my school day! But I have no choice. T.T
I have to do well, I don't want to waste money and time anymore. Driving lessons really stress me out!

Aigu~ Stress!!!

I shall sleep early. Study with friends at 2pm, going to JPO with mum at evening maybe. I know I won't buy anything but just go for a walk. I will just wear t-shirts, shorts and slip into my flip-flop and go.

Why don't I want to slim down?  I get asked this question few times this year.
Not that I didn't try. Just, I don't see any effect on me.
Instead of keep bugging others, or keep saying "omg I'm fat, I want to die" blah blah blah,
I choose another way.
Embrace myself.
I embrace how I look like, I embrace everything of myself. Indeed, sometimes I will think, "walao eh, why am I so fat?!"
But this mind won't stay for too long. I know maybe I will keep in this shape for my whole life, so I choose to embrace myself.

To some of you, maybe will think I'm running away from the question or run away from the truth. No I'm not.
Maybe some of you will think that I didn't do any effort.
You wouldn't know how much money and time and effort that my parents and me had put on. This is all because of my gene. I have to accept it.
I can't get my blood out and change other's blood so that I can get rid of the fat gene right?
If I have to live on like this for 50 or 60 years more, I will definitely choose to live happily over live depressedly.

Alright then, it's 3:40am now. I have to sleep now! Bye Bye!

p/s: I liked to report time on my blog lol. Almost every post, I'll say what's the date or the time wtf lol.

You go talk to your friends talk to my friends talk to me.
But we, are never ever ever ever, getting back together.
-We are never ever getting back together by Taylor Swift-

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


It's already 3rd October. How fast is the time?! I'm sitting for SPM in 1 month omg.

I finally got back my English paper. It's been almost 1 month lol.
74%. I cried.
Ms Cheong called my name, I took a deep breath before getting up. Then Ms Cheong was checking a list, then write down my marks on my paper.
74%. B+

She said she like my storyline, I used good vocabs, but there are plenty of grammar mistakes.
She suggested me that I should read again after I finished the essay.
I just nodded, I didn't say anything.

I got the paper, walked back to my seat. I tried to fake a smile but I can't. Once I sat down, I cried.
My eyes was moisturized. I can't hold on.
Everyone was comforting me. Priya, the Indian girl who sat in front of me was so shocked when she saw me crying.
Seriously, I don't want this result.

74 again, this is a huge blow. I got 74 in the earlier exam, I said I don't want to get 74 again yet I still get it.
Am I giving myself too much stress on this subject?

omg I'm crying now.
I thought I won't sad because of this result. I thought I won't cry anymore.

I got 6 As in UPSR,
1A in PMR,
now I'm afraid I can't even get an A in SPM.

Ms Cheong even added 1 mark for me in the continuous writing, so that I get 32, C. Otherwise my marks was 31, D.
She helped me, still only 74.
I know I didn't do well in the reading comprehension. I got only 5 marks out of 10.
If I did better, I can get at least an A-!

Who can I blame? What can I blame?
I can only blame myself.
I'm really sad..

I got 19 for my History subject, I didn't even feel sad or anything.
But I'm crying over a 74% result?
Is it too ridiculous?
You would only know my feeling, when all of your results are worse enough but there's 1 subject that let you shine in your class, among your friends. The one and only subject that can let you be proud of.

Everytime when I got a bad result, I would start to think that I let down a lot of people.
My teachers, my tuition teachers.
Mrs.Kho who was my tuition teacher for 11 years, whilst I only get A in English in the 11 years.
Sir Hock Ming, who was my tuition teacher for 2 and half years.
Ms Cheong, who taught me for these 2 years.
And some of the teachers who once think highly of me.
Sorry if I disappointed you all again in the trial.

Ms Cheong said the trials usually harder than SPM.
Yes I know that but that can't change my mind.
I only know that I didn't get an A again.

When I was mumbling about my 74%, Mong said am I insulting her?
No, I'm not for sure. I won't do that in my life.
I'm not trying to say how low marks I got,
I'm saying that I didn't achieve my target again.
This is my target, the only hope.

OMG I think I have to apologize to the readers too.
Because every time I got my paper back, I will keep mumbling about my results.
I'm sorry to let you read a such depressing post.
But, let me say it out okay?
I have no one, no place to talk to. My dearest blog is all I have.

Stop all that depressing stuff!
Tomorrow is the last day of school in this week, then we're off on Friday and next Monday.
Tang Tang, Eunice and I are going to have sushi tomorrow after school!
We 5EA1 girls are having steamboat again on Friday too!
I'm so excited!
I love gatherings!

Stop depressing, and do well next time!
I have to do well next time!
It's now or never, SPM, A is my target!!!
1119 have to score well as well!!

I want to become a English tuition teacher in future. =D
Call me BI Chua! lol Don't do this!!!

Attending English class today. The teacher always asked what did we do yesterday or today.
Can I say I cried today? lol

Keep holding on!!!

I failed my driving test lol. Expected though.

释怀了吗? 应该要吧.
看开, 就不会难过了.
不去想, 就不会难过了.
成绩不能代表一切是Hock Ming老师一直跟我讲的.
只因为, 我把英文成绩看得太重了.

或许把它当成sejarah来看, 拿到这个分数我会开心死了吧 哈哈哈
只是, 不行.
希望越大, 失望越大.

现在连75都没有 =(  都说了梦与现实相反!

pia好好来, 一定要拿A!!
要好好改正grammar错误, 作文写好一点!


每个人一直叫我勤劳一点读书, 一直讲我可以的.

Haven't get Chinese paper yet in fact lol.
I don't think that I can get higher than C.
Perhaps just a D lol.

It's alright, It's okay.
I'm so much better without you.
-It's alright, It's okay by Ashley Tisdale-