Friday, October 12, 2012


Obsessed with horoscope analysis these few days. Kept reading a lot of them. Some of them are extremely accurate to me, some of them are funny to me. Here's one that I think quite accurate to me.

Aquarius: Only study the subjects that they like. For the subjects they don't like, they don't bother to look at them at all.

I AM. I only study English! ><

Ms Mong had already made a schedule for us, study study study. We will gather together to study almost everyday in November. OMGGG
Head pain when I saw the timetable. Just kill me, will you?!

I'm really a lazy girl. Aquarius is a lazy horoscope too, I only knew that today when I read an analysis.
I don't like study!
I like getting knowledge outside of school. I really don't like to study textbook. It's boring!

But SPM is just around the corner, I think I can't waste time more isn't? Have to really get up to study.

Our class is filled with pink aura now. Eunice and I try hard to not to be a pintu! lol
We are using 5SN2's classroom this week, which is the cabin D. Just nearby the canteen. Everyday, the period before recess time is definitely no teacher. I don't know why, but no teacher comes. So our class was like having party! They just went to canteen and buy food and drinks, come back then eat. Some even took out phone!

The laziness of me had been growing since I was 9. How can I get rid of it all of sudden?! =((

When you see me quiet in class, I'm only sleepy or nothing to say, not because I'm emo! OMG I am not emotional!! Moreover relationship problem? wtf. Not in relationship, where does the problem come? lol.

Congratulations! You two have to be happy! Cute couple you two!

Skipping school tomorrow. ><
Have been a good student this week, attending every day. But we decided to skip tomorrow lol.

Aquarius, is the number one horoscope who can live single happily. =D

Should I give up, 
or should I just keep chasing pavements?
--Chasing Pavements by Adele--

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