Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Skipped school today! Had breakfast at Bukit Indah lol. Was meant to have dim sum, but the shop was closed so went to a "mee hoon kueh" shop, but not nice at all. My bro even didn't full after finish a bowl of noodles. =((

Back to Taman U, went to the "big pasar" to buy fruits! Bought a half watermelon and a pineapple for Mong! Bought sugar cane water too!

Then went to Mong's house, eating, studying, gossiping, eating, studying, gossiping. This is our routine lol!

After dinner, Mong decided to do makeup on us. We did scissors paper stone to decide who go first. I was the first, but I said, "Everyone can draw the last one's face!" Eunice was shocked and she wanted to be the first because she was the last lol!

I'm the third, came after Esther. Tang Tang was the forth while Mong was the last because she had to do ours first lol.

This is my first time, that someone doing makeup for me. Even though I did the foundation and lipstick myself, but Mong did my eyeliner, brow and highlighting and contouring.
This is also my first time seeing someone using shimmering eyeshadow to contour!

#Because the foundation was SPF30++, so it made Eunice looks pale under flash light of camera.

#I looked scary though lol. Wtf with the tongue?! ><

Here comes our makeup artist, Wen Wen aka Ms Mong!

I did a little candid shot when everyone were doing too lol. This is what you will see when the room filled with only girls: CAMERA/PHONE EVERYWHERE! AND THE FLASH LIGHT WON'T STOP TOO! Everyone were just kept taking pictures.

#lol, didn't apply the lipstick in inner side of lips. ><

We did had some group photos. But some of them were in Mong's phone, some were in Tang Tang's iPad. I forgot to get from them. ><

I did edit every photos above. But only filter! Nothing else because I don't know how to do them even though I have photoshop in my laptop. /.\
I'm not even using it, I used Meitu Xiuxiu to edit.

Did happen a funny thing in Mong's house, but I don't think I should say it out right?!
So, I'll just keep mute! But, omg that's extremely funny!

My eyes were so puffy ><

Will going to school tomorrow!
Gotta take photo tomorrow morning before going to school wtf. Because the photos we sent for yearbook was rejected! We have to send photos that we're wearing school uniform. /.\
How ridiculous is this rule?! 

18 days left.

5EA1, let's make a promise.
Travel together in 2014. Even though just in Malaysia.
That will be our gathering.
What I'm afraid is, someone will forget us><
I hope everyone's memory will be better, at least don't forget us T.T

I will note that down. I will be the organizer. =D

We meet almost everyday except weekend after school now. Studying studying studying.
No matter how lazy you are, you have to study at least from right now.
SPM is unlike PMR, PMR was just an exam which will determine your form 4 class.
But SPM, says it all. It is the thing that decide your future. FUTURE.

Aquarius, even though you look strong outside, but deep-down-inside, you're gentle.

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