Saturday, October 27, 2012


Didn't update much recently. I spent most of my time in Mong's house. /.\
During no school day, I will wake up at around 10, then 11 will have to go Mong's house. Until 11pm, back home, browse Facebook, check emails, browse 9gag, jbtalks and blog, then sleep. Because I'm too tired, didn't have time to update my dearest blog.

Today is Saturday! I'm so happy because no need to study on weekends! But nightmare start next week.  -.-

Study study study. Mum, I'm really studying at Mong's house. We did browse internet, we did gossip. But our main aim is study. What can I do if I stay at home? Internet internet internet. I don't have the motivation to study at home.
Even though I didn't do much at Mong's house, but at least I did manage to finish 2 essays and some exercises.
We are studying, for SPM. I'm not playing. Unlike bro, who didn't care about his PMR at all.

Everyone are talking about future. My future? I have no idea at all. Where to study, what to study.

Next Friday will be our graduation day. OMG. I will cry my heart out.
I cry easily recently. Too stressful from SPM? Can't bear to leave friends?
I don't know what my heart is thinking, but my tears are wayyy toooooo much.
I will cry when I read some touching friendship thing.

People will lost contact once they graduate. I'm really afraid of this.
I love 5EA1 too much. It's like the best year of secondary school years, though 2KP3 was amazing too, lol.
I have to prepare tons of tissues on Friday for sure, or just bring a towel! lol!

Didn't get much sleep recently. Veryyyyy tired><

I realized I used the word "recently" pretty much in this post haha!

Graduation? Damn. Teary day.

24th October, 3 days ago was High School Musical day. I actually forgot it omg. I didn't realize until I saw Lucas Grabeel's instagram. He posted the picture of the wildcat class ring. But I saw it on 25th.
How careless am I, claimed myself the High School Musical lover, yet forgot the HSM day. How could I?!

I tend to write a lot of crap at the end of the post!!!!

SPM, fighting!

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