Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Mong will kill me if she see this post. I just back from her house, I said I want to sleep right away but ends up I'm surfing internet, and blogging now lol.

Graduation really sadden me. I mean, I know after SPM, we still have to go to KL. But, the mind of graduation really can't be get ridden.
I don't want to cry on the last day of SPM, I will think of the trip to KL right after finish the exam.
But I can't promise that I won't cry at the last day of trip.

Once we graduate, I won't hear some crazy laughing sound from the back which make me turn and stare at them.
Once we graduate, I won't get asked a lot of English questions anymore.
Once we graduate, we won't gather together and share gossips anymore.

Oh God, I just so don't want to leave this class.
A lot of memories too.

I want to keep them till the graduation day. Once we finish SPM, I will come out with a long post with a lot of things, maybe lol.
I hope that will be touching, because I know I will definitely cry while blogging.
But for now, focus on SPM.

Will bake a cake tomorrow!!!!!
OMG Finally I can bake a decent cake!!
The cake I made before was with rice cooker, there's recipe for rice cooker cake lol.
But tomorrow we will bake with oven, at Mong's house!!

Today in Mong's house, omg my name was called a lot of times.
Wtf, keep playing with my name. -.-

6 days till SPM.

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