Sunday, October 7, 2012


Watched 3 episodes of Glee, 1 episode of Running Man today.

I finally get to watch 2nd, 3rd and 4th episode of Glee today. The [breakup] episode, omg I cried my heart out. After so many things and challenges, Finn and Rachel still break up.  Klaine as well, Blaine cheated on Kurt is really shocked and when he sang [teenage dream], omg so sad. It's a totally different version with the Warbler's version.
Brittana break up as well, Santana and Brittany can't survive a long-distance relationship.
Very sad episode. =(

I don't know how to watch the remain episodes while it's only 4 until now. I mean, everything had changed! Finchel, Klaine, Brittana, everyone had broke up. No couples anymore in Glee club now. I still haven't see Mike, Quinn, Mercedes even though their name appear on the script. Puckerman only returned for like less than 5 minutes, just to speak with Jake. wtf?!

Running Man, as funny as usual hahaha. I watched the 1-4-2012. Still a long way to catch up with the newest I know, but I'm not that obsess anymore. In fact I don't really watch any show or even YouTube online now. Because my headphone port broken! It can't sense the headphone.
When I watch English videos, I tend to use headphone because I want to listen to them. But now it's kinda broken so I don't watch that much anymore.

Yeah, watched the Shila Amzah's full performances on YouTube just now. This is my first time to watch her every performance. She is amazing! She indeed deserve it, and indeed the proud of Malaysia.

至少不会像身边的朋友那样, 为这个为那个烦.

但是某人 XDD
我知道你不想错过 也不想选错
表面看起来  其实很有可能他是为了我们乱说话而这样
但是他心里面 谁知道?
他虽然表面很幼稚  可能心里很成熟?
错过了  可能就没机会了

我表面很成熟  但其实我心里还挺幼稚的==
只是表现出来都是成熟的一面! 哈哈

SPM is really stress me out. But I still don't have the motivation to study. Why?!!

Sitting for second driving test on Monday. It was holiday on Monday, but I have to go Perling at 6am, learn driving again to prevent fail again==. Then start to wait to test at 8am. OMG Isn't it too early?!
Even earlier than my school day! But I have no choice. T.T
I have to do well, I don't want to waste money and time anymore. Driving lessons really stress me out!

Aigu~ Stress!!!

I shall sleep early. Study with friends at 2pm, going to JPO with mum at evening maybe. I know I won't buy anything but just go for a walk. I will just wear t-shirts, shorts and slip into my flip-flop and go.

Why don't I want to slim down?  I get asked this question few times this year.
Not that I didn't try. Just, I don't see any effect on me.
Instead of keep bugging others, or keep saying "omg I'm fat, I want to die" blah blah blah,
I choose another way.
Embrace myself.
I embrace how I look like, I embrace everything of myself. Indeed, sometimes I will think, "walao eh, why am I so fat?!"
But this mind won't stay for too long. I know maybe I will keep in this shape for my whole life, so I choose to embrace myself.

To some of you, maybe will think I'm running away from the question or run away from the truth. No I'm not.
Maybe some of you will think that I didn't do any effort.
You wouldn't know how much money and time and effort that my parents and me had put on. This is all because of my gene. I have to accept it.
I can't get my blood out and change other's blood so that I can get rid of the fat gene right?
If I have to live on like this for 50 or 60 years more, I will definitely choose to live happily over live depressedly.

Alright then, it's 3:40am now. I have to sleep now! Bye Bye!

p/s: I liked to report time on my blog lol. Almost every post, I'll say what's the date or the time wtf lol.

You go talk to your friends talk to my friends talk to me.
But we, are never ever ever ever, getting back together.
-We are never ever getting back together by Taylor Swift-

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