Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm a makeup artist!

Hey hey hey! I'm a makeup artist today!!!!

Dora had to attend a wedding today, she asked me to do her makeup! OMG I'm so honoured!
I thought it was at her house at first, but turned out in Bukit Indah. @@
She said I can take taxi, then they will pay for my taxi fares.
But my mum said she want to send, since she insisted, so she sent me!
We had a hard time to find the location@@
Turned out it was just nearby my mum's friend's house. /.\

Finally arrived there, did her grandma's makeup first. I know I did a bad job because I saw her auntie wipe off her face afterwards. =(
Sorry that the foundation was too pale, I don't have darker shade since my foundation only fits my shade.
Then I did Dora's. OMG I'm so freaking nervous when I was doing her makeup because she was a pro back then! But now she said she don't know how to do anymore, so she asked for my help.
Well, I did foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and lip.

When I first took this offer, I didn't thought I have to do eye makeup as well because I can't even do my own properly moreover others!
But yesterday when Eunice was here, I did her eyeliner and I think I did a nice job so I do Dora's as well.
I know I messed up when I'm applying eyeliner. I used solone liquid eyeliner.
My hand was trembling!! OMGGGG
I wanted to do thin line but ended up quite thick. /.\ And I think I didn't do the both eyes balanced.

Overall, I think I did just okay, with the eyeliner. But Dora kept saying she is satisfied.
She sent me a text just now, saying she received compliments and she was very satisfied.
I know even though if I did a bad job, you will still say the same thing because you don't want to hurt me. lol
But still, this is a very hugeeeee compliment to me!

Thank you Dora for letting me be a makeup artist!!
This, is my dream. Now I'm taking a huge step to it.
I won't give up this dream. In future, when I get a job, I've earned enough money, I will definitely go and take professional makeup course and be a part time makeup artist!

I forgot to take a picture of Dora. =(
That's my masterpiece! This is my honour!
Dora you're my first customer!! lol

After finished my job, I went back to Taman U, and when my parents were buying things, I stayed at car and did candid lol.
 #Fake smile. The lips are tight and my eyes are huger than normal lol.

#Real smile. Just think of something funny and smile and snap. Teeth are shown and eyes are smaller (or my normal size).lol

I drove my dad's car today. He brought me to the industrial area, then I drove a bit. He said I drive like my mum, step on the gas pedal more than the brake pedal lol.
Because my mum and my dearest Ms Mong drive the same way! 
Their persamaan: their gas pedal and brake pedal ratio is 7:3. lol
I have to step on the brake pedal harder!!
But auto car is so much easier than the manual ones, even though it is just a waja.  /.\

Obsessed with Glee version of [Chasing Pavements], acoustic version of [Teenage Dream], [3], [Mine]. They are so nice! Rachel and Broody's version of [Give your heart a break] is not bad as well.

I wrote something in my microsoft word. It's something like, my heart lol. Novel-like version of course lol. Just 2 pages. Maybe I'll post it in future?!
But right now, it's like a secret. Maybe when I graduate!
Alright, my graduate gift to my blog will be that piece of secret.

For those who may come to my house and use my laptop again, I will definitely lock that with password so you guys won't get to open it!!! lol

I think I'm naughty lol.  But never mind, no one care lol.

Aquarius is the most kind horoscope lol!! I'm kind!

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