Friday, November 30, 2012


Bought the bus tickets to KL!
OMG I drove them to buy the tickets,
but I kept chatting, I didn't focus on the road,
we miss 2 u-turns -.-
End up we went out for 2 hours /.\

Watched [Thanksgiving] episode of Glee.
Hell yeah, they actually did oppa gangnam style on sectionals.
I don't know why Finn want them to do this,
I don't know why is the writer writing like this.
But obviously, this song is not a smart choice.
Tina is the one who sings this song, because she is the only Asian in ND
since Mike graduated already.
But, she can't sing well in this song. Their pronunciation is awful.
Except [ehhh, sexy lady] line, they didn't get other words right mostly.
Even [oppa gangnam style], they pronounce it weirdly.
So as [sarangae], they sang it as [sanangae]. lol
Jenna spent 2 weeks to practice pronunciation of this song.
But the result is not good.  -.-

And Marley, why are you listening to every word Kitty said,
do everything Kitty asked you to do?!
You put your fingers in your throat just to throw out.
Now you even had medicine to loss weight.

Quinn is back, I'm happy.
But she believes in Kitty even though Santana tells her what Kitty had done?

Still watching MAMA 2012.
Today is Haha and Byul's wedding as well.

I'm not a huge K-pop fans.
So I'm actually had MAMA on TV,
and watched Glee online.
Miss quite a lot of perfomances.
Still waiting for Big Bang's!!

Chinese exam on Monday,
jamuan on Monday,
EA on Thursday,
then SPM is officially ended!

For the PLKN,
I'm in second or third batch.
Not the first though.
Mixed feelings when I saw the results.
Happy, because I can postpone due to study.
Sad, because if after I graduate from college but I still have to go,
I will be embarrassed to dead.
Yea or nay?

Sunday, November 25, 2012


No exam tomorrow!! Perdagangan on Tuesday though.  =(

I watched Twilight with my little cousin on yesterday!
It was awesome!  omg
I read Daphne's review on that before, she is currently in Australia and she watched it way before us.
She said the ending will be a twist.
OMG I knew that but didn't realize how huge is the twist. Freaking huge and awesome twist.
Definitely worth it.

I'm not a fans of Twilight to be honest.
I'm the kind of person, who wouldn't like anything in trend.
When Twilight was out, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner was so famous,
I didn't have the urge to watch that.
I didn't think I should watch that though.
But since I watched the breaking dawn part 1,so I guess I have to watch part 2 for sure.

I always have a thing about memories. I can't bear any recall plot, like playing the memories.
Even though I only recognize the clips from part 1, but still, I teared.

When the movie ended, I heard a malay girl from the back shouting "Habis dah.."
lol, I know that feel.
I get the exact feel when I watch High School Musical 3.

But now I want to watch every twilight movies.
Perhaps a Twilight marathon?
Will pick a day to do so. =D
I kinda love this movie after I watch the last episode without knowing the previous plot!
lol. I know I'm crazy.  XDD

When we were queueing to buy the tickets, there were Koreans queueing at the next line.
They asked, "Excuse me, can I buy tickets?", or something like that.
Then the staff answered, "Kaunter ini tutup, ini buka." with annoyed voice.
I laughed. Obviously the Koreans didn't understand, because they said, "boya?!"
lol lol lol.
It's so funny to see this scene.

I was happy that I can understand few words.
But only the simplest words, while everyone who watch korean dramas will understand.
But I don't know, I feel very good.
I even translated for my cousin lol!
Though the next words I understand was "oktogae"   "oudi"  "pari pari"

Wechat is an amazing apps.
Wrote something in the bottle, then someone pick it up, and chat with you.
I know a China guy through this.
We chatted quite a lot, as usual, surprised that I can actually speaks chinese,
despite the fact that he visited Malaysia before.  -.-

Maybe because we don't know each other,
I kinda tell him everything lol.
He was surprised when I told him I'm 17,
because I was mature.
I said yeah, I look mature.
But he said no, I chatted like an adult.

Well, can I consider this a compliment?
I bet so. I accept this.

Rewatching iApartment season 3.
Well, I love this show. Funny yet sometimes touchy and romantic.

Watched the newest episode of Glee as well.
They sang some nights by fun.
The bond between them, the team spirit, the friendship, the energy of New Directions,
show in this song.
This is also the first song of the whole new New Directions cast,
so they dressed red, same as the very first song of ND, don't stop believing.

Some nights, I wish that my lips could build a castle
Some nights, I wish they'd just fall off

--Some nights by Fun-- 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Finished science exam is a good thing!
Didn't sleep well yesterday, I can't sleep at all for 1 hour. I just lied on my bed, closed my eyes,
but couldn't fall asleep.
Then I was thinking, was it because I didn't study science AT ALL?
So my heart try to keep me awake so I can study? lol
Maybe I'm thinking too much, at the end I didn't study too.
I read a bit in school this morning.

Finished 35 questions in 30 minutes lol.
Left too many time, sleep!
But turns out I get 33 out of 50. I'm quite satisfy on it since my target was only 30.

But when I was brushing my teeth this morning, I suddenly recall of my form 2 science exam.
That time, I sat for the exam while I'm sick. I felt nauseous and dizzy,
the result was terrible. I used to get at least C or B when I was form 2 alright!
But that time I got an D, 40++.

After recalling, I met some troubles lol.
First, I had stomachache before I head out to school.
Then, I felt very dizzy when I was sitting for the exam.
OMG I shouldn't recall anything!! ><

Tomorrow should be public holiday, but have to attend the perdagangan kelas tambahan. /.\
2 hours and half, with PA classes I bet, stressful!
They are so smart, like everybody are scoring for A, while some of us only score for pass.
At least I am. lol
But my target for SPM is at least a C!! I hope I can get at least C in Perdagangan and Economics.
I wouldn't wish for an A 'cause I know I didn't study haha.
I wouldn't wish for anything that is impossible haha.

Left 3 subjects!!!!
C for perdagangan and economics, B for chinese please ><

Gotta sleep now! Tomorrow have to go to school. /.\
Sleep tight and have a nice dream guys!

We don't even have to try,
it's always a good time!
--Good time by Carly Rae Jepsen & Owl City--

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Not going to be emo today...maybe hahaha.
At least not now.
I'm in freaking good mood today!! Why? I don't know!
I had makeup on now, but I didn't go anywhere!
Just, you know, I feel like I want to put on makeup, then I did.
Then I realized how dry my face is omg. /.\
You can see the lines even though the foundation is mouse based not powder based.

I want to go to the popular fair so much!
Perhaps go on Friday? Early morning? Tomorrow is public holiday so I think there'll be a lot of people.
Mong told me she saw the biography of Steve Jobs, cost RM50. OMG almost 50% off already!
I always wanted to read that, but I don't know who own it and can lend to me. =(
Instead of trouble others, I rather go and buy one!

We played badminton on last Saturday! Didn't play much lol. Mong was like overactive. XDD
I was kinda guilty over that. I thought I did the wrong decision for asking you to go over there.
I was the one who asked you to go, but ends up you both were unhappy.
I felt bad. =(
Yes, I thought my decision was right at first, but then I started to get panic, I really thought I did the wrong thing.
Hope you guys are okay! I'm sure you will!
We didn't see each other since that day huh.

So many things to less money to use. lol
I need a base coat for my nails, like right now lol.
My base coat really used up, left like 1 drop of it haha.
Pitiful =((

I did baked rice today!!
OMG I fried the rice with the leftover steamboat ingredients(?) lol.
I had a mini steamboat with my cousins yesterday afternoon.
Then I fried rice with that, including crab stick, hotdogs, a sotong-like thing, white button mushroom.
Then, I used carbonara sauce as the white sauce of baked rice hahaha. The taste is still acceptable though.
Then put some mozzarella cheese! OMG I love that part!
Sprinkle the cheese all over the rice, covered the rice.
Then put into the oven, I put like 180°C, for how long I don't remember because I just take it out when the surface turned brownish.
This is super satisfy. I can't finish it. But then I managed to finish 2/3 of it after 1 hour. Hahaha, took an hour to eat this.

Now, I'm still full. hahaha. Decided to have apples as dinner if I'm hungry later.
Control diet!!
But if I don't eat the apples, the baked rice is my one and only meal today!
Did some errands today so didn't have breakfast before I go out.

1 hour had past since I first type this post.
I had a crazy photo session lol. I took a lot of pictures.
Then removed makeup, bathed.
Now eating apples, ready to watch Running Man later hahaha!
The newest episode!!

Obsessed with korean song, but I don't know a lot of artists. /.\
I just listen to some I like, then keep repeating them.
❤leessang!  Kang Gary omg I love him so much!
A song of PSY with Leessang, year 7 (?) I don't remember its English name but it doesn't matter,
because you can't hear it on YouTube anyway, YG blocked them and replaced the music with other language songs!
If you're using 酷我音乐盒, search for 怎么办 PSY

I watched the EMA on Sunday.
OMG I can't believe Han Geng actually won the worldwide act award!!
I thought Rihanna will get that though! OMG OMG I really can't believe that when Jonas Brothers announced that.
Taylor Swift sang "We are never ever getting back together" at the very end.
I ❤ Taylor Swift!

Alright, I finished 2 apples lol.
Gotta grab my jacket because it's so cold today in my brother's room.
Ready to watch RUNNING MAN!!!

I love you,
baby I'm not a monster
---Monster by Bigbang---

Thursday, November 8, 2012

现在才11点多. 可是我又emo了 =(
电脑headphone port有问题, warranty送厂要2-3个星期. 现在还不到一个星期, 我已经想念你了我亲爱的电脑. 我想念了那可爱的windows 7和desktop的便利贴. 没有便利贴真的很难 =(  卖东西的一些资料都在那边 =(

我不讲我不讲  bleh!

嘉慧  你很了解我!
我真的会很舍不得很舍不得大家! T.T

这首歌是为她量身定做的  她说这唱到她的心坎里去了

今天突然有一个moment  在自我反省.
我脸皮薄, 所以很容易恼羞成怒
可是没办法  心情总会突然降到冰点

我很讨厌自私  做作的人
讲到他的事 我胸口真的会有一把火燃烧着
真的很不舒服  真的会生气

水瓶座的缺点  讲话很伤人
我知道  我自己是这样的人
我知道我伤了人  我会后悔说出那样的话
因为  拉不下面子

即使没有人理我  我可以自己一个人在旁边碎碎念
当我很累很想睡的时候 我会开始胡言乱语
我会乱乱说话  乱乱骂人

一个女生  每天讲粗话 每天乱骂人
可是怎么办 我改不了
有时候不是要骂人 只是说话大声了些
就会莫名其妙的  语气变得很差  很像在骂人

有时候很简单很简单的东西  我偏偏不会
数学不好  一直是我觉得很丢脸的东西
明明脑袋可以转  明明会做了就很很顺
不管怎么努力 他就会默默的从记忆里消失

常常最后一分钟才来找  越急偏偏越找不到




除了英文  其他一概不理不care

曾经引以为傲 小学6年都是第一班
对不起了曾经M班的人  我丢了M班好大的脸 =(

常常说 "这个你也不懂?!" "你很笨!" "你很白痴!"

然后你们就会想尽办法讲笑话 乱讲话来弄我笑
可是  水瓶座  最容易情绪低落



每个女生心里头 都会住着一个小女孩
这个小女孩 很可爱 很萌 很糊涂
有些女生 会选择把这个小女孩完全释放
有些女生 会选择把这个小女孩释放出来一点点
而我 选择完全封闭
因为我知道 我不适合这样
大只的女生 比较严肃 比较坚强
卖萌装可爱 别人只会说你很恶心
对于一个小学就被同学叫ah bui的人来说  卖萌完全不适合我



人前欢笑 可以跟你一起笑得很开心

看过一本深雪的小说, 人生拍卖会
一个主角  绿璐
从误降凡间开始  每天都在叹息

我心里  怎么都在叹息?




“當退去光鮮外表 當我卸下睫毛膏
脫掉高跟鞋的腳 是否還能站得高
當一天掌聲變少 可還有人對我笑
停下歌聲和舞蹈 我是否重要

我鏡子裡的她 好陌生的臉頰
哪個我是真 哪個是假
我用別人的愛定義存在 怕生命空白
假如你看見我 這樣的我
會閃躲 還是說 你更愛我

當一天舞台變小 還有誰把我看到
莫非是我不夠好 誰會來擁抱
我鏡子裡的她 好陌生的臉頰
我用別人的愛定義存在 怕生命空白
假如你看見我 這樣的我
會閃躲 還是說 你更愛我”




After today's mathematic paper, we're officially on a one week holidays!! Awesome!!

Monday was Bahasa Malaysia, well, the tips didn't spot on at all. But luckily I didn't study much. I was memorizing the latar masa, tempat and masyarakat and thanks God it came out latar masa and nilai kemanusiaan! This is my first time answering novel section lol.
I memorized the opening of essay at the morning, during exam, I was like, "omg what's next line?!" I can't remember! But then I realize the question I was going to write is too hard for me. I can't think of any points.
So, I wrote the number 5 instead! Story! I'm really ONLY good at writing sotires. *sobs*

Tuesday was my favourite English. To be honest, I didn't study at all. I even watched Running Man on Monday's night lol.
I went into the room with completely blank mind! Then I wrote directed writing first as I always do so. Informal letter, totally different with the tips saying article or report hahaha. Tips are really unbelievable this time!
For the continuous writing, as usual, number 4! Story again!
I wrote a teacher is going to transfer to Penang, and we organized a farewell tea party for him. I wrote like 11 pages, with spacing after every line hahaha.
When I put up my hand for paper, everyone was looking at me even though I'm sitting at the back hahaha.
My hand is freaking sore and I have to look at the time when I was writing. I'm so afraid to run out of time. I didn't even have time to read my essay again. =(
The teacher in my class that day, I think she is a English teacher as well. Because she will stop by people's table and read their essays! She read mine too! But everytime when she stop by me, I was always writing the last sentence of the page. After finish writing, I think she is still reading. So I don't know can I flip to next page or not hahaha.

Yesterday, history! Didn't study at all!!! Hahaha. I know the answer has came out but I think I don't want to look at it. Why should I look at it when I know I will fail it? hahaha

Today, mathematics. Alright I tried my best. My neck is freaking sore too but I'm so happy because maths has over!!

Now, I have to spend my whole week holiday nicely hahaha. I think I will take a nice long nap for sure. Then I want to watch Running Man!!

5 more subjects to go. =D

On Tuesday, once I got into my mum's car, I said I wouldn't get A for English anymore. =(
The KBKK question of novel and reading comprehension are confusing me.
For the novel, the question asked AN event that makes you angry and reasonS. I wrote 4 events and reasons. =(
At first I was wondering why was the question writing "makes". Why is there a "s"? But then I ignore it and proceed to write my 4 events.
Azreen and Madhuri, I'm afraid I can only get points from your synopsis. T.T

I really think my A flew away again T.T

Going to karaoke with Eunice and Hui Woon! RELAX TIME!!!

I have a confession to make. But who can I tell? I'm so afraid to say it out. =((

New Glee episode comes out tonight! It's been a month and I miss it so much =((

[栅栏间隙偷窥你], 蔡依林新专辑[Muse]里头的一首歌. 很喜欢她的唱腔, 很可爱很俏皮的感觉哈哈哈. 歌词也很俏皮!
公主永远是最棒的 ❤

有一次在懵家的时候, 他妈妈在看浪漫满屋2. 感觉很好看很好笑, SPM结束后就要看这部戏!
接触running man有慢慢喜欢韩剧! 以前就有在看, 只是不会去追, 知道有新戏可是不会想要去看. 都只看8频道和U频道播的那种家庭剧. 现在比较想看韩国偶像剧!

"我鏡子裡的她 好陌生的臉頰
哪個我是真 哪個是假
我用別人的愛定義存在 怕生命空白
假如你看見我 這樣的我
會閃躲 還是說 你更愛我"

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Finally, we've graduated, even though we still need to sit for the SPM next Monday, lol.
But, we're graduated.

Thursday, I've already mentally prepared. When everyone was shaking hands with teachers, omg when I saw the scene I wanted to cry already. But I held on haha.
Then it's our turn. Once I saw Pn Nik Rozita, omg I cried already and she was only the second or third teacher!
She was our moral teacher for 3 years, but I never paid attention to her class moreover we always skipped Monday's moral class. But she tried very hard. Once she was our replacement teacher, she called me out. She asked me to sit down, then she asked me, what problem did I meet on moral. Because I failed every times this year. She said she really want to help me to pass.
She was so good, but we didn't cherish. =(

Then, Pn Intan, who was our history teacher. Omg she was so funny, she kept yelling, "Jawab soalan KBKK tau!" hahaha!
I never pass my history too, but still, thank you.

The next teacher who made me cried like a baby was Pn Radiah. She was our science teacher, as well as our class teacher.
She was the funniest teacher I've ever met, have you seen a teacher who will doze when her students are sitting for exams during assembly?!  Haha!
But she was also the nicest teacher. She said, " Chua, nak study tau. Awak ada otak punya, mesti boleh dapat A!"
Omg I cried so much! She always been nice to us, she never scolded us, but we also didn't pay attention to her class too.

Sorry lah cikgu, science saya selalu tak pass punya.

Then other teachers didn't really make me cry haha.

We went to the office to look for Ms Cheong, the prettiest teacher in school as well as our English teacher.
We took a photo with her too.
Ms Cheong, thank you for these 2 years. I know our class as very hard to teach because every time when you ask a question in class, usually you wouldn't get reply from us. Thank you for your understanding and sorry if we did any wrong.

After all those like thanksgiving thing, we went to our exam room, got our tables and wrapped them. We did clean the classroom as well, I was saying that we never been that hardworking to clean our classroom but now we're cleaning others haha.
Helped Malay girls to get the teacher's table outta classroom, but someone came and help me instead. Haha, and thank you!
I wiped the windows. Omg the dusts made me cough. >< 

Finally, our secondary school life came to an end. It's our last school day. Can't bear with everything. I was hoping to go back to 5EA1 again but we didn't. We should've done it, it's our last year, and that classroom had accompanied us for 1 year.

说实在的, 哪个女生不向往恋爱?! 只是自己会自卑.

自卑感, 所以从来不敢谈这个话题.
但是, 还是会向往的.
哈哈哈哈哈. 感觉自己在讲一个笑话.
自卑感, 真的很恐怖.
它会让你害怕面对一切,  即使你有机会拥有,

5EA1, I love you guys!!!!!

SPM fighting!!