Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Not going to be emo today...maybe hahaha.
At least not now.
I'm in freaking good mood today!! Why? I don't know!
I had makeup on now, but I didn't go anywhere!
Just, you know, I feel like I want to put on makeup, then I did.
Then I realized how dry my face is omg. /.\
You can see the lines even though the foundation is mouse based not powder based.

I want to go to the popular fair so much!
Perhaps go on Friday? Early morning? Tomorrow is public holiday so I think there'll be a lot of people.
Mong told me she saw the biography of Steve Jobs, cost RM50. OMG almost 50% off already!
I always wanted to read that, but I don't know who own it and can lend to me. =(
Instead of trouble others, I rather go and buy one!

We played badminton on last Saturday! Didn't play much lol. Mong was like overactive. XDD
I was kinda guilty over that. I thought I did the wrong decision for asking you to go over there.
I was the one who asked you to go, but ends up you both were unhappy.
I felt bad. =(
Yes, I thought my decision was right at first, but then I started to get panic, I really thought I did the wrong thing.
Hope you guys are okay! I'm sure you will!
We didn't see each other since that day huh.

So many things to less money to use. lol
I need a base coat for my nails, like right now lol.
My base coat really used up, left like 1 drop of it haha.
Pitiful =((

I did baked rice today!!
OMG I fried the rice with the leftover steamboat ingredients(?) lol.
I had a mini steamboat with my cousins yesterday afternoon.
Then I fried rice with that, including crab stick, hotdogs, a sotong-like thing, white button mushroom.
Then, I used carbonara sauce as the white sauce of baked rice hahaha. The taste is still acceptable though.
Then put some mozzarella cheese! OMG I love that part!
Sprinkle the cheese all over the rice, covered the rice.
Then put into the oven, I put like 180°C, for how long I don't remember because I just take it out when the surface turned brownish.
This is super satisfy. I can't finish it. But then I managed to finish 2/3 of it after 1 hour. Hahaha, took an hour to eat this.

Now, I'm still full. hahaha. Decided to have apples as dinner if I'm hungry later.
Control diet!!
But if I don't eat the apples, the baked rice is my one and only meal today!
Did some errands today so didn't have breakfast before I go out.

1 hour had past since I first type this post.
I had a crazy photo session lol. I took a lot of pictures.
Then removed makeup, bathed.
Now eating apples, ready to watch Running Man later hahaha!
The newest episode!!

Obsessed with korean song, but I don't know a lot of artists. /.\
I just listen to some I like, then keep repeating them.
❤leessang!  Kang Gary omg I love him so much!
A song of PSY with Leessang, year 7 (?) I don't remember its English name but it doesn't matter,
because you can't hear it on YouTube anyway, YG blocked them and replaced the music with other language songs!
If you're using 酷我音乐盒, search for 怎么办 PSY

I watched the EMA on Sunday.
OMG I can't believe Han Geng actually won the worldwide act award!!
I thought Rihanna will get that though! OMG OMG I really can't believe that when Jonas Brothers announced that.
Taylor Swift sang "We are never ever getting back together" at the very end.
I ❤ Taylor Swift!

Alright, I finished 2 apples lol.
Gotta grab my jacket because it's so cold today in my brother's room.
Ready to watch RUNNING MAN!!!

I love you,
baby I'm not a monster
---Monster by Bigbang---

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