Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Finished science exam is a good thing!
Didn't sleep well yesterday, I can't sleep at all for 1 hour. I just lied on my bed, closed my eyes,
but couldn't fall asleep.
Then I was thinking, was it because I didn't study science AT ALL?
So my heart try to keep me awake so I can study? lol
Maybe I'm thinking too much, at the end I didn't study too.
I read a bit in school this morning.

Finished 35 questions in 30 minutes lol.
Left too many time, sleep!
But turns out I get 33 out of 50. I'm quite satisfy on it since my target was only 30.

But when I was brushing my teeth this morning, I suddenly recall of my form 2 science exam.
That time, I sat for the exam while I'm sick. I felt nauseous and dizzy,
the result was terrible. I used to get at least C or B when I was form 2 alright!
But that time I got an D, 40++.

After recalling, I met some troubles lol.
First, I had stomachache before I head out to school.
Then, I felt very dizzy when I was sitting for the exam.
OMG I shouldn't recall anything!! ><

Tomorrow should be public holiday, but have to attend the perdagangan kelas tambahan. /.\
2 hours and half, with PA classes I bet, stressful!
They are so smart, like everybody are scoring for A, while some of us only score for pass.
At least I am. lol
But my target for SPM is at least a C!! I hope I can get at least C in Perdagangan and Economics.
I wouldn't wish for an A 'cause I know I didn't study haha.
I wouldn't wish for anything that is impossible haha.

Left 3 subjects!!!!
C for perdagangan and economics, B for chinese please ><

Gotta sleep now! Tomorrow have to go to school. /.\
Sleep tight and have a nice dream guys!

We don't even have to try,
it's always a good time!
--Good time by Carly Rae Jepsen & Owl City--

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