Sunday, November 25, 2012


No exam tomorrow!! Perdagangan on Tuesday though.  =(

I watched Twilight with my little cousin on yesterday!
It was awesome!  omg
I read Daphne's review on that before, she is currently in Australia and she watched it way before us.
She said the ending will be a twist.
OMG I knew that but didn't realize how huge is the twist. Freaking huge and awesome twist.
Definitely worth it.

I'm not a fans of Twilight to be honest.
I'm the kind of person, who wouldn't like anything in trend.
When Twilight was out, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner was so famous,
I didn't have the urge to watch that.
I didn't think I should watch that though.
But since I watched the breaking dawn part 1,so I guess I have to watch part 2 for sure.

I always have a thing about memories. I can't bear any recall plot, like playing the memories.
Even though I only recognize the clips from part 1, but still, I teared.

When the movie ended, I heard a malay girl from the back shouting "Habis dah.."
lol, I know that feel.
I get the exact feel when I watch High School Musical 3.

But now I want to watch every twilight movies.
Perhaps a Twilight marathon?
Will pick a day to do so. =D
I kinda love this movie after I watch the last episode without knowing the previous plot!
lol. I know I'm crazy.  XDD

When we were queueing to buy the tickets, there were Koreans queueing at the next line.
They asked, "Excuse me, can I buy tickets?", or something like that.
Then the staff answered, "Kaunter ini tutup, ini buka." with annoyed voice.
I laughed. Obviously the Koreans didn't understand, because they said, "boya?!"
lol lol lol.
It's so funny to see this scene.

I was happy that I can understand few words.
But only the simplest words, while everyone who watch korean dramas will understand.
But I don't know, I feel very good.
I even translated for my cousin lol!
Though the next words I understand was "oktogae"   "oudi"  "pari pari"

Wechat is an amazing apps.
Wrote something in the bottle, then someone pick it up, and chat with you.
I know a China guy through this.
We chatted quite a lot, as usual, surprised that I can actually speaks chinese,
despite the fact that he visited Malaysia before.  -.-

Maybe because we don't know each other,
I kinda tell him everything lol.
He was surprised when I told him I'm 17,
because I was mature.
I said yeah, I look mature.
But he said no, I chatted like an adult.

Well, can I consider this a compliment?
I bet so. I accept this.

Rewatching iApartment season 3.
Well, I love this show. Funny yet sometimes touchy and romantic.

Watched the newest episode of Glee as well.
They sang some nights by fun.
The bond between them, the team spirit, the friendship, the energy of New Directions,
show in this song.
This is also the first song of the whole new New Directions cast,
so they dressed red, same as the very first song of ND, don't stop believing.

Some nights, I wish that my lips could build a castle
Some nights, I wish they'd just fall off

--Some nights by Fun-- 

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