Friday, November 30, 2012


Bought the bus tickets to KL!
OMG I drove them to buy the tickets,
but I kept chatting, I didn't focus on the road,
we miss 2 u-turns -.-
End up we went out for 2 hours /.\

Watched [Thanksgiving] episode of Glee.
Hell yeah, they actually did oppa gangnam style on sectionals.
I don't know why Finn want them to do this,
I don't know why is the writer writing like this.
But obviously, this song is not a smart choice.
Tina is the one who sings this song, because she is the only Asian in ND
since Mike graduated already.
But, she can't sing well in this song. Their pronunciation is awful.
Except [ehhh, sexy lady] line, they didn't get other words right mostly.
Even [oppa gangnam style], they pronounce it weirdly.
So as [sarangae], they sang it as [sanangae]. lol
Jenna spent 2 weeks to practice pronunciation of this song.
But the result is not good.  -.-

And Marley, why are you listening to every word Kitty said,
do everything Kitty asked you to do?!
You put your fingers in your throat just to throw out.
Now you even had medicine to loss weight.

Quinn is back, I'm happy.
But she believes in Kitty even though Santana tells her what Kitty had done?

Still watching MAMA 2012.
Today is Haha and Byul's wedding as well.

I'm not a huge K-pop fans.
So I'm actually had MAMA on TV,
and watched Glee online.
Miss quite a lot of perfomances.
Still waiting for Big Bang's!!

Chinese exam on Monday,
jamuan on Monday,
EA on Thursday,
then SPM is officially ended!

For the PLKN,
I'm in second or third batch.
Not the first though.
Mixed feelings when I saw the results.
Happy, because I can postpone due to study.
Sad, because if after I graduate from college but I still have to go,
I will be embarrassed to dead.
Yea or nay?

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