Thursday, November 8, 2012


After today's mathematic paper, we're officially on a one week holidays!! Awesome!!

Monday was Bahasa Malaysia, well, the tips didn't spot on at all. But luckily I didn't study much. I was memorizing the latar masa, tempat and masyarakat and thanks God it came out latar masa and nilai kemanusiaan! This is my first time answering novel section lol.
I memorized the opening of essay at the morning, during exam, I was like, "omg what's next line?!" I can't remember! But then I realize the question I was going to write is too hard for me. I can't think of any points.
So, I wrote the number 5 instead! Story! I'm really ONLY good at writing sotires. *sobs*

Tuesday was my favourite English. To be honest, I didn't study at all. I even watched Running Man on Monday's night lol.
I went into the room with completely blank mind! Then I wrote directed writing first as I always do so. Informal letter, totally different with the tips saying article or report hahaha. Tips are really unbelievable this time!
For the continuous writing, as usual, number 4! Story again!
I wrote a teacher is going to transfer to Penang, and we organized a farewell tea party for him. I wrote like 11 pages, with spacing after every line hahaha.
When I put up my hand for paper, everyone was looking at me even though I'm sitting at the back hahaha.
My hand is freaking sore and I have to look at the time when I was writing. I'm so afraid to run out of time. I didn't even have time to read my essay again. =(
The teacher in my class that day, I think she is a English teacher as well. Because she will stop by people's table and read their essays! She read mine too! But everytime when she stop by me, I was always writing the last sentence of the page. After finish writing, I think she is still reading. So I don't know can I flip to next page or not hahaha.

Yesterday, history! Didn't study at all!!! Hahaha. I know the answer has came out but I think I don't want to look at it. Why should I look at it when I know I will fail it? hahaha

Today, mathematics. Alright I tried my best. My neck is freaking sore too but I'm so happy because maths has over!!

Now, I have to spend my whole week holiday nicely hahaha. I think I will take a nice long nap for sure. Then I want to watch Running Man!!

5 more subjects to go. =D

On Tuesday, once I got into my mum's car, I said I wouldn't get A for English anymore. =(
The KBKK question of novel and reading comprehension are confusing me.
For the novel, the question asked AN event that makes you angry and reasonS. I wrote 4 events and reasons. =(
At first I was wondering why was the question writing "makes". Why is there a "s"? But then I ignore it and proceed to write my 4 events.
Azreen and Madhuri, I'm afraid I can only get points from your synopsis. T.T

I really think my A flew away again T.T

Going to karaoke with Eunice and Hui Woon! RELAX TIME!!!

I have a confession to make. But who can I tell? I'm so afraid to say it out. =((

New Glee episode comes out tonight! It's been a month and I miss it so much =((

[栅栏间隙偷窥你], 蔡依林新专辑[Muse]里头的一首歌. 很喜欢她的唱腔, 很可爱很俏皮的感觉哈哈哈. 歌词也很俏皮!
公主永远是最棒的 ❤

有一次在懵家的时候, 他妈妈在看浪漫满屋2. 感觉很好看很好笑, SPM结束后就要看这部戏!
接触running man有慢慢喜欢韩剧! 以前就有在看, 只是不会去追, 知道有新戏可是不会想要去看. 都只看8频道和U频道播的那种家庭剧. 现在比较想看韩国偶像剧!

"我鏡子裡的她 好陌生的臉頰
哪個我是真 哪個是假
我用別人的愛定義存在 怕生命空白
假如你看見我 這樣的我
會閃躲 還是說 你更愛我"

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