Saturday, November 3, 2012


Finally, we've graduated, even though we still need to sit for the SPM next Monday, lol.
But, we're graduated.

Thursday, I've already mentally prepared. When everyone was shaking hands with teachers, omg when I saw the scene I wanted to cry already. But I held on haha.
Then it's our turn. Once I saw Pn Nik Rozita, omg I cried already and she was only the second or third teacher!
She was our moral teacher for 3 years, but I never paid attention to her class moreover we always skipped Monday's moral class. But she tried very hard. Once she was our replacement teacher, she called me out. She asked me to sit down, then she asked me, what problem did I meet on moral. Because I failed every times this year. She said she really want to help me to pass.
She was so good, but we didn't cherish. =(

Then, Pn Intan, who was our history teacher. Omg she was so funny, she kept yelling, "Jawab soalan KBKK tau!" hahaha!
I never pass my history too, but still, thank you.

The next teacher who made me cried like a baby was Pn Radiah. She was our science teacher, as well as our class teacher.
She was the funniest teacher I've ever met, have you seen a teacher who will doze when her students are sitting for exams during assembly?!  Haha!
But she was also the nicest teacher. She said, " Chua, nak study tau. Awak ada otak punya, mesti boleh dapat A!"
Omg I cried so much! She always been nice to us, she never scolded us, but we also didn't pay attention to her class too.

Sorry lah cikgu, science saya selalu tak pass punya.

Then other teachers didn't really make me cry haha.

We went to the office to look for Ms Cheong, the prettiest teacher in school as well as our English teacher.
We took a photo with her too.
Ms Cheong, thank you for these 2 years. I know our class as very hard to teach because every time when you ask a question in class, usually you wouldn't get reply from us. Thank you for your understanding and sorry if we did any wrong.

After all those like thanksgiving thing, we went to our exam room, got our tables and wrapped them. We did clean the classroom as well, I was saying that we never been that hardworking to clean our classroom but now we're cleaning others haha.
Helped Malay girls to get the teacher's table outta classroom, but someone came and help me instead. Haha, and thank you!
I wiped the windows. Omg the dusts made me cough. >< 

Finally, our secondary school life came to an end. It's our last school day. Can't bear with everything. I was hoping to go back to 5EA1 again but we didn't. We should've done it, it's our last year, and that classroom had accompanied us for 1 year.

说实在的, 哪个女生不向往恋爱?! 只是自己会自卑.

自卑感, 所以从来不敢谈这个话题.
但是, 还是会向往的.
哈哈哈哈哈. 感觉自己在讲一个笑话.
自卑感, 真的很恐怖.
它会让你害怕面对一切,  即使你有机会拥有,

5EA1, I love you guys!!!!!

SPM fighting!!

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