Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Went to the education fair with Eunice, her brother, Esther and Khang Zheng! There were a lot of schools, but I still have no idea at all lol.
I saw a school from Ireland, their accent weren't as strong as Bubz's or Damian McGinty's North Ireland accent. But I felt really great speaking with angmohs! lol

Then we went to City Square, had our lunch at Seasons. I had chicken baked rice, which is so much better than the T-Bowl's!
Then I went to Sasa, which I wanted to go very badly recently! I have to buy eyeliner!

Let's have a small haul!
↑ Everything is in it!Worth RM111!

 ↑This is everything..!

 ↑ K-palette real lasting eyeliner 24h  RM50.90  (NP RM59.9)
This is the star item of K-palette, this is known as 1 day tattoo as well.
Bubzbeauty had recommended this eyeliner in her videos tons of times. This is her favourite eyeliner! I learnt this product through Bubz, and I love this very much after trying this.
My eyelid is really really really really oily. Even with the Urban Decay eye primer, other eyeliner still smudge after few hours. I've tried Maybelline Hypersharp eyeliner, Maybelline master liner, Maybelline gel eyeliner, Solone liquid eyeliner etc etc.
But, this eyeliner is the only that I tried, that stays longest on my oily eyelid. It's resistant to water, sweat and sebum! It's with fine tip, which very easy to work with.
This is the limited edition package. Very cute isn't?! Pink with polka dots. I think even after finish it, I won't throw it away too because it is too cute!
↑ This is the original packaging. Photo from

This is kinda pricey, and it's only available in Sasa in Malaysia. I kinda hesitate when I wanted to buy it, but I'm glad that I bought it and tried it. This is literally the best eyeliner in the world.

↑ Cyber Colors Auto Eyebrow Pen  RM15.92   (NP RM19.9)
This is my first eyebrow pen, I bought the black colour. But I think I should buy the dark brown one. Because you can build up the colour with brown. This black one is too black, so you have to be careful otherwise your brows could look like Shin Chan's! lol

↑ B.liv mask  RM6.9
This mask is for youth preserving. Cell rejuvenating+ nourishing+anti-oxidant.
Never tried this before, just grab a random mask.
But B.liv is famous of its blackhead removal set or something like that. I want to try that long time ago but the price always stops me from getting it lol.

↑ Sally Hansen Polish Remover Twin Pack   RM20.52  (NP  RM22.8)
This is extra strength for all nail types, 20% stronger and up to 50% faster.
My previous polish remover was the green one for brittle nails, but I bought this instead because the faster word lol. I really hate waiting for nail polish to dissolves in remover. But this one feel so much cooler when it's on my fingers. More than cool, more like cold!

↑ Tofu bath sponge   RM7.11   (NP  RM7.90)
Alright, this is not something I wanted to buy. I thought this is for face lol.
Then I saw the cashier scanned the barcode, and [BODY SPONGE] words appeared on the machine, then I was like "shit". lol. I didn't mean to buy this.  /.\

↑ Docile Nail polish in D236  RM9.90
This is like wine red colour and maroon colour. I don't know the exact colour name but it's something like that. The colour isn't as bright as the second picture. But my phone can't get the exact colour though.
Update: This colour looks like blood omg lol. More than wine red, like blood seriously. Vampirely blood colour!!

Alright, this is the end of the haul! RM111 in total!

Went back at around 6:50pm. I've already walked the whole City Square twice alone. /.\

I went to SDS to have mushroom soup and popcorn chicken alone lol. I wanted to text Esther but I think, if I text her, aren't I look lonely and poor?! Looks like I'm someone who feel very lonely and wanted to find someone for accompany badly. So I deleted everything I wrote and continue to drink mushroom soup lol.
After this, I went to 7-11 to have slurpee! I sat in 7-11, drinking slurpee, texting Eunice. Found out she's in FOS, went to find her then we're back.

I think that's all today. I'm gonna paint my nails with the newly bought nail polish!!
Bah bye everyone!

lol, forgot to put the picture of makeup today!

Only eye makeup, because I had facial yesterday so I don't want to put on any makeup.
--Urban Decay primer potion
--K-palette real lasting eyeliner 24h
--Maybelline hello kitty mascara
--Maybelline lip smooth color bloom lip balm

Yup, yup, yup, my eyes are still small even with eyeliner, mascara and contact lens.
But the lens I'm wearing today is 1day acuvue define. 14.2mm. Did nothing but only define my eyeballs, no enlarging.

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