Sunday, December 2, 2012



OMG It's 2nd December now!
I was wanting to buy a calendar that day, but I think it's slightly too expensive, RM15 for 2013 calender.
Even though I bought the same RM15 2012 calender lol.
I want to find other calender, maybe cuter.
The one I bought for this year is simple and chic.

Chinese paper tomorrow.
Inspiration, please please please, don't dump me tomorrow!!!
Please be with me tomorrow!!

I didn't study again for Chinese.
But I hope I can sleep tight tonight. lol

1 week to our trip!
I'm so exciteddddd!

In fact there's nothing for me to update haha.
Just a post to celebrate December!!

Reread a post I typed last month, the one I revealed my heart.
It's kinda mushy lol!
I don't know should I post it out or not now.    -.-
My courage that time disappeared already!!

There's another memory post, stayed in my draft for almost 1 year already.
Will post it after EA exam. Haha.

Having "Queen Inhyun's Man" on TV now.
I should start watching Korean dramas days ago right?!
OMG Now I think I've wasted so many days.  /.\

Jamuan tomorrow!
Starting from 4pm, games, BBQ etc etc!
I don't remember lah, all I care is BBQ!!!

Sleep tight, may the inspiration be with you tomorrow!!!


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